Rangers Report…..

Well, it is that time of year again for the Rangers, there annual seaonal slump. In years past it has cost them the playoffs time and time again, so that begs the question, is it going to be the same again this year?First off there play as of late has been absoultly pathetic. With out Lundqvist in net, they would not have been in any of those games. Especially last night in MTL. The purpose of of Slats making that trade for Sandis was to QB the Power Play. Still every time, its give the puck to Jagr, he will handle it. Jagr cannot continue to do it by himself time and time again, some one else has to step up especially with the injury to Prucha.

Also what is continuing to amaze me is Sathers un-willingness to let Pock play. What is his sick obscession with veterens. Sit Strudwick, let Pock play, especially now that this team is struggling to find offense.

With 81 pts and currently being 3rd in the East, I highly doubt that they will miss the playoffs, but then again this is the New York Rangers we are talking about. This is the team that was predicted to have 50-55 pts this season, a team thats sole purpose this year was to let there young players develop chemistry and maybe get the #1 overall pick. But then they got lucky. Is this the team that was destined to finish last in the NHL or the team that we have seen all season? Are we going to continue to see the Jaromir Jagr who played in Washington, or the Jagr who played the first 60 games of the season?

The offense is just simply failing. I still have yet to understand why Rucchin was the Centre during the 5 on 3 last night at Montreal. Id rather them lose the draw but still have Nylander out there instead, no offense to Ruccin but hes not the playmaker Nylander is. Nylander was also the one who came closest last night with a backhander that rattled of the crossbar. And with 1:20 left the Rangers had the puck in Montreal’s zone, why did Renney wait till there was 40 seconds left to pull Lundqvist? Dont get me wrong, Renney has done a great job of coaching all season but moves like this costed them the game last night.

Will this team fall into the 6th, 7th, or 8th spot and have a first round exit? Or will this be the team who wins the Atlantic and makes a push for the cup? Only time will tell, but lets hope this does not turn into years past where time ended up being a luxery they do not have.