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Well, it is that time of year again for the Rangers, there annual seaonal slump. In years past it has cost them the playoffs time and time again, so that begs the question, is it going to be the same again this year?First off there play as of late has been absoultly pathetic. With out Lundqvist in net, they would not have been in any of those games. Especially last night in MTL. The purpose of of Slats making that trade for Sandis was to QB the Power Play. Still every time, its give the puck to Jagr, he will handle it. Jagr cannot continue to do it by himself time and time again, some one else has to step up especially with the injury to Prucha.

Also what is continuing to amaze me is Sathers un-willingness to let Pock play. What is his sick obscession with veterens. Sit Strudwick, let Pock play, especially now that this team is struggling to find offense.

With 81 pts and currently being 3rd in the East, I highly doubt that they will miss the playoffs, but then again this is the New York Rangers we are talking about. This is the team that was predicted to have 50-55 pts this season, a team thats sole purpose this year was to let there young players develop chemistry and maybe get the #1 overall pick. But then they got lucky. Is this the team that was destined to finish last in the NHL or the team that we have seen all season? Are we going to continue to see the Jaromir Jagr who played in Washington, or the Jagr who played the first 60 games of the season?

The offense is just simply failing. I still have yet to understand why Rucchin was the Centre during the 5 on 3 last night at Montreal. Id rather them lose the draw but still have Nylander out there instead, no offense to Ruccin but hes not the playmaker Nylander is. Nylander was also the one who came closest last night with a backhander that rattled of the crossbar. And with 1:20 left the Rangers had the puck in Montreal’s zone, why did Renney wait till there was 40 seconds left to pull Lundqvist? Dont get me wrong, Renney has done a great job of coaching all season but moves like this costed them the game last night.

Will this team fall into the 6th, 7th, or 8th spot and have a first round exit? Or will this be the team who wins the Atlantic and makes a push for the cup? Only time will tell, but lets hope this does not turn into years past where time ended up being a luxery they do not have.

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  1. wingerxxx says:

    Unless there is an injury or something, I don’t see Pock getting much playing time in the playoffs, especially with the acquisition of Ozolinsh. When everyone is healthy, unless Renney decides to dress 7 defensemen (Sather is not the coach), there isn’t much room for either Strudwick or Pock. Strudwick’s play of late has been pretty bad. Jagr hasn’t really been himself lately…I don’t know if it’s an injury or what. When Prucha comes back, I expect things will get a little better.

    That said…it’s going to take longer than one game for the Rangers power play to straighten out. Ozolinsh is still feeling his way into things. If his play at the Olympics is any indication, he should do at least, decently in New York. Right now, I am just happy with making the playoffs. As long as Lundqvist continues to play well, it’ll buy some time for the offense to start clicking again. Every team goes through rough stretches like this, and the Rangers had some key guys play late into the Olympics.

  2. nyrhockey094 says:

    Very true, who knows its something different every year with this team. Hopefully they can coast into the playoffs and then just take it from there.

  3. nyrules11 says:

    your worrying and criticizing too soon. The system has worked all year, its 4 games, wait 4 more, then start *****ing if they arent doing good.

  4. wingerxxx says:

    Another thing that needs to be considered…defensemen who come straight up from the minors, typically do not do too well in the playoffs. It’s like being thrown into something that they are really not prepared for. Pock’s big opportunity will come in training camp next year. It’s why is was a little crazy of a lot of Rangers fans to want to trade Weekes. That would have meant that Al Montoya (who is clearly not ready for playoff NHL hockey) would be the backup to Lundqvist. If Lundqvist got hurt, our starter would be a minor league prospect. Unacceptable. The team has been doing well overall all year, and we’ve seen the team hit snags like this, this year as well. Things should improve, once Jagr gets his legs back, and Prucha returns.

  5. ranger_fan says:

    trading weekes would have been a possibility if we coulda signed Potvin or Irbe

  6. Beckfan5 says:

    Let me ask you, who sits in front of the net for the Rangers on the P.P?

  7. wingerxxx says:

    Of those three guys, I’d happily stick with Weekes right now.

  8. laserman says:

    Absoluely no one. I really wish they would have gone after Witt. It would have cost them Tyutin, but that would have been no loss IMO. I might be the only one on these boards that think Tyutin sucks but he is slow as hell and for a big man, he plays like a pansy. Give me Mironov anytime. If the Rangers can’t control taking penalties they won’t make the playoffs at all. Blair Betts is another one dimensional player that has hurt them more than helping them since returning. That crosscheck of his tonight killed NY cause it started the turn of events that led to their loss…

  9. wingerxxx says:

    That’s exactly the kind of trade that led to the Rangers being such a terrible team for years. You don’t trade a young defenseman with as much raw potential as Tyutin has, for a guy like Brendan Witt.

    Don’t forget, this is Tyutin’s first full year in the NHL. No, he’s not playing perfectly. But he is playing well enough to more than warrant a spot in the Rangers top 4, and has a lot of room to improve.

    Witt is very overrated, and has been for years. He is also not getting any younger. At best, he is a number 4 defenseman, a number 3 on his best nights. He does help against teams’ top lines, but team defense is not a problem of the Rangers right now, it’s scoring goals. Nashville totally overpaid for Witt, and Sather did the right thing by refusing the request of Tyutin. Witt has also cost the Caps a few games in the past with his moronic penalties.

  10. laserman says:

    As I said, I’m probably the only person here who thinks Tyutin is way over rated. Maybe in a few years I’ll be eating crow, but not now. If it weren’t for Lundquist, the Rangers D is very suspect. Nobody hates watching them blow games like tonight more than I do, but after almost 40 years of watching them I’ve become rather numb…

  11. nyrhockey094 says:

    what we should have done was traded weekes and picked up Conklin or Sauve

  12. nyrhockey094 says:

    Tyutin is a hard ass gritty Dman. He takes and throws the body, hes *****ing great. Witt would just…. suck.

  13. nyrhockey094 says:

    buddy teh Rangers d is very “suspect”? Every one this year has said thats the reason to there sucess from prior years. with out defense and god goaltending from lundy they wouldnt be anywhere right now because of the slow offense. Tyutin is more solid then any other defender on the team. IMO strudwick needs to go fast, he cant shoot for shit, his defensive play is rather weak at most times, and hes slower then tyutin will ever be.

  14. nyrhockey094 says:

    ok… thats 5 now?

  15. dre2k5 says:

    I think you are flipping out a little too soon. Its only been 5 games and two of those they got a point in. Its hard for me to imagine any team from the Atlantic catching them, they are going to be fine.

    What I have thought was this team’s weakness for a while, and have now confirmed that belief is a lack of depth on the blueline. A lot of times they get away with sloppy defensive play because the goaltending bails them out.

    If and when they run into a team that has multiple scoring lines its going to be tough for the Rangers to defend against.

    But still if you had told me the Rangers would be in playoff position, let alone leading their division, at the start of the season I would have laughed.

  16. Beckfan5 says:

    How did you guys wind up talking about Dmen when I asked who stands in front for the Rangers and tha P.P.?


  17. RangerSteve says:

    I’m getting a little worried, but with that being said I certainly am not going to just dump this team. I believe right now(correct me if I am wrong) this is their longest losing streak of the year. When teams do hit funks, the majority of those plague the entire team. All 5 of NYR’s losses have been by 1 goal due to some spectactular goaltending by Henrik. Should we be concerened? Of course because we don’t want to fall out of any form of playoff contention. It is just a little streak they hit where they can’t score right now. It happens to EVERY team, hell even Jersey went through a little 6 game slide and they turned a corner and won something like 10+ games in a row.

    It’s no secret that the Rangers’ PP runs through Jagr. This is the entire reason why they’ve added Ozolinsh. While he’s only played 2 games, the guy has impressed me with that crucial 1st pass out of our own end.

    Cheer up nyrhockey094, things will be back to the way they were in a game or 2. Better now than the playoffs, right?

  18. wingerxxx says:

    Strudwick is definitely slowing down from earlier this season. He never was a defensive giant, but he does stick up for his teammates and provides a physical presense. We’ll probably see him to some extent in the playoffs. He just cannot handle regular minutes.

  19. Doctor says:

    You’re definetly posting this too early. Please be a little more optimistic- I am. I was at the game today and I know we are going to the playoffs, so don’t even bring an alternative up yet.

    I completely agree with you about Pock. He is almost on a point per game pace (really,I don’t know exactly and I’m too lazy to cheeck) and he shoots and the best moments. I really rips it from the left side. I want to see him in as a constant 7th defenseman and if it wasn ‘t for Ozonolish, I would say 6th.

    All my fellow, devoted Rangers fans, have confidence! We’re not going to the playoffs- we’re blowing through that son of a bit*h. Stanley cup this year.

  20. mikster says:

    What team does not go in a slump? It happens… Rangers already went through two slumps this season. Yet they bounced back.

    It happens, it’s normal to happen… especially when season is starting to enter the phase of its conclusion and players get a bit worn out.

    Let Malik get back, Prucha just came back… after a few games, they’ll be fine.

    Look at the Flyers, major slump. 2-0 to Pitts is very bad, but i don’t see Flyers fans panicking…. and they shouldn’t.

    Just make the playoffs…. that’s what counts. Then worry for the Cup Finals.

  21. laserman says:

    My fault as I strayed from the subject. Anyhow the Rangers better pull something together cause this is not the time to revert back to the old ways.

  22. Beckfan5 says:

    Why, Weeks is better than those two.

  23. cecilturtle says:

    Maybe not??? But that is only because, even before the season started, the Flyers Fans have given up any hope of a cup… The fans that I know, say its the same old Flyers. Good during the Regular season, pittiful in the playoffs. Their fans do not care if the Flyers finnish #1 overall or #8. Most Flyers fans are taking the “show me” Missouri approch towards the team… If the Flyers get bounced early in the playoffs? The city will pretend not to care and try to convince themselves they expected this to happen. Its like the fans have accepted the fact that every year the team falls apart at the end of the season. But! If the Flyers are still alive late in the playoffs? Look for the fans to wake up and become the crazy fans we all expect them to be!

    Cecil Turtle

  24. cecilturtle says:

    The Rangers Defence is not perfect… But it is the best in the league! Look at the standings and the goals against for each team. Ottawa has given up 152 goals and Calgary has given up 153 goals in 63 games played. The Rangers have given up 154 goals in “64” games. So, the Rangers clearly have the best defensive team because they have let up the least amount of goals per game of any NHL team! Am I wrong?

    Cecil Turtle

  25. wingerxxx says:

    A lot of that is Lundqvist, but the unit plays very well together. That is probably Renney’s contribution. There is a good combination of guys who can move the puck, and guys who can stay in their own end and get things done.

  26. cecilturtle says:

    I agree, But unless you are saying Lundqvist is better than Kipprasov and Hassik? The Rangers team D is as good, if not better than?, any team in the NHL. I am very proud of this fact… Its been way too many years since the Rangers were this solid on defence. Koodos Reiny!

    Cecil Turtle

  27. wingerxxx says:

    It’s a defense by committee, which I really like. Ozolinsh is the closest thing the Rangers have to a true number 1 defenseman, and I think everyone knows that the team will be better off if he doesn’t have to carry the load. Poti is always going to drive me insane though. He could do so much more, with his skating and talent. At least he’s not a huge defensive liability anymore. Just a normal one 🙂

  28. mcpeach2 says:

    I am nervous as well…but they lost each of the 5 games by one goal. And one was a shootout. Time to be nervous…but not to panic. I actually almost trust this team. They’ll figure it out.

  29. Sands says:

    Alright people.. First of all if this was 2 years ago I’d be like it’s over we are out of the playoff’s. But having seen this team turn games around all season when they look like they are out of the game and come back to win has changed my mind.

    Prucha coming back is big for us. Malik shows how important he is to the team by not being here while we have lost all these games. Am i worried? not yet. Jagr can’t continue to get the puck and shoot the one timer like he does every 5-3 Power play. That has to stop. Right now with Rucinsky hurt and Jag feeling some pain it’s a little annoying cause I figured when Malik comes back we would finally have a full team. Don’t worry about it just yet. If the Flyers catch us.. then worry.

  30. laserman says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who sees the weak D. I did like the Ozilinsh move but I hope the great goaltending holds up so I am not proven right…

  31. thatleafsguy says:

    The rangers defense reminds of the year the Leafs had defense by committee of which Alex Karpotsev was a part of back in 98-99, I think the rangers defense is weak. They will not be able to sustain the playoff grind unless the offense is able to slug 5 goals plus per game, thats my opinion. However, Lundqvist does cover up for many gaping holes on defense much like Huet does for the Habs and Burke or Grahamn do not for the Lightning. I just can’t see a defense coprs led by Michael Rozival as one that can compete for the Stanley Cup. And we have yet to see if the rule crack down will continue on into the playoffs, where historically it has been an anything goes type atmosphere.

  32. laserman says:

    I agree about Strudwick plus he takes moronic penalties. I myself hope that Marc Staal gets his shot next year, then you’ll see a good rookie defenseman…

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