Rangers send Islanders to defeat and IR

(Jan. 22) As the Islanders embark on a two-game road trip starting Friday night in Philadelphia, the news of a pair of key injuries came down on Wednesday. Defenseman Eric Cairns will be out up to six weeks with a dislocated shoulder. Chris Osgood is out 3-4 weeks with a sprained ankle.

Rick DiPietro and Ray Schultz have been recalled from AHL Bridgeport.

This is in addition to having top 2 defenseman Adrian Aucoin on IR as well.

It will be interesting to see what Milbury does now. Obviously holding onto DiPietro looks good now, but with 2 of the top 6 defensemen on the shelf for extended periods of time, I wonder if Milbury will look again at the McLaren move now that Isbister is back in the lineup.

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  1. mikster says:

    Besides the beautiful numbers on the scoreboard (5-0), i had to post this. The Rangers totally crushed the Isle’s physically. Samuelsson drilling stallwart Eric Carins and injuring him?

    This was a game a lot of people missed, incredible game. I am not talking about the score, just the intensity and the toughness, the rivalry. AWESOME!

    The Isle’s papers made a mistake on Osgood’s injury. They only said that Holik drove against Osgood, not true. It was Butenschon that pulls Holik down and Holik slid against Osgood. No cheap shot there.

    That was a true hockey game. The pre-game scrum during warm ups, just awesome.

    Ok, now putting the game aside, some important topics come up.

    Cairns is out, Isle’s need a defenseman. They need a tough defenseman, Kyle McLaren again?

    The Isle’s were getting their butts kicked physically. Peca can’t do that much since he’d then risk a leg or shoulder injury. Who is a big guy on the team, who is also strong, and can hit hard? Brad Isbister. The guy never stood up for his teammates and was a ghost.

    I’m telling ya, trade him. Bertuzzi would not have allowed the Rangers to be this rough on his teammates.

    Milbury MUST trade Isbister. He will not produce on the Island, he is not doing hsi job, he does not stand up for his teammates. I mean seriously, had i been Milbury, i’d be pissed off with this guy. He’s not scoring, producing, playing tough. Get rid of him. What good is he? Why wait? His career will only be good if he plays with the Joe Thorntons, Bertuzzis, Roenicks, Sundins, Lindros….those big dominant players. Not Yashin….

    Milbury must add big hitters on this team. Chris Webb? He is a big hitter, but what good is he come playoff time? All you need is to rough him up and he will be a ghost throughout the rest of the game. Heck, if he plays against Philly, Webb would be a nobody on the ice just as soon as Brashear gives him a stare.

    The Isle’s have no toughness, they are going down with injuries because they canno match up against tough physical teams.

    Milbury must make trades, must bring in nasty players. And no….not Jim Cummins.

    Any big hitters available out there?

  2. MantaRay says:


    I know you have five years+ of pent up rage to express because your team didn’t play like the AHL affiliate we are all accustomed to here, but don’t get carried away just yet.

    Yes, the Rangers DID look good against the Islanders, but don’t get all silly about it.

    I find it actually kind of funny to see you’ve changed you tune on Bertuzzi.

    Last season you debated me. You told me that Radek Dvorak was a better player and he would have twice as many goals as Bertuzzi last season (I think I won that argument).

    You also described Bertuzzi as “soft” and “not a REAL power forward.”

    Now all of a sudden Bertuzzi wouldn’t let the Rangers beat up on the Islanders. Wow! What a difference a year makes.

    Next season we can debate Isbister and Samuelsson in a scoring race.

  3. matteo says:

    I agree that the Isles have to move Isbister for a defenseman. Although it would be a divisional trade, I would like to see Clarkie get him. The Flyers could move a defenseman since we have about 30 of them and a couple picks in return for him. I would love to see a lump like Chris Therien sent packing, but doubt the Isles would want him. It would have to be more along the lines of St Jacques or maybe McAllister. All depends what Mad Mike demands in return.

    Again…not even pure speculation, just a wish of mine that will probably never get fulfilled…..just like that Barbie dream house that I always wanted.

    Ohh well.

  4. wingerxx says:

    Yes, whats the deal with Samuelsson injuring Cairns!? Crazy….one would think it would be the other way around!

  5. wingerxx says:

    I agree, Yashin is an awful fit for Isbister. Yashin is a guy who needs a true finisher playing with him to get the most of his effectiveness. In Ottawa, he had a very nice-playing McEachern with him. Isbister is not a true sniper, and at this moment, his skills are fairly questionable. But if they move him, I would rather it be for a decent forward, not a defenseman. These ol boys need some beef up front. I was fairly disgusted with Isbister in that game. I was watching the whole time, and he never made anything resembling an impact. Maybe he’ll wind up leaving…

  6. aafiv says:

    I can’t wait to be in the crowd for tomorrow night’s game when the Flyers become the next contestant on…

    “The Score Is Right”

    (PHI 5, NYI 0)

  7. mikster says:


    I was just talking about the roughness and the excitement of that game, plus i was talking about the Isle’s injuries and how they need a tough guy.

    You replied, well…you didn’t reply to my message, about the Rangers performing and blah blah blah AHL blah blah blah so on and so forth. How does that fit my comment?

    I was wrong about Bertuzzi, but that’s old news there buddy. I never called him soft, but i did just see him as a 25 goal scorer. I was wrong, many of us are wrong. You were not the only one to win that arguement. Dvorak is a major disappointment. The dork still doesn’t understand why he is not scoring as he did two seasons ago. DRIVE TO THE NET. That’s how his 30 goals came up, driving to the net. Trottier still is right, Dvorak plays as if he is scared.

    Also, that arguement was more than a year ago. It was before last season started when i made that outrageous prediction of Dvorak scoring 35-40 goals. But, as i said….i brought up those outragoues comments to get people involved and start arguements.

    Bertuzzi proved me wrong. I said that enough times already!

    Now, try to stick with what i am talking about. I talked about what a great ravilary game that was, i did not even discuss the scoring.

    I am relaxed, it was just a great game between the two teams and i mostly discussed about the Isle’s, you didn’t even say a word about ’em!!!

    As for Isbister and Samuelsson. Two different kinds of players. Samuelsson is not a scorer, he will score 10-15 goals, but he is mostly a PK’er and two way forward.

    Also, you were wrong about Mike York saying “mark my words, he is just a penalty killer”. NOT!

    See, we’re all wrong at times.

  8. mikster says:

    You don’t want a wuss like Isbister. He might get tougher on a team like the Flyers, but….meh….i would rather get Carter!

  9. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    The only way I see the Flyers obtaining Isbister is through a 3-way trade. I don’t feel that Philly has any ‘quality’ defensemen that they are willing to part with. They are deep in deed but they have noone with the potential that McLaren has that they would be willing to move.

    You’re right though, I think Izzy would thrive in Philly if he does get his head out of his ass after he gets traded which seems to be the general concensus here–that he will pull his head out of that deep dark hole.

  10. beckfan says:

    Yo Mikster, did you see the back cover of Newsday on Wendsday? It was a picture of Trottier with Messier standing in front of him. Now what makes this picture so strange is that Messier dosent have the “C” on his jersey. I had to watch the tape after I saw this and low and behold, there was the “C”. I think some a-hole Islander fan over at the Newsday offices dicked with the pic. And were you at the game? I was, section 118, three rows from the ice. I actually saw myself on the tape several time close up when I came home that night.

  11. mikster says:

    Papers do screw up a lot, and the media can be immature.

    Like TSN.ca. When the Rangers acquired Dunham, they put a picture of Dunham make a save but puck went right passed him. What a bunch of immature assholes…..

    I wasn’t at the game though.

  12. Sands says:

    The Islanders just couldn’t match the size and power of the Rangers.

  13. isles4life says:

    First of al His name is Steve Webb.Second Barnaby and McCarthy showed why they should not play the game.True classes players in the game crossing the center line in prewarmups.I am not denieng nor making excuses who won the game.True…Isles did not show up for the game.But for classes players like that just shows me that tthe Rangers wnat to be like the Laffs.

  14. isles4life says:

    Up untill a couple of years ago Bertuzzi was as hard a hitter as Czerkawski.I dont miss this guy in an Isles shirt.To say he has always filled this roll as a tough player is plain ubsurd.The guy used to play with no pashon.Similar to oleg kvasha.

  15. isles4life says:

    Nice try Llama

  16. isles4life says:

    Oh you guys base this off of one bad game by the Rangers.Everyone seems to forget the Isles and the Rags take games from the home team.Neither on of them can win at home against each other.Where was the Rags size against them in the first game?What a stupid comment.

  17. pmolly3 says:

    This was a game that was far from awesome! Maybe if you were a ranger fan.

    The islanders for the first ten minutes looked good but completly fell apart after the first goal was scored. I don’t recall a game all season where the isles looked that lost. someone must teach this team too shoot the puck when on the power play. It’s the same thing over and over, dump the puck into the corner,send three guys into the corner to get it out leaving no one in front of the net. maybe get one shot on net and watch the opposing defense clear it because no one is there for a rebound. they do this game in and game out.

    As far as toughness goes, wasn’t this taken care of in the offseason. wiemer and asham?? These two have done very little. Blake shows more toughness.the islanders best players were getting knocked all over the ice and no one dropped the gloves in the ranger game. let’s see if godard will step up to the plate tonight.

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