Rangers Sign Two

MSGnetwork.com reported that the Rangers had agreed terms with former Rangers Jan Hlavac and Martin Rucisnky.

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  1. GretzNYR99 says:

    Hmmm… lets see… why else could Messier be returning to NY…

    Just maybe because his team has missed the playoffs for 6 straight years, and he wants to bring them back into the playoffs? Just maybe? I think that’s it. If Messier’s returning for selfish reasons, then Yzerman is too. I love Stevie Y to death, and I hate to use him as a comparison here, but they both have the same motive, to lead their teams to success.

    Messier doesn’t have class? Wow, you really don’t know what you’re talking about. Al Kaline is Al Kaline, not Mark Messier. Mark Messier’s got a mind of his own, not Al Kaline’s mind.

  2. scintilating says:

    It’s just so hard to say good-bye to someone I never said hello to.

  3. starsgirl25 says:

    i never said i wanted to say hi to you in the first place. but you’re not a bright young fellow with too much spare time.

  4. defenestrate says:

    You’re definitely going to need a different IP address, anyway.

  5. OldNord says:

    Messier has class but he could not made a difference between a playoffs spot or not at this stade of his career.

  6. GretzNYR99 says:

    FYI, I wasn’t talking to Mikster you idiot.

  7. GretzNYR99 says:

    How do you know this? Most of this team has heavily lacked hard work and defense. Maybe this time around something can go right. I’m not saying he’s going to be the difference maker, but he wants to play.

  8. OldNord says:

    Maybe I know this cause the Rangers have not made the playoffs since the return of Messier in the Big Apple.

  9. GretzNYR99 says:

    The Rangers weren’t that damn stacked until last season.

    Before the 2002-03 season, we were never “Stacked.” So get that idea out of your head. We just overpay players that haven’t produced much. Before Lindros, we didn’t have a legit number one center since Gretz retired. If you define Nedved as a number one center, you’re sadly mistaken. Theo Fleury put up bad numbers in his first year, and in his 2nd year was committed to Substance abuse after leading the league in scoring for the first half of the year. It’s not an injury, but he was taken from us. Mike Richter got injured that season, leaving us with Guy Hebert and Kirk McLean (both WAY past their prime) to take on the load. That summer, we got Lindros. Finally, a number one center. In 2001-02, we had a decent team, but no defense. Richter got injured late in the season. Pavel Bure only played 12 games with us. Tom Poti came over the day of the deadline. In 2002-03, many key Rangers were injured. Brian Leetch missed 31 games. Pavel Bure missed 30. Bobby Holik missed 18. Richter, out for the season in November with his 2nd concussion in less than 6 months. Probably going to retire. Joel Bouchard was our #2 defenseman at one point, sadly enough. It was 19 games later that Mike Dunham came, and a 19 year old goalie can’t handle 18 straight starts, and be expected to win at least 10, that’s ridiculous. Lindros and Bure were moved to different positions. Now tell me, if you’ve played one position all of your life and you moved to another, wouldn’t you have a lot of trouble adjusting too? Kovalev comes in February, Carter comes at the deadline. Now at this point, we are MOST DEFENITELY stacked, yes. If we fail to make it at this point, it’s most defenitely horrible. You horribly overrated the 98, 99, 2000, 2001, and 2002 teams.

  10. OldNord says:

    But jofa is right on the point that the Rangers had not spent their cash wisely.

  11. Leaf_Expert says:

    In no way do I want for this foul saga to continue because its just not worth it for the other members who are here for hockey, but…

    This scintilating guy is pretty good,

    Kudos to you!..haha

  12. defenestrate says:

    He’s definitely got more range than you – but that’s not saying much, Mr. Hypocrite “let’s clean up this site”.

  13. GretzNYR99 says:

    Alright, I apologize for as cwthrash said “bringing out the claws” on this fake defenestrate.

    Whoever this fake is, really has no life what-so-ever. A sad, sad person, with no social status. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy isn’t trembling under his breath everytime he steps a foot outside his door, even if he does.

    As for this whole thing, just drop it. The more it keeps going, the more pathetic it is.

  14. cwthrash says:

    Nice try but I don’t think it will help. Gretz looks to have some severe tunnel vision.

    He does make a few valid points, and a few not so valid. But if you don’t agree with him, you are a moron in his eyes. Looks pretty clear that no words will change that.

    Just another in a long line.

  15. Leaf_Expert says:

    You obviously missed the part where I said I didn’t want to push the childish saga anymore then it already has thanks to the likes of you and your un-ability to be able to suck it up and not give some of the sensless users the time of day to get the better of you.

    Ah well, you’re still learning….

  16. defenestrate says:

    Maybe – but not from you. You must be lacking in any kind of self-awareness, ranting as you have against “cocky and arrogant members”.

    Find a mirror.

  17. GretzNYR99 says:

    Who says this year’s going to be the same?

    1. We’ve never had a legit team that could compete for spots up until 2001-02. Even then Theo Fleury decided screw us over by having temper tantrums every night. Pavel Bure and Tom Poti didn’t come until the deadlne.

    2. Last year, we were hit with the injury bug.

    Leetch – 31 games. Joel Bouchard was our #2 defenseman for a while.

    Bure – 30 games.

    Richter – In November, rest of season. That left Dan Blackburn, a 19 year old kid to start 18 straight games and was expected to win 10. Not happening. Dunham didn’t come until December.

    Holik – 18 games.

    Lindros was moved over to the left wing, as was Bure at a time. How in the hell do you play another position after playing the one you were playing previously for your whole life? The adjustment is damn hard. We had a rookie coach who didn’t know what he was doing behind the bench.

    The one question I have upon all of this is…

    How in the hell is that all Messier’s fault? And seeing that he put up good stats in his first year back, and in 2002-03, it’s not like he’s going unnoticed. He just needs to take a backseat and realize that the scorers and younger guys need more time.

  18. GretzNYR99 says:

    And how did you know that I didn’t read it? Just because I think he’s HTR’s village means that I didn’t read his post? Nice assumption, maybe you should try the psychic reading business. You can be the next Miss Cleo.

  19. GretzNYR99 says:


    I can overpay Magnus Arvedsson 9 million dollars a year, and now all of a sudden he’s talented?

    That statement you made right there, and the one Jofa made doesn’t speak much to help your cause. Do just a little more research on who was on the team up until 2002-03, and you’ll realize we were never that stacked, just overpaying players left and right, and still are. The difference between last year and this year, and the years before is that we are stacked. Last year our stacked team was torn apart by injuries.

  20. GretzNYR99 says:

    I have a sense of humor. But when humor is bad like that, and just plain horrible to the point where it could butcher a joke like you did… There’s not much to laugh at.

  21. GretzNYR99 says:

    Of course, rookies are ready to step up, but not in those respect spots.

    1. Tjutin is a defenseman and will most likely grab a spot this year.

    2. Murray is a 2 way grinding winger with some decent size and a great work ethic, not a 1st or 2nd line player, ever.

    3. Jessiman’s already stated that he doesn’t think he’s ready, he’s gonna go finish up college.

    4. Falardeau would mostly likely be a replacement to Messier if Messier doesn’t sign with NY, and Messier seems like he’s going to do so.

    5. The point of this signing was to “patch up holes” that we had on the left side. We did so here. We don’t want to rush Lundmark, he’ll play good with Holik.

    That’s why I called you stupid, you contradicted yourself between two different posts. I think people just need to stop making assinine comments on teams they know didly-squat about.

  22. OldNord says:

    Sure is not Messier is fault, what I said it’s he could not do a difference. Messier re-sign or not this year shouldn’t have an effect on a playoffs spot for the Rangers.

    I will give you that the Rangers were not playoffs competitors before 2000-2001( I know, you wrote 2001-02 but I looked at their team at that time and that was a shame to haven’t made it). All I see in their line-up at that time is a big waste of money.

  23. OldNord says:

    I can overpay Magnus Arvedsson 9 million dollars a year, and now all of a sudden he’s talented?

    It’s your team who has signed Holik at that price!

    I did my researchs and like I said earlier, they thrown money through the windows so that mean like I wrote, they didn’t spent their cash wisely, only on washed up players…Kamensky,Ulanov, Gusarov and a couple more.

  24. OldNord says:

    Two differents posts…posts on the team or the forum??? It’s especially that I hate the teams who aren’t able to draft correctly and buy three or four players every years like New York.

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