Rangers will be better!

I’ve seen so many things being posted in other articles, small tidbits here and there, about the Rangers and small arguments and points made. I mean to respond to most of them… but I feel it’s better to collaberate my opinions into one post to cover many topics.
First on my list; the Rangers defence.

I hear alot of people bashing the Rangers defence, or saying it isn’t formidable and will be a problem for the offensively top-heavy team. This is where I, and as I’ve seen others will have to disagree.

Roszival is one helluva D-man, responsible defensively and puts up points here and there, and I believe is a decent, not great, but decent point man for the PP along with Mara. He is not afraid to take the body and is a good veteran on a team with a ton of defensive prospects.

Malik, in my opinion, is not as bad as most people say. Sure he makes a few mistakes here and there but who doesn’t. His +/- I believe was the best on the team, and one of the best in the league. Although he doesn’t hit like he should, he is a big strong player who can clear the front of the net of some of the bigger opposition. I remember in a game against Dallas last year, where it was noted how well Malik handled Lindros to get him away from the front of the net. He also makes some shifty moves to bring the puck into the offensive zone. I just wish the Garden Faithful would give this guy a break.

Tyutin is a great young defender who I feel will be a mainstay with the Rangers for years to come. He is fairly consistent and is still improving, he is solid defensively and is only getting better.

Girardi came into the second half of the season as a nobody, and made himself one of the best Ranger defensman through that second half. He plays a very solid defensive game, and makes very, very few mistakes. He can take the body, and makes some incredible defensive plays, even against some of the leagues best.

Mara is a good point man for the PP, and isn’t bad defensively either. His defensive mistakes can be made up for by whoever he will be paired up with, which is yet to be seen.

Bringing in Strudwick was a question mark for me, only because I feel Pock and Staal deserve one of those spots that may be taken up by Strudwick. Although I like Strudwick and feel he is a good defender, I’d much rather see the spot go to a youngster in order to gain experience for the future and later in the season.

While this defense isn’t made up of big names like Pronger, it is still a very solid lineup, that has both it’s defensive and offensive upsides. This lineup along with the goaltending of King Henrik should make them very sound defensively.

Now, onto the signings. Sure, Gomez may have gotten a bit more than most people think he is deserved, due to his point totals on the Devils. But keep in mind the Devils are a defensively minded team. I expect to see Gomez achieve career numbers on a much more offensively minded Ranger team, along with Jagr by his side. I expect him to be able to shine offensively now that he is free from the Devils defensive style. Along with this, he brings a defensive upside to the Rangers first line, due to experience in NJ.

Drury, what needs to be said. This is clearly one of the best free agent signings of the summer, and my favorite. Before the season ended, I hoped he would be signed, and my wish came true. Just watch the goal he scored in the playoffs against the Rangers in game 5 with 7.7 seconds to go in the third, and you will see why this guy is the real deal and brings a ton to the Rangers. He is a center that the Rangers desperatly needed for the second line to help Shanahan.

The Cullen trade, although I liked Cullen, made sense. I liked the trade for the fact that it cleared cap space for an overpaid 3rd line center. That role can hopefully be filled by either Blair Betts, or my personal choice of Dubinsky.

Dawes deserves a roster spot, possibly in the place of Hossa.

Avery is a must sign for the Rangers, although I’m not worried about a departure. I feel the Rangers will get him signed whether he goes to arbitration or not. He was the sparkplug for the team last year, the driving force behind the Rangers playoff dive, and an instant fan favorite for providing the grit and character the team needed.

The departure of Nylander didn’t bother me one bit. Sure he played well with Jagr… but who doesn’t. Even Hossa played well with Jagr. I expect Gomez to fill his role just as well if not better than he did. Nylander’s continuous cycling all around center ice, wasting time on powerplays in the neutral zone, was frustrating. He is also getting up there in age and his play could start to decline.

Straka is one of my favorite Rangers. He plays his heart out, and you would never know he is one of the smallest guys on the team.

Betts is the best face-off man on the team, and I feel he deserves a spot on the third line between Prucha and Callahan, and see how that works. He could be a good set-up man for those two. Let Dubinsky fill the fourth line center spot between Hollweg and Dawes.

And yes, although his point production is very low, I like Hollweg and the role he plays on the team. I don’t see anyone else on the team who will willingly throw down the gloves if need be, except for Shanahan, but he cannot be expected to do so, like last year with Brashear, which just says tons about Shanahan. No wonder he is so loved in NY.

The Rangers HAVE NOT gone back to their pre-lockout era ways of signing big names to huge contracts in order to buy the cup. This time around, the Rangers are doing business under the same salary restrictions as everybody else. This time, the Rangers have signed two big name players going into or in the middle of their prime, not just coming out of it. I am tired of hearing people saying the Rangers are going back to the way they used to be… IT’S NOT THE CASE!

Not much more substantial discussion I can come up with at the moment, but here is a small analysis and opinionated blurb of the current Rangers team. To finish off, here are the lines I would like to see in this coming season.

Straka – Gomez – Jagr
Avery – Drury – Shanahan
Callahan – Betts – Prucha
Hollweg – Dubinsky – Dawes

Malik – Roszival
Tyutin – Girardi
Mara – Pock/Staal Please, leave your comments or arguments.

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  1. kamullia says:

    The point escapes you, but I am not surprised.

    I look forward to your examination and finding the same or higher ratio in grammar and spelling mistakes.  I shall wait in dire anticipation.

  2. hockeyisland says:

    So Drury or Gomez will be the 3rd line center? Unless there is a serious chemistry problem I don't think Dubinsky will play 2nd line center, the Rangers payed a lot of money for Drury and Gomez, they wont put them on the 3rd line.

  3. janetjones says:

    The Rangers may (or may not) have a good year this year….but look forward to troubles 3 or 4 years from now. Drury…i dont understand how you could pay him that much! He has a whole career of being just okay. He had a couple of decent years playing with the very gifted players on Buffalo…but seriously he has never even got 70 points. Way overpaid. In 4 years when he is 35 and getting 35 points…i hope u are still bragging about the signing! Gomez…ummmm, has he scored 20 goals…..oh yeah, once….same thing way overpaid. Defensive NJ….sure, but he has played with some great offensive players and has only had one really good year in his career….dont get me wrong, i like Gomez, but the guy should make about 4 million. I think the rangers signed these guys for toooooo much for tooo long. Just remember its a 50 mill cap this year, it could go down next year and nobody will take these two off your hands. These signings will ruin NYR for at least 6-8 years unless the cap climbs to 60 mill (not likely)!

  4. bernie1parent says:

    mistakes, and this is just from skimming:
    First paragraph, "And especially with the two sentences…" You started the sentence with "and", a mistake that even kids in elementary school know to avoid. 
    You need not use parentheses when quoting someone, that is why you have quotation marks. 
    sub 1-you italicize the focus of your point, in this case, the xion in deflexion and as i said before, however is a transition word, you dont break prior to using it, it is used as a continuation of a thought/s. 
    "main rule is that whichever is chosen(,) you must continue with"  lack of correct punctuation.
    sub 2-have you not been taught to use varrying vocabulary, using "certainly" twice in a matter of a few words is redundant.  once again, your lack of ability to use transition words correctly is absolutely hilarious.  You obviously seem to know a lot about language, maybe you're a translator or an english teacher, but you lack the ability to write a clean paragraph.
    Im not really going to waste my time to go on any further as I have made my point.  If i really cared two shits, i would make sure that everything was typed correctly, but its a public hockey forum, not a college essay or anything else that i care about.    
    I have nothing against you, but you seem extremely arrogant when you typed this and then to criticize me is just bullshit, so ***** you, im out.

  5. igotnothin says:

    I'm pretty much done listening to people get on the rangers back for defense. When if you watched the playoffs last year, did not miss a minute of a rangers game the problem was not defense.  Not in the least the defense and goaltending was the strongest part of the team.  The offense did not, and i repeat did not produce in the second round.  They wasted too many opportunities on both the powerplay and even strength.  So no the defense is not a problem on this team.  Racunek will be missed back there, but he had to be let go there was no room for him.  As soon as he started playing well he got hurt its too bad he really started to click and then he went down.  The defense was a mainstay they played bend and not break style and it worked, they were out matched by a sabres team in almost every catagory yet could have won the series had their new 2nd line center not ended their season with that 7 seconds to go goal.  The defense gelled and Lundqvist picked up his play making it one of the strongest defenses in the east.  Yes, they didn't have Beauchmin, Niedermayer and Pronger back their but no team did but the Ducks.  The rangers had plenty of opportunities to win against the sabres but their speed and offense doomed them in that series not the defense.  Eventually with the Rosival injury and the speed wore down on the team and they couldn't keep up anymore.  With the addition of Staal to the lineup should help sure that defense up and make it stronger. 

    As for your forward lines Betts should not be playing on the third line and if he somehow makes that line he won't be there long.  Callahan and Prucha move fast on the ice they crash the net hard and attack the puck hard.  Betts does not have the speed to play with them in the least.  That line will most likely crash and burn.  Cullen was perfect for that line and he should have stayed and they should have let hossa walk.  So either Hossa will play on the top line and straka will be on the 3rd line giving them 3 strong line or a minor leaguer possibly Dubinsky but he didn't play well when he was here.  It's too bad really because immonen would have fit that role pretty well as a set up center, but with Jaarko done it looks like Artem or Dubinski but in head up in the running, or one of your top line LWs droping down to play center. 

    Also side bar…. Hollweg isn't an enforcer at best and energy guy with out a mouth (Avery)… dont get me wrong i love Hollweg i think he brings a decent amount to the team.  But to go as far to say he is the only one ready to drop the gloves is a joke. Are you even a Rangers fan? or did you just brain fart all over the place and forget about one of best enforcers in the league Orr.  Orr came into his own as a fighter at the end of last year, yea hollweg can drop the gloves but rarely proves a point.  No Orr isnt the best, and no he can't even hit as well as hollweg can, but he can fight 4 to 6 times better than anyone else of this team. 

  6. Girardi46 says:

    Yes, I am no Rangers fan… and I "brain farted all over the place"…. I never said Hollweg was an enforcer I said he would drop the gloves, and I don't see Orr being used too much this season, there just isn't enough room on the roster.

  7. pj1199 says:

    my mistake
    I meant 3rd line center for Dubinsky

  8. pj1199 says:

    There should only be a handful of games that Orr gets dressed for. It aggravates me that eveytime he does dress he gets 4 shifts in the 1st period, 2 in the 2nd and then sits for the 3rd. Its good to have a guy like that on your team but in the "New NHL" the goons have to be able to play a little.

  9. kamullia says:

    And finally you get the point, even if by mistake. This is a hockey site, focus on the hockey! It is quite amazing and certainly comical that the same criticism you try to give to me, is the one that applies to you from the start.

    As to the mistakes, there are some but certainly not all that you tried to apply. If writers, and esteemed ones at that, had to preclude from ever starting a sentence with "And" or "Therefore," English literature would have been deprived of some real masterworks. For your information (or lack thereof), they can still be used to tie ideas and whole sentences at that. But more importantly, your claim to find a higher ratio still falls flat on your face, and I suspect you will hold that distinction for a long while.

    In closing, you give a great reinforcement to the Flyers stereotype. Sign off with a few curses and insults and storm out without any essence in between. Rest assured you shall never receive further replies to anything from me, since your modus operandi is not exchange of ideas, but you feeling that you got the last word in an argument. A pity since you actually seemed to know something about hockey, but you are simply not worth the trouble.

    Cheers Flyer.

  10. mundus80 says:

    sorry that was there offense playing good defense. there d lost game 5. young players out of position left henrik alone. also jagrs line should have not been out there but if they had a top 1-2 d pairing out there is would have been fine. this is just the first play i thought of, there were many more.

  11. bernie1parent says:

    no, i just hate arrogant assholes such as yourself.  The reason i brought up the fact of the spelling of the word "defense" is that I'm tired of the lack of intelligence in the room.  The grammar and spelling in this room is astonishing.  
    My point was not to rip you and find every mistake possible in your post (as was yours), but rather to show that although you feel like you are far superior to everyone in literature and get off on ripping people, you are really not all that good.  I'm not saying that I'm going to be a lit major, hell, my field barely requires me to be able to write past my first year in college, but i sure as hell know when something sounds or looks bad, and i fix it, or at least if i am not sure of the spelling, i'll either look it up, or put (sp?).
    Now as to the flyers stereotype, we live by that.  We live to be dicks, but dicks ***** assholes, and if it weren't for dicks, the assholes would shit all over the pussies (which is you by the way). 
    See, if you never came in with an arogant attitude, I am sure we could have carried on a quite intelligent conversation, but you remind me of a kid i know, he knows he is smarter then most, but wants to make sure everyone and their family knows it. 
    Flyers for the playoffs!

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