Real toughness; Do the Senators get it?

OK I am Leafs fan so I will try to not turn this into a Senator’s bashing session.

I have to wonder though, does Ottawa get it?
They bring in Simpson, which was a great move. HE is the kind of player they need, a warrior type who won’t hurt your team skill-wise.

Now, they turn around and sign Rob Ray again;


This guy did nothing to help them last year. What the hell is he doing there this year. He does not add *grit*… he does not counter anything the Leafs or any other team have. Will he fight? sure. Who cares though?

Being a tough team is about not losing your compsoure when the other team plays physically. It is not about getting guys who can drop the gloves! So he will square off against Domi or Perrot, or Belak or Roberts or McCabe or Marchment or Nolan… So what? It won’t stop a team like the Leafs or the Flyers or the Devils from knocking around the Hossa’s Bonk’s Havlat’s of the world and throwing them off their game.

Now I hear they are also one of 4 teams talking to Shayne Corson? Uh, OK. *IF* Corson can come back he could possibly be a valuable player for shadowing the other teams best player. That is his speciality in the playoffs…

Keep in mind though, that to do that he will be on the ice a lot, and keep a better player on the bench. So, I have to wonder what they are thinking again. Leafs fans last year will tell you that Corson was a waste of space out there.

Ottawa is among the most talented teams in the league. I think they have a chance to go all the way this year. It would be crazy to suggest that they don’t!

The WHOLE TEAM though is going to have to play a lot bigger come playoff time. This is not about getting a 2 minutes per game goon on your side. Trust me, no one in the east cares about Rob Ray and nobody is the slightest bit afraid of him.

It’s about being willing to pay the price. I sometimes wonder if the Senators understand that.

I guess we will see in the playoffs 🙂

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  1. Scottman75 says:

    Being a Leaf fan in Ottawa I can tell you this. The fans here feel that the team is more tough, and I agree with them.

    However, the team is not have any additional sandpaper or Grit on it. Sure they have added some nuclear weapons to the lineup, but what grit do they have? The Sens always compare themselves to the Leafs, and if you do in this scenario, then the answer is No. End of Story.

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