Do the New York people know something that the Dallas people don’t about the Dallas Stars? I have read on Spector’s Rumors that up in New York they are saying that Tom Hicks is desperately trying to cut payroll and is willing to part with Bill Guerin and even Mike Modano!

Wow! Living in Dallas I have heard nothing about this and I don’t believe it.What I have heard is that Tom Hicks wants to keep the payroll where it is right now, but knowing Tom Hicks (who also owns the Texas Rangers and their huge payroll) I think there is more of a chance that he adds to the payroll! This guy is all about winning. I don’t expect to see Hatcher go anywhere, just like I dont see Guerin, or Modano going anywhere.

Now what might happen is Armstrong trades Matvichuk and/or Sydor and maybe even Arnott to free up money to sign Hatcher and maybe lure a Selanne to come to Dallas to play with fellow Fin Jere Lehtinen. What that also does is free up 1 or 2 roster spots for our up and coming d-men, such as; John Erskine, Trevor Daley, and Martin Vagner.

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  1. Goldenscud says:

    yeah, it seems kind of odd that Dallas would give up on Guerin after the season he had (although injured) and the fact that he just signed a deal last year. Also, Modano? The guy is awesome – why would you do that? Who would they possibly get? This team was one of the best all season long – I wouldn’t change a thing

  2. Hockey_Fan says:

    Hicks isn’t jewish. I think he will raise payroll.

  3. OilersSuk says:

    Modano probably has the highest trade value in the NHL. He can get u 35 goals and 90 points, and be the best 2 way forward on your team, he plays on both penalty kill and the power play. The asking price would definitly be steep, say we traded modano to the sharks ( not gonna happen) but I would say they would want Marleau,Cheechoo, and Stuart. But the Sharks wouldnt want him. So basically they would want a young #1 center a good prospect and a top young defenceman.

  4. Rampage_Winger says:

    The reason why New Yorkers know so much about Dallas hockey is they’ve got reporters with giant telescopic binoculars that can see in Texan office buildings. Sometimes they use for reporting, but most ’em do it to watch bosses have affairs with their secretaries.

    This just in, someone has broken into Ross Perot’s desk and taken his stash of peanut butter M&M’s. Damnit, don’t people know how hard it is to find that stuff?

  5. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I don’t see how this could possibly be true…I don’t see why they’d trade Guerin. He’s only been there 1 year, he had a great year playing with Modano, and if he didn’t get hurt I think he would have been a factor in the playoffs. Give him a year playing healthy before you trade him. Honestly, if you take Guerin away, what to you have? The same team that didn’t make the playoffs in 2002 plus Scott Young.

    If Dallas trades Modano, I’m going with him. The guy has been my favorite hockey player for years now, I have probably the biggest Modano sports collection of anyone and I just can’t imagine Dallas without him. This has to be complete BS, because they guy IS The Dallas Stars, but if Mike goes, I’m gone to. I don’t care if I have to wear Nashville jersey, put #9 on the back and I’ll be proud.

  6. OilersSuk says:

    Dont worry its not atleast it better not be! What teams out there want to add payroll and have the resources to make a deal like this, Detroit? I dont think we would trade with them unless they wanted to part with Zetterburg, Datsyuk, and Fischer.

  7. defenestrate says:

    That bastard! Now I know why I can’t find them.

    Btw – do you think being rich makes you crazy, or do you have to be crazy to be rich? Howard Hughes, for example…….

    Because that would mean I’m halfway there…

    Or, as Ross is always saying to his wife,

    “Can I finish? Can…I…Finish?”

    SCTP – “I tell you, I AM Napoleon”….

  8. JNurk17 says:

    the article didnt say that he is WILLING to trade Modano. it said maybe if he hears of the right offer, he will take advantage to cut payroll. MAYBE. i think that trading Modano is highly unlikely for the Stars, considering hes their captain and team leader in points

  9. Lucky13 says:

    I don’t see it as an impossibility to trade Guerin. If the right deal comes along that will slash payroll, keep your team at a high level of competition and infuse some youth, then why not? With the CBA coming in next year, even the high rollers are going to have to do something to keep their rosters a little more financially “real”. Not that there are any facts to back this, but for example…If you can dump a 32 year old making $9 mil, coming off of a MAJOR injury and trade him for a healthy 25 year old with the same point production and a quality d-man, then I say go for it. When the salary cap, etc kicks in, teams will have to plan out for more than 2 years in advance. Why not start now.

  10. MantaRay says:

    I can’t Modano ever leaving Dallas. He is a superstar that is not easily replaced.

    Guerin and Arnott can be replaced with cheaper more dedicated players. I can see them moving either one of these guys just to keep Hatcher.

  11. OilersSuk says:

    What team can u think of would take on his 9mil contract, and then give the stars a young quality foward who can put up 30 goals and 70 points, and a top 4 d-man. Cuz if there was a team who would do that I am sure the stars might consider it. How about a Havlat and Redden from Ottawa! Seriously doubt it though.

  12. canucklehead says:

    Never believe anything you hear or read out of the Toronto or NY media. These guys write nothing but Fiction for thier paychecks.

  13. Rushing says:

    Like I said on the other post…..

    Modano being traded….ROFLMMFAO!!!!!

    Now Guerin……what team would really want to take the chance on him since he has yet to prove himself from his injury yet? Especially with such a high salary?

  14. TC_4 says:

    The people of Dallas don’t know anything about hockey if that’s what your wondering. Go watch the Rangers get there asses beat in until September, then go watch the Cowboys do the same!

  15. wingerxx says:

    They may as well get what they can for Arnott. I liked him with New Jersey, but he is so out of place with Dallas. He needs at least one very skilled winger to play with. Otherwise, he just can’t get much done, or he has no desire to. Dallas currently doesn’t have the personnel for Arnott to really gel with. They have Barnes to be the number 2 center. And his skill level is higher than Arnott’s. Trading Modano or Guerin is a step in the wrong direction, regardless of their salaries. If you’re going to get rid of someone, get rid of someone who doesn’t help the team.

  16. omnipotence says:

    The Stars won’t ever have the following the Cowboys do. Football in Texas is legendary (Unfortunately!). But, there is a following in Dallas where I used to live and have season tickets, and there is a small following in Austin, where I am at, now. To say people don’t know anything about hockey is wrong. What makes you say that, anyways?

  17. omnipotence says:

    There is no truth to the rumor. I am not going to take the time to overanalyze anything about it because it is ridiculous!

  18. Rushing says:

    Just like so many upon this board were saying how Dallas wouldn’t even make the playoffs this year right(won the Western Conference)? Yet the Dallas fans said otherwies. Just like how many of you said Turco wasn’t going to be as good as we were trying to say either yet Turco sets a new Modern day GAA record too right?

    BTW……Texas Rangers and Cowboys have nothing to do with Hockey……oh yeah….you don’t either do ya? I guess you have just proven that.

    Just out of curiosity, do know of any other team that has been to more Superbowls than Dallas?

  19. Dallas_Stars_Rule says:

    Dallas won’t get rid of Modano he is a franchise player that will never leave the stars the organization would do everything to keep him in Dallas. As for Hatcher and Guerin they won’t leave Dallas what management will do is get rid of all the 1-2 million dollar players to free up money and i wouldn’t be suprised if the stars pick up a couple power forwards such as LeClair, Sellane, Samsonov, Fedorov and the Toronto media knows nothing they only write things to get paychecks

    PS=Dallas is the best team in the league

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