Do the New York people know something that the Dallas people don’t about the Dallas Stars? I have read on Spector’s Rumors that up in New York they are saying that Tom Hicks is desperately trying to cut payroll and is willing to part with Bill Guerin and even Mike Modano!

Wow! Living in Dallas I have heard nothing about this and I don’t believe it.What I have heard is that Tom Hicks wants to keep the payroll where it is right now, but knowing Tom Hicks (who also owns the Texas Rangers and their huge payroll) I think there is more of a chance that he adds to the payroll! This guy is all about winning. I don’t expect to see Hatcher go anywhere, just like I dont see Guerin, or Modano going anywhere.

Now what might happen is Armstrong trades Matvichuk and/or Sydor and maybe even Arnott to free up money to sign Hatcher and maybe lure a Selanne to come to Dallas to play with fellow Fin Jere Lehtinen. What that also does is free up 1 or 2 roster spots for our up and coming d-men, such as; John Erskine, Trevor Daley, and Martin Vagner.