Reasons why people hate Toronto!

Over the years the Toronto Maple Leafs organization have been heavily criticized by many hockey fans coming from all over North America all the way to Europe. It’s gone as far that Sports Illustrasted in an article last year, considered them the “most-hated team in professional sports.” Now what is the reasoning for this hate? Is it the Toronto players? Is it the Toronto Media? Or is it just the Toronto fans themselves? The point of this article is for people to state their reasoning behind their hatred of the leafs and for the Leaf fans to defend themselves. Because we all know just how passionate they are. I know this is the last thing Leaf-haters want, another Maple leaf article. But this one will be on the basis of bashing them. Being a leaf-hater myself I thought I’d share my reasons for hating the biggest team in Canada and in hockey.#4 – The fact that everyone pronounces the Leafs “leafs.” which is incorrect. The right pronounciation of Leafs is “leaves.” Just thought I’d point that out. Probably only team in Professional sports with a vocabulary error.

#3 – How Toronto fans at the beginning of every season or every playoffs, predict that the leafs will win the cup. Do they not realize it hasn’t happened yet and they’ve been wrong for almost 4 decades now? I myself am a Red Wings fan but I remain grounded and realize that my team will not win it every year (Only every other year!).

#2 – How the Toronto and Canadian media favors the leafs so often. When you turn on Sportsnet/TSN in Canada (which is broadcasted coast to coast) the number 1 story is more than often about the leafs. You turn into Sportsnet at 6:30 pm and the main headline is “Aki Berg feeling the effects of the flu” And they go on 10 minutes about it. Then all of a sudden “in other news, the Montreal Canadiens have acquired Alexei Kovalev.” And on hockey night in Canada Don Cherry, when referring to the Leafs say “we gotta do this. We gotta do that.” Like he’s on the team or something. And when they lose in the playoffs and get knocked out Harry Neale sounds like he’s about to kill himself, because he’s so depressed about them losing.

and the number one reason is…..

#1 – When the Maple Leafs organization moved buildings from the Gardens to the ACC, they had the nerve to have a Stanley Cup parade. Now this really bugs me. They are the only team to do this when moving buildings. In order to have a cup parade you have to earn it in my opinion. Montreal who has won more than double the cups of the Leafs, and they never did this when they moved buildings. I think there are a lot of hockey ghosts out there that won’t settle for this sort of thing. Parading the cup without earning it has cursed them if you ask me.

That all being said I realize the the Leafs have a lot of die-hard fans. They are a passionate bunch. Even in the 80’s when they were laughing stock of the NHL. Fans would still show up at their games, wearing paper bags over the faces.