Recchi and Leclair on Block

The Pittsburgh Penguins have reportedly called every team in the NHL and has said that left winger,

John LeClair and right winger, Mark Recchi are both availible.

According to a very good source the Pittsburgh

Penquins have desperately been trying to shop

around the two veterans.

Player:Mark Recchi

Position:Right Winger

Stats:24 goals, 32 assists

Teams interested: Calgary, Philadelphia, Ottawa,


Player:John LeClair

Postion:Left Winger

Stats:14 goals, 21 assists

Teams Interested:????


44 Responses to Recchi and Leclair on Block

  1. The-President says:

    OLD News, Leclair is Garbage

  2. recchi says:

    Recchi will end up back in Philly

    Leclair will end up….back in….who knows maybe this is his last and he will retire

  3. zdeno_duchesne says:

    i’d like to see recchi with the sens, maybe on a line with havlat and fisher. that would be a valiant second option on offence

    i have no interest in leclair.

  4. Flyers70 says:

    Recchi has a lot of what the Flyers need right now. He could be paired with Jeff Carter and with Recchi’s track record of working with younger players (read: Simon Gagne and Justin Williams of Carolina), it would be like getting two skilled guys instead of one.

    Unfortunately, I think John Leclair is done.

  5. JannettyTheRocker says:

    I’m willing to wager that the Calgary Flamers will pickup one of either John Leclair or Mark Recchi………..I just have a gut feeling.

  6. wingerxxx says:

    Any GM that trades more than a 4th round pick for LeClair should step down on general principle. He’s basically the modern day Kevin Stevens. He still has a pretty nice shot…but his wheels are gone, his strength isn’t what it used to be, and he’s just not built for today’s NHL. And he has another year on his contract. No thanks. I can’t imagine why any playoff bound team would be interested in him.

    Recchi on the other hand…he’s a different story. He’s more of a solo artist on the ice, but his skills haven’t eroded much at all. His plus/minus is more indicative of the team’s overall play than his own. I imagine that quite a few playoff bound teams will call in about him.

  7. bammer91 says:

    leclair to montreal………

  8. lynchmob540 says:

    I agree with your comment regarding Leclair. Personally, i hope he ends up with the Leafs (with his Bareback Mountain buddy, Lindros). He’d look good in Blue & White!!

  9. Kraftster says:

    What souce is this??

    I mean, calling EVERY team in the league about Recchi completely contradicts everything thats been in the paper/interviews with anyone involved with the team. Not to mention actively calling other teams Leclair and any others goes against what little has been said by management.

  10. The-President says:

    Please no, good lord

  11. Kraftster says:

    Could it be TFP?!? Wow! What a source!! I’ve yet to see ANY published reports supporting the content of this post or their post to the extent that they list it.

  12. The-President says:

    This guy plagerized the article…Kick em out

  13. Labrosse says:

    a 100% agree with you give pittsburg a 5th round pick if i’m right leclaire isn’t earning that much and i would take him well before sundstrom and bonk.

    he may be old and this might be his last year but in the playoff it’s sure a guys like leclaire will be good for Montreal, he has alredy won and will bring a lot of experience

    i would also like to see recchi end up in montreal but i wouldnt bet on that one

  14. sakic91 says:

    they are both great players suer Leclair falling off track but brings get leadership to a team

  15. gohabs73 says:

    wow… definitely plagerized!

    I don’t mind people who post entire articles from other sources, we’re not all very good writers…

    But at least say where it’s from!

    Don’t make it look like you’re the author!

  16. laserman says:

    I bet Leaf fans are hoping for this as well…

  17. Senatorsfan78 says:

    John LeClair to the Ottawa Senators.

  18. Shake21-12 says:

    You’re hearing this trade here first, i’m almost 100% sure it’s gonna happen…

    To Philly:

    Mark Recchi

    Ryan Malone

    To Pittsburgh:

    R.J. Umberger


  19. Leafnation9 says:

    To prepare for their Stanley Cup Run, the Leafs should trade Antropov and Bell for Leclair and Recchi. (this will go alongside our aquisitions of Bertuzzi for Belfour Cujo for Klee, Jokinen for Stajan and a 1st and Witt for a 2nd round pick.

    Poni Sundin Recchi

    Tucker Jokinen Bertuzzi

    Leclair Allison Steen

    Domi Wellwood Kilger

    Mccabe Kaberle

    Berg Khavanov

    Colaiacovo Witt



    but seriously,, lets blow the team apart already

  20. dmac33 says:

    I seriously doubt that trade will happen, the Penguins shouldn’t really be in the market for another center. With Malkin coming next year, and Crosby already establishing himself as a first-line center, and Erik Christensen looking like a good option for a great third line center, there would be no need for Umberger. What the Penguins will be looking for in a trade is a good D prospect, with a serious NHL-upside or a high draft pick. Recchi has already said that he will only accept a trade if he believes that the Penguins will have an adequate return that suits the teams needs, which Umberger doesn’t immediately fit, although it would be nice to see him in his hometown Black and Gold at one point in his career

  21. dmac33 says:

    Leclair has 9 points in his last six games, and a +/- 3, maybe he has alittle gast left in the tank for a deep playoff run

  22. goalieman32 says:

    carolina is also in the recchi sweepstakes due to the loss of cole, so a possible trade is there. i say trade recchi and a 3rd or 2nd round pick for the rights to jack johnson. the pens need d and carolina needs to add some scoring depth. it is doubtful that the canes would part with johnson, but the trade covers both teams needs.

  23. FLAMESOWNU says:

    Please please please be recchi

  24. FLAMESOWNU says:

    I cant believe this post hasn’t been ripped apart yet… It’s coming though…

  25. mtl_prince says:

    stop smoking crack, jack johnson is gonna be an all-star every year, no way he will be traded!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. wayne2 says:

    Fisher plays too well with Schaefer and Neil,but i think this could be what Vermette needs to step up so i`d put him on his natural position at center with Havlat and Recchi.(lots of speed)

  27. wayne2 says:

    I dont think he would help much,he`s been there in the past and got better when he left so i think he might not answer media pressure too well.

  28. wayne2 says:

    He`s not what we need.

  29. goalieman32 says:

    you never know. if the canes are desparate enough to increase the scoring power for relatively cheap, it is possible. i did mention that i doubted that they would part with johnson.

  30. nova_scotia123 says:

    I think if Recchi is to come back to Philly, there is probley a good chance Leclair will be coming with him.

    The Flyers Could send Randy Jones, Stefan Ruzicka, and Turner Stevenson in return for the two oldtimers

  31. yesca22 says:

    Why would the Pens trade one hometown boy in Malone for another in Umberger? That wouldn’t be something they could really market. Having both on the same team or even the same line would be promotable, but since they both play Center, I don’t see it happening.

  32. Aetherial says:

    I don’t know what their contract statuses are respectively.

    I could see one of them in Carolina as a rental … same thing in Ottawa maybe.

    Recchi to Philadelphia looks like a solid bet though…

    Hey, how about Belfour to the Pens for LeClair. Not that I want Leclair, I just want out of paying belfour 1.5 milion to sit next year. Pittsburgh would be a good destination for Belfour for a year… I don’t know what LeClair’s contract status is though for next year, and I somehow doubt whether Belfour will waive his no-trade clause to go to Pittsburgh.

  33. guinsfan4life says:

    i think that Jordan Leopold has been mentioned in a deal.

  34. guinsfan4life says:

    Umberger can play a wing position. Don’t flatter Recchi, if he gets another chance to win a cup with the Flyers he will take that chance. He doesn’t care what the penguins get in return.

    Christensen clearly is not ready at the NHL level. He has said as much. He is at least 2-3 years away. I consider Talbot ahead of him as far as third line center prospects and so do most hockey publications.

  35. Kraftster says:

    I don’t see the Pens seeing a shred of value in Turner Stevenson, and I think they’d want something more sure than Ruzicka. If it meant Ruzicka instead of Jones and then an Umberger in place of Jones, that I could see. Realistically, I just don’t think what you proposed is sufficient in this year’s trade market (not enough teams being sellers) the Pens would deserve more than that for both players.

  36. CaniacNC says:

    Not that he is the greatest and I really don’t want him, but I can see the Canes getting Leclair. Recchi is prob out of their price range since many other teams want him. Leclair would be a cheap rental, and they would use him to help with the Cole injury as a third liner. Prob something the Canes would do.

  37. saiklo says:

    Why do you perpetuate a rumor that was on the MARK MADDEN show yesterday.

    I mean, does this make you feel like more of a human being?

  38. Sensaholic says:

    ……as the assistant equipment trainer or ice bunny.

  39. Wigdog says:

    Buddy, you are on drugs. There is NO way the Canes will trade Johnson for a rent a player. Nice try. The Canes aren’t prepared to offer much more than draft picks at this point, and I think it will take more than that to get Recchi.

  40. Wigdog says:

    Leclair isn’t capable of playing Pete’s system. Too damn slow and way over the hill.

  41. Leafnation9 says:

    The post was intended to poke fun at Leaf rumors..,

  42. goalieman32 says:

    i agree with you that it will take more than picks, but there are three main reasons i believe this trade could happen.

    1. the canes need some more offence if they are looking to win the cup. recchi provides that and some veteran leadership. i believe that he has another year on the contract as well.

    2. the caned have depth in defencive prospects. according to, 4 other defencemen other than johnson are in the top 10 prospects they have. the pens second round pick would allow them to pick up another decent pick as well.

    3.johnson is prone to taking penalties. he averages about 4 minutes a game in collge and there the zero tolerance is not in effect, which means that statistic should increase at the pro level. he also tends to take some cheapshots like the one in world juniors.

    all of these show that johnson has a high risk associated with him. in a diciplined team like carolina, that may not be good. those reasons that are listed above are the reasons that the trade might go. i also said in the post that it was doubtful that the canes would part with johnson.

  43. JCob says:

    I heared Recchi and Malone for Leopald.

  44. guinsfan4life says:

    Me too.

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