Red Wings: If Dom retires, is CuJo the target?

I just thought I would pass this along. I read it on’s message board.
If the Detroit Red Wings win the Stanley Cup this season, don’t be suprised if goaltender Dominik Hasek retires.

But, if Hasek does retire, “sources” indicate the Red Wings will make a very serious offer- in the range of $8-$9 million per season- to bring impending unrestricted free agent goaltender Curtis Joseph to Detroit.

This all hinges on two things, however: Hasek’s playing status and Joseph’s contract status. If Hasek decides to play another year or Joseph re-signs with his current team, the Toronto Maple Leafs or another team, it falls through.

However, should the Wings win this season and Hasek retire, the most apparent option would be to go after all-star CuJo.

I am just passing it along- don’t shoot the messenger! I hope the Wings just lock up a star goalie for the next couple seasons- be it Hasek or Joseph.

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