Report: Hasek wants back! claims that reports coming out of Detroit are saying that Dominik Hasek has been in close contact with the management of the Red Wings regarding him coming back into the Red Wings lineup for next season.

Apparently, during the draft, and even before the draft, Hasek and the Wings were in discussions about him returning. One source within the NHL said that it was “a virtual certainty” that Hasek will be back next year.

The only hitch with this plan is that the Wings signed Curtis Joseph to a contract, and with approximately $17 million in goaltending salary, this may be too expensive for the Wings.

There are two options here: 1. Hasek comes into the Wings, and plays, and the Wings ask Joseph to waive his no-trade clause, so he could be traded to Colorado, Philidelphia or any other team in need of Joseph’s services.

2. Hasek’s salary of approximately $8 million is bought out, and he is free to sign with anyone he wishes.

Lets be realistic here, if Hasek returns, it will be a major turn of events for the goaltending world. How broken would Joseph feel if he was traded away! After the probable 1 year contract that Hasek, if he returns, will sign, then what would be the goaltending situation in hockeytown.

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  1. mikster says:

    If Hasek does come back, my guess is that Cujo is on his way out to…….either the Avs or Flyers.

    Or, Hasek is going to either the Flyers or Avs.

  2. nightfawl says:

    If you ask me, I think that Holland will not give up on Joseph. Its just media stirring the pot. That would be totally unprofessional and I don’t think he would do that. If anything, Hasek will sign with another team for a year or two and possibly sign with Detroit after Cujo is done.

    If, and thats a BIG IF, Cujo is asked to waive his no trade clause then that would be a major blow. He left his favorite team in tears (Leafs…DUH) for a chance to win and now the Leafs won’t take him back. That would really suck for him. But I would rather him win a Cup in Colorado then Detroit anyday. All the wings try to do is buy the cup year after year.

  3. avsfan19-33 says:

    Hasek’s a joke. I’d love to see him come back just to watch him get shelled. He obviously hasn’t done much during his time back in the Czech Republic except beat up people with hockey sticks. I still think the Avs will stick with there young gun goalies, maybe pick up a vet back-up.

    Go AVS Go!!

  4. mikster says:

    Then Holland will trade Hasek.

  5. mikster says:

    Hasek played forward in Czech. And, how can you say you want to see him get shelled? That guy was a stellar goalie, Cup winner.

    You want the Cup……you won’t win it with Aebischer or Sauve and a bakc up.

  6. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    Thesis: You are a moron.


    1) Hasek right’s are owned by Detroit. He can’t sign with another team “for a year or two.”

    2)Supposing Hasek did “sign with another team for a year or two,” why the hell would he just jump over to the Wings? That makes no sense.

    3)Hasek is 38. He won’t be playing when he is 39 or 40. This would be it for him.

    4)”The Wings try to buy the cup year after year.” I am sick of intelligently rebuking that statement. For all you morons(read: small market whiners, Leaf/Flyer/Star fan who doesn’t get it, and EVERY Assalanche fan), who continue to say that, look at your ridiculous little team. ALL THEY DO IS THE SAME DAMN THING. At least the Wings draft, *cough*BlakeForsbergRoyMorrisMarchmentBourqueFluerydeVriesAndreychukKasparaitis..etc*cough. Yes, the Wings have a FEW UFA’s, but they don’t go out and buy the best player at the deadline each year.

    5)You live in, or are a fan of, Colorado. Enough said. It’s the Ohio of the West.

    Now, stop pissing yourself, I know it sucks that a real hockey team, with hockey tradition(and fans who don’t all share a common Unca-dad, Aunt/sister/dog/mom) is a place where players want to be, and that we win alot. Get used to it, sleep with your brother/goat/hot dog/nephew, and move on.

    That is all, thus sayeth the Lord.

  7. cwthrash says:

    I love ones like this. I don’t even have to try with it.

    In your own comments, you showed with amazing clarity what type of character you have. Good job!

  8. Rampage_Winger says:

    Yeah, hello. My name is reality. Remember me, from high school? You seem to have ignored me for a while. You see, when I was around, refuting people’s comments on the internet was not such an emotionally involved activity in which insults at generalized characters (Leafs/Flyers/Stars/Avs fans) are flung about like monkey crap.

    Really, I’m a Wings fan, this one just made me sad. What is it with some Wings fans hating the Avs more than they like the Wings? Please, sir or madam, don’t put so much stock into a GAME. You want a real reason to be angry? The president of the United States is an ex-coke fiend. Grr. There you go. Run with that. Only no more jokes about the state of Ohio.

  9. DaMick says:

    that was a funny remark “Ohio of the west”

  10. DaMick says:

    first – Detroit owns Hasek’s rights….

    But CuJo has a no trade clause….

    Do you actually believe a team would take on that HUGE contract hes owed…and pay that for a Goalie who didnt play up to par last year?

    second- if Hasek does want to come back,

    do you actually believe they would let him play for another team..much less a west team [Colo]….

    so he can haunt them?

    Be realistic…

    the chances are Slim & none this will happen.


  11. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Detroit holds his option. They can either pick it up and take him, or decline it and he’d be a free agent. Thats what they said on TSN. If he decides to come back, Detroit can either choose to have him come back with them, let him go else where, or pay him to sit out to keep him away from other teams.

    It’s really a tough decision for Detroit. That gives 2 star goalies and a back up that should be starting for another team somewhere. I’d dump Cujo, let Hasek play next year, and then go with Legace. Cujo is a great goalie, but he’s not a proven winner, and his best years are behind him. High on the blocker side and he’s beat. I’d feel bad for him if he loses his job in Detroit, but I don’t see them winning a cup with him. Let him go to Colorado or something.

    It’s really Detroits call to make. Who would you rather have, a proven Cup Winner who many call the best goalie in the game? Or a goalie who’s best years were in the mid 90’s and who hasnt been able to win anything in his career? I know people like Cujo, but he’s not great anymore.

    Too bad Cujo didn’t stay in St. Louis.

  12. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Detroit has his option. If he wants to come back, they choose what they do with him. If they want him, he plays for them. If they don’t, he’s free to go where he wants. I don’t think they’ll pick up his option and pay him 8 million to not play with how tight they’ve been with cash this off season.

    If Hasek wants to come back, he’s comming back. Its going to happen. I’d like to see Detroit pass on him and someone like St.Louis get him, but thats a long shot.

  13. Kashin says:

    I think Colorado will consider Joseph. Maybe even Boston or philly if either one of them can’t get Burke. It should be interesting but in a year from now all the veterans will be gone and they would need to rebuild. They have cujo already so they would have a big position filled. Or they go into the lockout without a goalie.

  14. nskerr says:

    Here is Larry Brooks take. God I hope Cujo goes to the Rangers. Us Islander fans can torment this extremely average goalie. I would keep Dunham but I guess his name isn’t marquis enough for the almight Rangers.

    The Post has learned that recent discussions between the Red Wings and Dominik Hasek have accelerated to the point where it is now believed that the goaltender will return to the NHL after a one-year hiatus. We’re also told that should Hasek return, it would only be to play in Detroit, where he won the Stanley Cup in 2002. Which means that the Red Wings would be obligated to move Joseph, whom they signed as a free agent last July 2 to a three-year, $24 million deal.

    Joseph, outplayed decisively by J.S. Giguere in Detroit’s opening round sweep by Anaheim, has a no-trade clause, but it is believed he’d be willing to waive it to come to the Rangers, with whom he nearly signed before going to Toronto five years ago. And while the Rangers are wary of accepting long-term contracts that will fall under a new CBA that is all but certain to contain a cap or severe tax, they’re believed willing to accept a two-year commitment.

    The Rangers, of course, have Mike Dunham under contract for the next two years, at $3.3M and $3.6M, respectively. But if presented with the opportunity to get Joseph, Sather would probably look to move Dunham to Vancouver, Philadelphia, Colorado or Boston, all in the market for a No. 1 goaltender.

  15. MIHOCKEYFAN says:

    This is a BS rumor. Hasek is retired. If he wanted to come back, he wouldn’t have retired. And Cujo is the Wing’s goalie. The only reason people talk about Hasek coming back for the Wings is because Cujo is taking the blame for losing a series in which his offense couldn’t score. If Hasek did come back, I could see his rights being traded to Philly.

  16. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    Ahhh…..and what a beautiful place the city of Detroit is. At least the crime rate has dropped out of being the highest of any city in the country.

    I wish I had the ability to poll how many people would prefer to live in Denver or Detroit.

    At least the folks in Colorado have found something worthwhile to do with the snow other than shoveling and making snowmen!

    Great job dogging a place that is so much nicer than Detroit!

  17. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    Of all the crap that is posted on this site, you pick the one with the most sources to back it up to call BS??????

    Hey, I have another BS rumor for you—Mario Lemieux is gonna come out of retirement to play for the Penguins again!!!

  18. defenestrate says:

    I want to – you know I really want to. But I can’t. Like CW so eloquently stated above, it’s too easy. It writes itself.

    I am curious, though – Lord of what? The flies? Or is that statement just a by-product of the paranoid delusions brought on by your massive crack habit?

    Just wondering……

    SCTP – “Not Dropping Down To Your Level – Yet”.

  19. defenestrate says:

    In the immortal words of the Talking Heads –

    “Stop Making Sense”.

    You’re going to disillusion the children.

  20. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    Hey reality….living in Detroit, I think that could actually be your name…(think about it).

    Next up, no, I don’t hate the Avs more than I love the Wings. I guess there isn’t really a way to prove that to you, but ah well. But in reality, any Wings fan you ask hates the Avs. Also, any PERSON WHO HAS BEEN THERE knows Ohio is just a big parking lot for Michigan.

    The President may well be an ex-coke fiend. Key word(syllable?) being “ex.” But for whatever reason, a lying sexaholic was OK (as he drug the country’s image through the mud), but a guy that made mistakes as a kid is wrong? Grr.

    Goodbye for now.

  21. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    Yes, I am one of “those people” who gets annoyed when people say stupid things.

    You thought is was covered as a crime in the Patriot Act, but here I am!


  22. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    Crime, gotta give you that one.

    I’d rather get robbed than think it was OK to share a bed with my mom/sister and call her my wife.

    Thank you for your compliment though.

    Detroit will always be 10 times better than Denver.

  23. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    You aren’t dropping down to “my level,” yet you accuse me of a major crack habit? Hmmm….

    Anyways, it doesn’t really bother me. Unlike some people, I don’t see the need to live my life through a computer screen, looking for defenseless morons to protect.

    I was tired, I was responding to something that annoyed me.

    You aren’t dropping down to my level? Drop a load, it’ll be good for you.

  24. Freeze says:

    If the Wings don’t re-sign McCarty, why not use Hasek on right wing? After all, he played forward and beat the living shit out of some poor soul in a roller hockey game in the Czech Republic.

    Would Roy come out of retirement for a shot at Hasek?

  25. cwthrash says:

    I too have a battle with ignorance here. Even been called a bully on here before. Though that reference was meant mostly in jest, there is truth in it.

    While the comments you responded to may have been somewhat off-base, a tirade of very bad stereotypes was too much. A simple correction and rational explanation of the facts would have been better.

    I have many first-hand impressions of fans from Detroit. With few exceptions, my reviews are pretty bad. And I have dozens of good reasons to flame said Wings fans if the occasion arises, which it has here. But in this case, a more subtle approach is my preference. In the future, that may change. Who knows?

  26. Guz09 says:

    If I was Kenny Holland i would trade Haseks rights to Colorado for like Hedjuk and tanguay. ( Just speculation) Because hasek is only gonna play 1 or 2 more years. so you would win the deal

  27. DaMick says:

    He resigned with the Blues.

    so the Hasek pipedream going there….gets a little dimmer.

  28. defenestrate says:

    So, if I “drop a load”, I’m on your level?

    See, you keep writing my material for me……

  29. defenestrate says:

    The Duke and Tanguay for Hasek? You bet! What a bargain! Where do we sign?

  30. aaron says:

    Please be a god, please be a god, please be a god…

    OMG, they’re just trying to get my hopes up so they can dash them mercilessly against the rocks…

  31. Rampage_Winger says:

    Take a look at these hands. You don’t have to mention it. I’m a government man.

  32. aaron says:

    As much as there is to rip to shreds in this post, I ask the jury to at least consider that he did have a relevent point hidden in all the crap: that being, DETROIT DOES NOT FREAKIN’ BUY THE CUP EVERY YEAR. JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY, I’M GETTING SICK OF HEARING THAT, BUT MOST OF ALL I’M GETTING SICK OF HEARING IT FROM PHILLY, TORONTO, NEW YORK, COLORADO, AND DALLAS FANS. Goddammit.

    I apologize for my lack of control over my anger, but that’s getting annoying.

  33. defenestrate says:

    Feel better now?

  34. Overtime says:

    If Hasek comes out of retirement, expect Detroit to trade Cujo to the Rangers. Hasek’s presence could entice Fedorov to make a deal with the Wings because Sergei would smell blood. Cujo would certainly waive his no-trade to go to a team he almost signed with before – the Rangers.

    This gives the Wings a huge boost overall. Keep in mind, the Wings drafted the #2 rated goalie in the 2003 draft. If Detroit gets 2 years out of Hasek, they still have Legace, Stefan Liv, and the #2 goalie from this year’s draft – not bad.

    Yzerman will sign, as will Larionov. McCarty is questionable. He can be replaced. He takes a lot of stupid penalties and offers little on the scrore sheet. He’s slow, but has a big heart. You find McCarty-type players all the time in the AHL for a lot less money than what McCarty wants.

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