Report: Hasek wants back! claims that reports coming out of Detroit are saying that Dominik Hasek has been in close contact with the management of the Red Wings regarding him coming back into the Red Wings lineup for next season.

Apparently, during the draft, and even before the draft, Hasek and the Wings were in discussions about him returning. One source within the NHL said that it was “a virtual certainty” that Hasek will be back next year.

The only hitch with this plan is that the Wings signed Curtis Joseph to a contract, and with approximately $17 million in goaltending salary, this may be too expensive for the Wings.

There are two options here: 1. Hasek comes into the Wings, and plays, and the Wings ask Joseph to waive his no-trade clause, so he could be traded to Colorado, Philidelphia or any other team in need of Joseph’s services.

2. Hasek’s salary of approximately $8 million is bought out, and he is free to sign with anyone he wishes.

Lets be realistic here, if Hasek returns, it will be a major turn of events for the goaltending world. How broken would Joseph feel if he was traded away! After the probable 1 year contract that Hasek, if he returns, will sign, then what would be the goaltending situation in hockeytown.