The market for Columbus Blue Jackets winger Rich Nash is heating up ahead of next week’s NHL Draft.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, as many as seven teams have had ‘significant discussions’ with the club in the last 10 days about acquiring Nash.

The report adds that the New York Rangers, San Jose Sharks, Philadelphia Flyers, Toronto Maple Leafs and Carolina Hurricanes are among the teams that have expressed interest.

Blue Jackets’ general manager Scott Howson said that the club had, “significantly more discussions this week,” but would not comment directly on the most recent trade talks regarding the team captain.


  1. Schneidfeld says:

    Columbus already blew their best opportunity to get max return for him (IMO) by not dealing him before the deadline. That said, you’ve gotta either admire or be in a stupified state of complete disbelief with their unwavering patience in waiting this out. I don’t see them jumping on anything too quickly at this point (why would they), and suspect this will be a draft day deal. PLEASE just don’t let him go to the Rangers!!

  2. leafs_wallace93 says:

    A big package for a guy who put up 59 points last year? Sure he’s big but he plays soft, he scores cute goals and not dirty ones, he’s not game breaker, he doesn’t hit or intimidate opponents….

    Parise is ten times the player Nash is and he’ll only cost you cash. I’d say go for Nash if he’s the only player on the market but he’s just a Canadian version of Alexander Semin.

    • mojo19 says:

      Ya. Sorry Wallace, that’s probably the worst description of Rick Nash I’ve ever heard. He’s a beast power fwd and he’s twice the player Zach Parise is, as long as were talking soft. I have to wonder if you’ve ever actually watched Nash play.

      Having said that, his intensity has been down for a couple seasons now. Probably a little uninspired on his island, doing it all himself all those years.

      I would take Nash over Parise any day, and I wish Burke weren’t our GM so that a Kessel for Nash swap could be a possibility. But sadly its not.

  3. Have you watched Nash play? Nash is nowhere near soft like Semin. In fact, Nash has no problem driving it to the net.

    • mojo19 says:

      In fact he scores the bulk of his goals by bulling his way to the net. Wallace is usually pretty astute, I would guess that someone hacked his account and wrote that as a joke.

  4. mojo19 says:

    I’ve had some interesting debates with buddys discussing what current nhl players highlights are most entertaining. The discussion almost always comes back to Datsyuk and Nash. With Dats you always get that extra little maneuver, with Nash you get that Lindros type power and the hands to finish.

    I really think Burke has to make a play for this guy, make some serious noise on draft day and put himself in a position to actually attract a high end UFA.

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