Report says Preds in hunt for Kessel

STEVE BUFFERY, SUN MEDIA is reporting that the Maple Leafs and Nashville Predators might begin a bidding war for Phil Kessel.

While the Leafs reportedly remain the front-runners for Kessel’s services, is reporting that the Preds have joined in the bidding and have offered a package the Boston Bruins like just as much.

The Leafs’ reportedly offered two first-round picks, another draft pick and a prospect. According to the source, the Predators have offered a first-round pick, the rights to forward Alexander Radulov (who is playing in the KHL in Russia) and a top defensive prospect.

Leafs general manager Brian Burke also is believed to be contemplating an offersheet to Kessel if the Bruins don’t accept an offer this weekend. If that happens, the Bruins would be in the precarious position of having to trade players to clear cap space and match the offer — they are on the record as saying they will do this if the offer is within reason.

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  1. quick_stick says:

    The contract is a lot, but who scored 36 goals last year and made less than 5 mil a year?

  2. bbruins37 says:

    awww dont feel bad cam! the leafs are obviously going for the cup now with that ultra-talented roster that they have. i mean come on: grabovski, kulemin, stempniak?! no need for first round picks with that kind of talent!

  3. Magleaf says:

    i hate this deal..  absolutely horrendus

  4. bbruins37 says:

    you have two options: 1. eat your words on kessel, or 2. admit the leafs *****ed up and that there is oh so little hope.

    im not gonna eat my words. kessel is by far the best player the leafs have. he was acting like a ***** with the whole contract situation though, so he had to go. and kessel is out for a while so that pick is looking sooo good right now… im getting excited for the season to get started!

  5. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Horrible trade. Abolutely horrible.

    Leafs now have their 3rd-7th in 2009 and their 2nd,4th-7th in 2011. The 'rebuilding' whatever it was, is now officially over.

    and this team is certainly not built to win now….

  6. cam7777 says:

    ha, yea, wanting to get paid is a terrible thing.  i would be jumping to sign a contract for at least a million less than what i'm worth to a team that doesn't like me too.

    and are you stupid?  I just admitted it was a terrible move.  that was the topic of my post that you just replied to.  i'm not going to say there is so little hope.  burke will recoop a number of 2nd rounders throughout the next year, and go to town on the college crop again next may, but still….i hate that we gave you two first rounders.

  7. Magleaf says:

    I think the whole idea of RFA's is stupid..  we shoulda just been able to pay the 5 mil to get him and not got rid of 2 1sts and a 2nd, i meen, you cant put a price on draft picks. especially firsts

  8. quick_stick says:

    Ok, for all those who feel Burke has killed the Leafs, and are running around saying the sky is falling…Here's some much needed perspective. 

    Some think the Leafs aren't a playoff team, some think they are.  Really, even with Kessel, they're a middle of the pack team.  So let's say they draft 15th overall.

    Players drafted 15th overall…
    (I left out 2008/9 since we don't know if they'll be impact players yet)
    2007 – Alex Plante
    2006 –  Riku Helenius
    2005 – Ryan O'Marra
    2004 – Alexander Radulov
    2003 –  Robert Nilsson
    2002 – Jesse Niinimaki
    2001 – Igor Knyazev
    2000 – Artem Kriukov
    1999 – Scott Kelman
    1998 – Mathieu Chouinard
    1997 – Matt Zultek

    Kessel is only 21 (soon to be 22).  He's a young player to rebuild around.  Which two of the players above would you NOT trade for Kessel?  This deal is a no brainer.  Burke made the Leafs better today AND tomorrow.  

  9. quick_stick says:

    sure you can… you attach a price based on a statistical probability of a 1st rounder ever playing in in the NHL, and at what level. 

  10. Magleaf says:

    how do you know where you first rounder lands..  who knows, i dont think we are going to do bad but theres still a possiblity we get 1st 2 years in a row..  also we could get last. The chances are just to much IMO

  11. bbruins37 says:

    He should be paying the bruins for letting him play for them.

    Ohhhh the things we can do with those picks….Do we want taylor hall next year after winning the cup? Ahh we can work something out; after all, we do have SEVEN picks in the first two rounds over the next two years. Do we want to trade for a big star? Ahh we can work something out; after all, we do have SEVEN picks in the first two rounds over the next two years. Do we want to stockpile high picks to eventually add to our already young and amazing roster? Ahh we can work something out; after all, we do have SEVEN picks in the first two rounds over the next two years.

    And our roster still MURDERS your roster! Its like rask for raycroft all over again eh?

  12. Reaper91 says:

    there is no way in hell boston will ever win a cup with a flopper of a goalie couldnt even get out of carolina could he,  you guys over paid him by 5 million and now kessel's a leaf its gonna bite the briuns in the ass MARK my words

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    And if the Leafs finish 25th-last…then what???

    and you're forgetting that the leafs get a player at 5.4 mil per season, while the young players boston gets they will have 1-3 years at less than 1 mil.

    This is a trade you make if you are 1st-10th in the NHL standings, not 20th-30th

  14. quick_stick says:

    Sure, potentially, this could be a poor trade.  If the Leafs fall even further down the standing, despite a stronger roster, and the Bruins get a top 5 pick… but realistically, the Leafs will be neither a top 10, nor a bottom 10 team.   As I said, they sit in the middle.  Personally, I'd rather have Kessel at 5 mil, then 2 players who will make 1-2 mil a year, but never likely more than a 3rd liner.  The Leafs have plenty who already fit that bill, and precious little that fit on a genuine 1st line. 

    If the Leafs move some more players to make room for Kessel and 1 or 2 of Bozak, and Co. the Leafs could have a very young, fast and talented roster which in a couple years could be a team easily in the top 10.  At that time, some tweaking could turn them from a strong playoff team, to an actual contender, something they haven't been for a very long tiem. 

  15. bbruins37 says:

    uhhh he was the vezina winner…and then he upped his play in the playoffs hahahaha and hes making 1 mil more than your piece of shit goalie. ah classic…hey but maybe we'll just use rask this year against toronto. we can see a great matchup between the best goaltending prospect in the world (and soon to be one of the best goalies in the world) against andrew raycroft, pre-lockout calder trophy winner and…oh wait, do you think he can get a shift off at burger king so he can play?

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    You have a lot more confidence thanI. The leafs goaltending consists of Toskala who had a bad year last year, and an unknown in Gustaffson. The defense is bigger, but the transition game will be slower, and besides Kessel the team has no pure offensive players.

    Seems to mee like a team that might make the playoffs one of the next two seasons, but also might tank one of them.

  17. Magleaf says:

    and dont forget..  we dont even get the great offence untill late in the season, and who knows if that injury wont make him just a descent player.

  18. quick_stick says:

    He should be back before Dec, meaning he'll be out 8 weeks max.    Sure, a decent chunk of this season, however, it's not like he's a rental player for this year only.  He's young, not even in his prime, and locked up for 5 years.

  19. leafy says:

    I'm with you 100% B&W. Totally horrible trade. I've lost total respect for Brian Burke.

  20. quick_stick says:

    Sure, and it's possible we finish 2nd over all.  Anything is possible, but it's most likely the Leafs will be a middlish team with Kessel, until some  more youth is ready to step up.

  21. Magleaf says:

    im pretty sure the preds arent in the run anymore

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