Richter May Retire

It is more of a suggestion, but I think Mike Richter should take it seriously. It’s funny how an injury does not seem much of one until medical results show up. After all, Richter did finish the game in Edmonton when getting kneed to the head, and made some good saves too. After leaving that one practice after 10 minutes, and then participating in the next morning pracitces, it just did not seem such a serious injury.

It has not been confirmed of which level the concussion stands at, but if Richter is out indefinitely, as of now, then it should be for about 2 months or so, especially since that fracture he received in March.

Still, people were wrong when questioning about Richter’s health; mostly referring to his knees. This is just a horrible injury for a goalie to face, especially a world class goalie like Richter. It was very unexpected, but it happened. Richter is much in danger if he keeps continuing his career. I would suggest for him to retire as well. He got his 300 wins as a Ranger, he will most likely retire his jersey as a Ranger, so Mikey…stay with your family and don’t risk of worsening your injury.

As for the Rangers, Blackburn has kept his team in a 4-1 record for the last 5 games. Saved the Rangers against the Sharks, and did not do much work against the Flames, just stopping Iginla on a breakaway and stopping outside shots.

This has already been an unfortunate season for the Rangers. The team has not played one game at 100% of health yet, but the good news is that Holik’s injury is small, yet could be either short-term or long-term. The Rangers need Lindros (also rumored to have an elbow problem) and Bure to score goals. The offense has failed to win games for the Rangers at some point this season.

Wish Richter the best, especially since he has been the best US goaltender in recent years.