Rocks Rumors: Trades a Brewin' & Dafoe on the Block?

According to, several sources have reported that the New York Islanders and the Calgary Flames are working out a trade.

New York is offering wingers Mark Parrish and Jason Wiemer, and apparently the Flames are definately interested in Weimer. Possibly going the other way would be Denis Gauthier, however the Islanders have shown little signs of wanting that stay-at-home defencemen.

Earlier this summer, both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens were interested in Gauthier, and a trade could be a possibility.

Also, Byron Dafoe of the Atlanta Thrashers has been reportedly placed on the trade block due to the fact of the overwhelming number of goaltenders in the Thrashers lineup. Unfortunately, when he was aquired from Boston, he did not play as well as expected.

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  1. mikster says:

    What else could they get from the Flames? Conroy? McAmmond? Who?

    Apparently not much. Something may happen…but i don’t see what the Isles could get from the Flames.

    Flames have a future defensive line up that includes Gauthier, Regher, and Phaneuf.

    There is no chance in hell that they will break that up unless they received a return that benefits their team and improves it.

    Dafoe is definitely on the block…as is Hurme, but Dafoe is the one they rather get rid off. Hey, Flames could be a chance, Turek is out.

  2. rojoke says:

    I don’t see why the Isles would be interested in Gauthier, unless they have another deal in the works somewhere else. They already have a top four of Adrian Aucoin, Roman Hamrlik, Janne Niinimaa and Kenny Jonsson. Jonsson has a pretty long history of injuries, so he may be shopped around down the road, unless the Flames would take him.

    Dafoe could be the Avs goalie down the stretch, should Pierre Lacroix feel the need to get one. And where’s the “overwhelming” number of goalies in Hotlanta? Nurminen has been great, but Lehtonen is in Chicago and Hnilicka is now in LA.

  3. bruinfan37 says:

    Dafoe is a #1 goalie, plain and simple. Thats why he shouldn’t be backing up Nurminen. Granted, he played like crap last year, but if the Thrashers let him get on a roll, he’ll be much strong than Nurminen. I can’t think of a team that needs a #1 goalie right now. The Avs have constantly said that they are content with Abby, Dipietro has played well with the Isles, as has Snow. Where could he be going???

  4. cwthrash says:

    Nurminen, very solid. Dafoe, in great shape and ready to play. Hurme, at the least an excellent backup. Lehtonen, a starter in the very near future.

    Hnilicka had to be shipped away, making too much cash. Lehtonen needs to get his starts in the AHL, which he will along with career minor leaguer Cassivi. Not to mention Michael Garnett, who deserves to get his shot in the AHL but cannot with the goalies already there.

  5. Kraftster says:

    Dude don’t forget about Jordan Leopold, the bets of the bunch!!

  6. Kraftster says:

    Dude exactly why is Dafoe so much better than Nurminen?? seriously….come on…Nurminen played outstanding last year for the thrashers, and has earned the starting job again. “IF” Dafoe gets on a roll, well Nurminen is on a roll, and has been most of his career. Dafoe deserves nothing from the Thrashers.

  7. Habfanforever says:

    I think Gainey is brewing one up. With Koivu expected to return to action, Perreault’s final contract year and Ribeiro doing as good as he is, Gainey has problem with too many centers. Perreault or Juneau may go for some draft picks or a rugged winger.

    If I was Gainey I’d re-sign Perreault as a third line centerman and trade Juneau and Audette to a cup contender for draft picks so he could move up Dagenais.

    Just a thought

  8. Kashin says:

    Isles have 8 defensemen that can play any given night. Why would they trade an all star potential foward for an extra defensmen

  9. wayne2 says:

    Cant see the islanders interrested in Gauthier since

    they have lots of defensemen,would make sense for

    Montreal though(physical defensemen).Personnaly,

    i`d love to see Gauthier in a sens uniform paired

    with Volchenkov,ouch that would hurt.We`d have 4

    physical defensemen.

  10. movingfire says:

    Gee, did you read that at Spector’s??

  11. nskerr says:

    I don’t see the Isles trading Parrish to Calgary for an extra defenseman when they are paying Mattias Timander 1.2 million to play in the minors. I like the grit Wiemer brings to the Isles. It would have to be a pure salary dump or a move to bring in more draft picks to bolster a future draft. However with the start the Isles are off to, I don’t see why they would want to change the chemistry of the team.

  12. habsoverserver says:

    Montreal is weak at center. None of their centers have size. Koivu is injury prone, Juneau is close to retiring and Perrault is in the last year of his contract. Ribiero has not yet demonstrated that he can handle the load for an entire season.

    Habs have too many wingers. If the Habs want to give a shot to Bulis, Zednick, Ward, Ryder and Hossa on the top three lines then there is room for only one of Kilger, Dackell, Sundstrom and Audette.

    But, the Habs are playng well and have no reason to do anything right now, other than possibly trading Audette, for whom there is no market at his current salary.

    At least, these are good problems to have.

  13. habsoverserver says:

    Montreal is giving the most ice time to Souray and Quintal, their big ‘defensive denfensemen.’ Gainey would like to have a a third defenseman in that mold. So, if Montreal could trade a non essential player, I could see the deal being done. I don’t see what the Flames could get in return that would make the deal interesting to them. If they would like a defensive forward like Dackell or Sundstrom the deal could happen.

  14. mikster says:

    Leopold has done squat for now. He’s the only offensive d-man on that team yet he’s done nada. He should be good though, we shall see…

  15. mikster says:

    What all-star potential forward?

  16. 24cups says:

    We already have a third big “defensive defenseman” in Komisarek which I really don’t know why he is still playing in the AHL. I’d rather have him than Hainsey and Bouillon.

    By the way, what’s up with Langdon???

  17. tj_hooker says:

    Why would the Avs want an underachieving goalie like Dafoe?

  18. tj_hooker says:

    Why would the Avs want an underachieving goalie like Dafoe?

  19. tj_hooker says:

    Why would the Avs want an underachieving goalie like Dafoe?

  20. tj_hooker says:

    Why would the Avs want an underachieving goalie like Dafoe?

  21. movingfire says:

    I was just commenting on the fact that I read this on Spector’s first and I thought you should give credit for your source.

  22. movingfire says:

    Langdon was hurt when he was with Vancouver, but should be ready shortly.

  23. Doppelganger says:

    Dafoe would be an underachieving goalie on an underachieving team if he went to Colorado. Sounds like the perfect match.

  24. master_0f_puppets33 says:

    yes sounds good for Montreal…..

    how about Perreault and Ryder for Gauthier?

  25. Habfanforever says:

    actually I did not read this anywhere. It was just a thought I had seeing that Koivu is set to return and that Julien will have to juggle the lineup.

  26. Kashin says:

    Parrish in all of his seasons accept for 1 so far he had at least 20 goals, he’s been there before. He should have made it last year with 20 first half goals. However, afterwards he tailed off. He should get 30 goals this year.

  27. ranger_fan says:

    I am certain that Conroy would be interested in Long Island, if not now, then as a UFA. He grew up in northern NY watching Al Arbours dynasty. So I wouln’t be surprised if a deal gets worked out if Craig isn’t happy in Calgary. Perhaps Blake would go the other way with Hamerlik for Conroy and Gauthier.

    If I had to guess, I’d say the “ruins” are interested in Denis. It appears that Mr. Berard is kicked out of Beantown.

    As far as Dafoe, etc, I say that Colorado will trade for him and probably give up Skratskins or someone, like Hinote. I am not to familiar with the Avs depth. I think it depends on who Hartley wants back under his wing.

    Also it isn’t mentioned here but I think we will see it by the deadline, Biron will be out of Buffalo if the Sabres stand no chance of a spot, and Burke if Phoenix is out of the hunt, Boucher if they are in.

    Another trade coming with in a few months, Marty Straka out of Pittsburgh, and I’ll say to Detroit.

  28. Kraftster says:

    Phaneuf?? High pick, but…

  29. Habfanforever says:

    You’re probably thinking that Bob Gainey’s real name is Rejean Houle but you’re wrong dude.

  30. Lint07 says:

    Because Aebischer & Denis can’t get the job done.

    Because Aebischer & Denis can’t get the job done.

    Because Aebischer & Denis can’t get the job done.

    Because Aebischer & Denis can’t get the job done.

  31. habs_punk says:

    what are you on??

    i wouldnt trade perreault straight up for gauthier, let alone throwing in ryder, looking like a potential calder candidate this year. perreault’s got some real good chemistry going, plus hes winning like 70-80% of the faceoffs he’s taking. i dont see why you would wanna give up the best face-off man in the league, i think if the habs make the playoffs this year, perreault resigns with them.

  32. kidhenry1 says:

    yeah, and the isles have absolutely no reason to dump wiemer

  33. kidhenry1 says:

    the islanders would never ever trade Jason Blake. He’s a fan favorite, puts out a ton of production, and is dirt cheap.

    And Mike Milbury, dumb and trigger-happy as he can be, would not trade two established islanders for 2 players that have never played Steve Stirling’s system or played with any of the isles teammates.

    Finally, any explanation as to why Mario would ship out his best friend (who isn’t that expensive anyway…)

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