Rocks Rumors: Trades a Brewin' & Dafoe on the Block?

According to, several sources have reported that the New York Islanders and the Calgary Flames are working out a trade.

New York is offering wingers Mark Parrish and Jason Wiemer, and apparently the Flames are definately interested in Weimer. Possibly going the other way would be Denis Gauthier, however the Islanders have shown little signs of wanting that stay-at-home defencemen.

Earlier this summer, both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens were interested in Gauthier, and a trade could be a possibility.

Also, Byron Dafoe of the Atlanta Thrashers has been reportedly placed on the trade block due to the fact of the overwhelming number of goaltenders in the Thrashers lineup. Unfortunately, when he was aquired from Boston, he did not play as well as expected.