Roloson an Oiler

Edmonton Oilers acquired Wild goaltender Dwayne Roloson for a 1st round pick and a conditional pick.mikster’s view:

Good trade for both teams. The Minnesota Wild end up trading the goalie that they would have lost through free agency, so to get a first rounder for that kind of player, it’s excellent; plus, they picked up a conditional draft pick.

I wanted the Edmonton Oilers to get Curtis Joseph. I know his stats are not as good as Roloson’s, but Cujo layed on a so-so defensive team, while Rolly played on a team that best performs on defense. The Oilers must understand that Roloson is good, but he also needs to rely on the other 5 teammtes on the ice to help him out. We should see how Roloson performs with the kind of game that the Oilers play.

Personally, I think a 1st rounder is always too much to give for a playoff rental, unless it is a superb player, which is Roloson is not. Still, if Roloson and the Oilers also decided to a contract, then this should be a pretty good trade. If not, then Roloson has to put the Oilers in at least the Semi-Finals in the Western Conference.

I am not too fond of this trade, but Roloson is a good goalie and one that was looked after other teams. GM Lowe should be making a bigger push here by dealing a 1st rounder, though. He can’t lose two draft picks for Roloson and face a possibile first round exit in the playoffs. Expect the Oilers to make another move.

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  1. jpmur says:

    some people are living in a world of illusion… look at his games and stats… the facts are the facts. Best available… ???? whatever…can I have hit?

  2. ranger_fan says:

    Besides Willis, only Chuck Norris knows what Willis is talking about.

  3. gohabs73 says:

    Phoenix will claim Morrison

    Vancouver will trade for Joseph

    Minny will claim Sauve

    come on! let’s get some action!!!

  4. blindref says:

    No shootouts in the playoffs…so that means all he has to do is stop most of the 20 or less shots that the Oilers usually allow and there will be no problems.

    Like Mac T said, they just need someone that can make one more save than they have right now.

  5. dcz28 says:

    I thought for sure Lowe was going to get Biron…to me he would have been the best option (unless Loungo was available) but those two would cost more than a 1st rounder to get for sure

    Roloson could prove me wrong and be the best goalie from now to the playoffs but right now i wouldn’t count on it till he plays 5 to 10 games and we see how he does with his new team

  6. blindref says:

    I don’t know if he’s the best available but then, who really knows who is available. Or you could say almost every goalie is available for the right price. Personally I’m a little disturbed that Lowe didn’t wait a bit longer to see if he could squeeze out a deal for Cujo. It’s not like there is a lot of deals flying around right now…at least not that are signed, sealed, and delivered.

    Still, Roloson is a slight upgrade and if he can stop those few shots that weren’t stopped before then the Oilers have a shot at going somewhere in the playoffs.

  7. thegoalie1976 says:

    I agree, roloson is the best goalie available. anybody with a save % over 900 is good. The oilers has a league worst save %. That will be a huge improvement. they lost so many 1 goal games. Not anymore.

    the oilers usaually outshoot the other teams about 30-20 anyway. This is a perfect team for roloson. He does not have to make a lot of saves, just the right clutch saves the other goalies were not making.

    A great pickup. At least the oilers can try him out and sign him if they want. Cujo and Belfour would not have resigned in edmonton anyway.

    Plus Cujo and Belfours #’s were not even close to as good as Roloson’s.

    I predict an all alberta western conference final…..

  8. thegoalie1976 says:

    That’s a good prediction.

    I can totally see that hapening.

    we’ll see I guess. That will only happen in Vancouver is looking at Cujo.

  9. woodsco85 says:

    Good Pick Up, Roloson is a fantastic tender and any team would be more than happy to have such a great Tender, he would have been more on evryones radar if the Wild didnt have Fernandez. No matter how he plays in Edmonton, Roloson is alot better than and man the Oilers have between the pipes right now. A first round pick and a conditional pick is all that Edmonton was really interested in dealing for a goalie, they are trying to keep their starting line up to remain the same.

  10. woodsco85 says:

    Good Pick Up, Roloson is a fantastic tender and any team would be more than happy to have such a great Tender, he would have been more on evryones radar if the Wild didnt have Fernandez. No matter how he plays in Edmonton, Roloson is alot better than and man the Oilers have between the pipes right now. A first round pick and a conditional pick is all that Edmonton was really interested in dealing for a goalie, they are trying to keep their starting line up to remain the same.

  11. jpmur says:

    Free-agent signee has stepped in, played well in Saint John.” (Eric Duhatschek, The Hockey News Future Watch 1995)

    “…Roloson – the AHL leader with 33 regular-season wins – deserves a serious opportunity. With Kidd underperforming, he just might get it.” (ESPN Hockey 96, p. 110)

    “Roloson is a nice story when you realize he was never drafted by an NHL team. He filled in for an injured Hasek in the Eastern Conference final and went 1-1 against Toronto. A fairly big goaltender, Roloson is a good fit as a backup. He’s certainly not good enough to be an everyday starter. Being Hasek’s backup makes Roloson the Maytag repairman of the NHL. He’ll remain in that role as long as the Dominator is there and young Martin Biron is in the minors.” (The Sports Forecaster 1999-2000, p. 79)

    “”Rollie the Goalie” is no more than a backup who has had flashes of brilliance in four NHL seasons. Has always been plagued by inconsistency, which is likely to land him in the minor leagues yet again.” (The Sports Forecaster 2000-01, p. 161)

    “Thanks to a monster training camp, the AHL’s top goaltender in 2000-01 unseated Jamie McLennan as the Wild backup last season. During the season, Roloson actually outplayed No. 1 goalkeeper Manny Fernandez and pushed him for the top job. Historically, the 32-year-old minor-league veteran never showed he could handle the No. 1 role in the NHL. Nevertheless, Roloson’s 2.68 goals-against average and five shutouts last season were impressive. Assuming Fernandez rebounds from his sub-par campaign, Roloson could either complement him as the backup or again share the load. However, he will be hard-pressed to duplicate last season’s numbers.” (The Sports Forecaster 2002-03, p. 182)

    “Like a fine wine, the veteran puck-stopper gets better with age. Roloson, who turns 36 in October, tied for first in the NHL in save percentage, and was second in goals-against average, in 2003-04. Roloson followed it up by posting solid numbers in the Finnish SM-Liiga during the lockout. He’s definitely the starter in Minny.” (The Sports Forecaster 2005-06, p. 104)

    Signed as free agent by Calgary Flames, July 4, 1994.

    Signed as free agent by Buffalo Sabres, July 9, 1998.

    Selected by Columbus Blue Jackets in National Hockey League Expansion Draft, June 23, 2000.

    Signed as free agent by St. Louis Blues, July 14, 2000.

    Signed as free agent by Minnesota Wild, July 2, 2001.

    Agreed to multiyear extension with Minnesota Wild, March 11, 2003.

    Signed with Lukko Rauma (SM-Liiga) during NHL lockout, October 18, 2004.

  12. dcz28 says:

    I wasn’t saying that Edmonton doesn’t play good defense but trapping teams a lot of times allow alot of shots but the shots are from the outside with no traffic in front of the goalie for easy saves…like i said he might prove me wrong and play very well but we’ll have to wait 5-10 games and see how he plays…he is an upgrade for sure over the two they have

  13. dcz28 says:

    I wasn’t saying that Edmonton doesn’t play good defense but trapping teams a lot of times allow alot of shots but the shots are from the outside with no traffic in front of the goalie for easy saves…like i said he might prove me wrong and play very well but we’ll have to wait 5-10 games and see how he plays…he is an upgrade for sure over the two they have

  14. dcz28 says:

    I don’t know if Vancouver will really look for a goalie since they have a good veteran goalie in the minors in Wade Flaherty ( i saw him play in the AHL all star game and he was great ) but they don’t want to bring him up till after the dealine (or whenever team can call up or send down players without going on waivers) because he would go on re-entry waivers and they might lose him i think

  15. jpmur says:

    10/12/05: W (60m, 33/33) 6-0 victory vs. Vancouver (Cloutier).

    10/14/05: L (59m06s, 36/40) 3-5 defeat vs. Vancouver (Cloutier).

    10/23/05: L (60m, 28/32) 2-4 defeat at Chicago (Khabibulin).

    10/28/05: SOL (65m, 52/53) 1-2 SO defeat (6/8) at Columbus (Prusek).

    11/02/05: L (59m02s, 28/30) 1-2 defeat at Vancouver (Auld).

    11/05/05: W (59m49s, 35/36) 3-1 victory at San Jose (Schaefer).

    11/08/05: L (19m45s, 7/10) 2-4 defeat vs. Phoenix (Joseph) [Replaced by Fernandez].

    11/14/05: L (59m02s, 39/42) 2-3 defeat at Calgary (Kiprusoff).

    11/23/05: L (59m03s, 24/28) 3-4 defeat vs. Edmonton (Morrison).

    12/01/05: L (59m26s, 44/46) 1-2 defeat at Nashville (Vokoun).

    12/05/05: L (59m43s, 37/39) 1-3 defeat at NY Rangers (Lundqvist).

    12/11/05: L (59m42s, 27/30) 2-3 defeat vs. Buffalo (Biron).

    12/17/05: W (63m10s, 30/33) 4-3 OT victory vs. Montreal (Huet).

    12/22/05: L (59m59s, 33/37) 3-4 defeat at Colorado (Budaj).

    12/29/05: L (60m, 30/34) 2-4 defeat at Calgary (Kiprusoff).

    01/03/06: W (60m, 43/45) 4-2 victory at Detroit (Osgood).

    01/05/06: L (39m46s, 10/14) 2-4 defeat vs. Colorado (Aebischer) [Replaced by Fernandez).

    01/16/06: L (59m57s, 28/34) 1-6 defeat vs. Ottawa (Hasek).

    01/27/06: L (59m50s, 21/25) 3-4 defeat at Columbus (Leclaire).

    01/30/06: L (39m35s, 12/13) 4-5 defeat vs. Detroit (Osgood, Legace) [Replaced Fernandez].

    02/10/06: W (59m58s, 23/26) 6-3 victory at Edmonton (Morrison, Conklin).

    03/03/06: L (59m44s, 28/31) 2-4 defeat at Anaheim (Giguere).

  16. lynchmob540 says:

    Listen up little girl….

    Roloson was a BACKUP goalie for the Wild!!! And you think he will take your Oilers to the Stanley Cup??? Let me guess…you bleed oil???

    As for the 1st round pick the Wild acquired…this will be a mid-first round pick. If you look at some of the guys who have been taken at that point in past drafts…you better pray the Wild mess up with who they select!

    Now get back to the kitchen and make me a cake!

  17. gregpb says:

    Roloson = solid goalie. However, any team with Chris Pronger will not win. i.e. TEAM CANADA. Furthermore, the Oil paid heavily for a rental. I’m guessing they could have had Eddie with an option for next year for a 3rd or 2nd rounder alone. Best of luck to the Oilers anyways.

  18. NinjasOnly says:

    Season Team GP MIN W L T GA SA SO GA Avg SV %

    2005-2006 Wild 24 1,360 6 17 0 68 759 1 3.00 .910

    2003-2004 Wild 48 2,846 19 18 11 89 1,323 5 1.88 .933

    2002-2003 Wild 50 2,945 23 16 8 98 1,334 4 2.00 .927

    2001-2002 Wild 45 2,506 14 20 7 112 1,132 5 2.68 .901

  19. chingpao says:

    Apparently this year’s draft is thinner than previous years and a mid-late first rounder might be equivalent to an early second rounder at baseline. I’m not sure what the precedents are, even for a possible playoff rental, but to pick up a goalie with Roloson’s save percentage etc.. might be worth the equivalent of an early second round pick. Sportcasters in Canada have said that the Oil could be a scary team in the playoffs with the right goaltender. It seems like a reasonable trade from an Oilers standpoint.

    To be truthful, as a leaf fan, recent history has shown giving up relatively far more for playoff rentals (e.g. Wesley from Carolina). Before you all trash leaf fans for this post, recall the point made here is that this seems like a reasonable trade by the Oilers. Roloson might take the Oilers pretty deep into the playoffs and barring injuries and other unforseen event for other teams… who knows?

  20. sketchy says:

    Giving up a first round pick for another 1a goalie is a bit of a stretch, but maybe with the way Conklin has played in the past three games the Oilers feel that they can set up another Minnesota tandem situation, and use Markannen as the backup he is.

    It’s a gamble that could pay off big, break even, or look totally gross after the playoffs.

    If Roloson pulls a Kiprusoff and helps the Oilers go deep in the playoffs you either re-sign him and he’s your new number one, or you trade him for another 1st round pick and you win big.

    If Roloson gets the Oilers a series win, or at least 3 home games, you cut him loose or give him a weak one-year deal and suck up the missed pick, you aren’t getting Kessel or Staal with the Oilers 1st rounder this year anyway.

    Finally, if Roloson craps the bed and the Oilers miss the playoffs, well, now you have to throw good money after bad and go after a free agent or big name trade in the summer which might set the Oilers back a bit.

    Interesting to see how this plays out.

  21. dcz28 says:

    Any team that wants to go far in the playoffs needs their goalie to be one of their best players…not just be good but great and i don’t think the rest of the team is strong enough to make up if Roloson isn’t great in the playoff…time will tell if he can prove me wrong

  22. buster says:


  23. lynchmob540 says:

    You be smoking some bad dope….DOPE!

  24. wheresthesoda says:

    Sauve is back on waivers

  25. wheresthesoda says:

    Sauve is back on waivers

  26. patdud says:

    there was no real backup in minnesota

    they used both him and fernandez

  27. zane says:

    Not worth the move he’s a great goalie but not for a 1st rounder

  28. i_know_hockey says:

    Dyawne Roloson… if i were an Oiler fan i would not be pleased with such a deal. Roloson has not shown any promise this year or consistantly throughout his career. He is an average goalie at best and does not show the ability to play at a high level anymore.

    Roloson started 23 games this season posting a 6-17-1 record with a lowly 3.00 GGA and .910 SV% These are mediocre stats at best. Roloson started 50 game ONCE in his career. His win totals include the likes of 23, 19, 14, and 11. He went undrafted, but has been in the league for 8 years now. He is also 36 years of age. So where does this take the Oilers now? Roloson does not appear the piece to the missing puzzle. And quite frankly, if Roloson had been on this team since the start of the season, there record would not be any different than where it’s at.

    And for all of you who claim that a 1st or 3rd round pick isnt important.. Then tell me… i want you to TELL ME where all the players in the NHL come from??? Good players can come in any round of any draft at anytime.. so dont say stupid stuff like that.

  29. skidragoon says:

    bravo compare him to teams with shit defence and that arent in a playoff spot, why do u compare him to hasek or fernadez

  30. oiler1fan says:

    Roloson is a great pick up beacause the Oilers did not have to give up somebody from their roster. The draft pick was high because there were probably many teams bidding for him and Lowe offered the best. GOOD JOB K-LOWE

  31. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:


  32. cementhead says:

    Its called “intangibles”. Anyone can dig up one or two impressive stats on anyone to make them look good.

    Now, I’m not saying Roloson won’t do well, just he is not at all proven for what they expect of him. There were better commodities available.

    That said… he could prove me wrong.

  33. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    quite a few #1’s

  34. Laus723 says:

    hey little girl…whats with the attitude? anyway, i’d hardly call playing nearly half the games of the season being a backup, more like he almost equally shared the load! also, he didn’t say he’d lead them to the Cup, but the have a better chance now that they did with Markkanen or Morrison!

  35. Laus723 says:

    oh, you mean you don’t have a “gut feeling” or a “source,” LOL.

  36. gohabs73 says:

    He’s no Brodeur, of course, but of the available goalies who could have been a better choice?

    Esche, Joseph, Belfour, Biron, Noronen?

    Roloson is better than all of them and he’s definitely an improvement over Conklin.

  37. sketchy says:


  38. Gretzkin says:

    Desperate times hey?

    Luke Richardson anybody?


  39. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    it was to grab peoples attention. Commen Sense ever heard of it. here is some advice think outside the box every once in a while. it can help you so you dont look like a fool in the future.

  40. Gretzkin says:


    Belfour’s been playing that well all season, except for the odd mishandled puck.

    Leafs Defense made him look bad.

    Now they win one game agaisnt a tired Habs, sign Luke Richardson, and think they’ll make the playoffs?


  41. Gretzkin says:

    Actually, I was comparing him to the Goalies that were available for the trade, numbnuts.

    But okay, here goes.

    I’d prefer Fernandez over Roloson, no question.

    But he’s better than Hasek is right now, and Hasek is always one save away from the IR anyways…

    Eat Me.

  42. dcz28 says:

    Wings don’t want the seagul and his contract you guys can keep him

  43. sketchy says:



  44. jates says:

    I think for now the trade may help the oilers if roloson can play like they think he can, but the one thing that I really did not like is the fact that Lowe put Morrison on waivers. Morrison may not have been a superstar but he’s only 26 and he’s the best of the 3. Why didn’t they just keep him and release conklin or markaanan?????

    He could have learned a little more from watching Roloson and there would have been a little less pressure on him to be the number one guy.

    I think this will come back to haunt them, Morrison will be a superstar goalie in this league one day. What does anyone else think? I would love to hear your views on that.

  45. mmatras says:

    Morrison is NOT better than Conklin. His number might be better this season (marginally), but he lacks the amount of actualy talent the Conklin and Markaanen have. Morrison had a couple bright spots this season, but also some very gloomy ones too. He might be an ok no. 2 guy at best. But he will never be a superstar in the league one day…

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