Roman Cervenka signs with Avangard Omsk, won't play for the Maple Leafs

As reported on the official Avangard Omsk’s web site, Roman Cervenka signed a two years deal with the KHL team and thus won’t sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL.

Cervenka is a natural center who oddly enough has never been drafted in the NHL. His strong play in the latest couple of seasons put him under the lights and the Maple Leafs were thought favorites to sign him by most North American media outlets like ESPN or TSN.

But most likely Cervenka, 24, preferred to play side-to-side with Jaromir Jagr.

24 Responses to Roman Cervenka signs with Avangard Omsk, won't play for the Maple Leafs

  1. leafy says:

    Bah, he isn't that good anyway. Haha!

  2. mojo19 says:

    So if you're keeping score, its KHL 8 – NHL 836

  3. hockey_lover says:

    haha … nice!

  4. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    WTF! I thought it was the dream of every hockey player in the universe to play for the great Toronto Maple Leafs? Instead he pulls a Cammalleri and tells them to f*ck off…….

  5. Boston_Bruins says:

    Where do Leafs fans think Kadri will be next year? It certainly looks like he's outgrown the CHL but are they prepared to give him a top 6 role? I know Burke likes to go with 6 skill guys and 6 role players so Kadri pretty much would have to be in that role. You have to pencil Bozak in with Kessel and Kulemin on the top line because of how they played late in the season so would there be enough support on the wings to throw a 19/20 year old into the fire with the wingers they currently have on the roster?

  6. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Well, unfortunatley you lose one or two, whats our percentage now? 98/100?

    Wasn't Montreal wanting Bozak, Rynnas, Gustravsson? What happened there?

  7. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I wouldnt mind sending him to the AHL for half a year

    Don't want to rush him like Schenn! Maybe send him to the Marlies with Kadri

    The Marlies have done wonders with Bozak, Gunarsson, Hanson, now Aulie, etc?

  8. leafmeister says:

    Fine by me. Cant say no to a top 6 forward.

  9. broc says:

    I'm not sold on Bozak. I feel like a lot of Leaf fans on this board assume he's going to be a consistent #2 center next season.

    Perhaps in his career that's what he'll be.. the last half of his season with the Leafs so he played well. Prior to that though, he often was ineffective/unnoticeable. And his AHL #s were downright disappointing.. so really,his season overall has been inconsistent, even though most Leaf fans act like he's good for 60 points next year.

    The talent is there, but can he physically tolerate an 82 game schedule? To me, the jury is still out on this one.

    Kadri will be a work in progress IMO. I think he'll do the same as Bozak did.. start out slow, then finally find the pace in the pro leagues and have a decent second half.

    Lots of potential for the Leaf roster anyway.. some good young skill is definitely there.

  10. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Lets see……….Rynnas & Gustavsson would be our 3rd& 4th string goalies (Halak and Price 1-2) and Bozak would be our 3rd line center (Gomez and Pleks 1-2). In conclusion, the following players would be DEPTH players on the habs, while there "building blocks and faces of the franchise" for the Leafs. Pretty sad if you think of it that way, no?

  11. leafmeister says:

    I dont know about that. Gustovsson amazingly had a winning record, on the Leafs, while Price had a losing record on the Habs. Price had better GAA and SP, but he was on a playoff team. When you think about the team Gustovsson was on, and what he had to go through, as a rookie, than his mediocre numbers are more impressive than Price's.

    No argument about Halak though. That guy is a champ.

  12. leafmeister says:

    Oh yeah. I would MUCH rather have the 24 year old Bozak, with his whole future ahead of him, at a reasonable contract than have the amazing magician Scott Gomez. He can just disappear into thin air, its truely astounding. Bozak would probably take the 2nd line center job from Gomez, as their PPG are almost identical, and this was in Bozak's rookie season, on the leagues worst team, which he only played half of.

  13. TheLeafNation91 says:

    You mean that highly rated prospect Bozak right??? And trust me when I say I would rather have Bozak over 8-mil Gomez and no-show playoff Plekanec

  14. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Someone (forgot who) said, AHL and nhl are 2 different games basically, the intensity is different. They said Bozak is more fitted for the NHL and it really showed in camp and the call up.

    Also, AHL he battled a small foot injury and swine flu…Where he lost 20 pounds

    So to us Leaf fans he had a GREAT season and we all know he is a second-line center at best. Which we think he'll will be

  15. TmLeafan says:

    Burke is doing the smart thing with goalies and stockpiling them, similarly to what Montreal did.  Whether these goalies Burke signed are as good as Halak is irrelevant, they cost him nothing to sign and they are all assets.  Even if Gustavsonn doesnt work out in the future he may be a Cristobal Huet and traded for a 2nd pick.

  16. number15 says:

    This guy Cervenka made a wise choice……

    he could be top line centre to Jagre or he could come to the NHL and possibly be playing on an AHL team….. plus im sure the KHL will pay him like a star, while in the NHL, he'd get like  nearly ,$300 000, i think

    good for him.

  17. lafleur10 says:

    i wouldn't call bozak highly rated only leafs refer to him as that 3rd line center at best is more like it! i would rather have plaekanec any day than a flash in the pan bozak, leblanc is more highly rated than bozak

  18. TheLeafNation91 says:

    He's rated as a second line center at best, third line center at worst, not bad foor a free agent.

    Leblanc is rated higher, but besides PK and Leblanc, the depth pool is really week, something lafleur you said you guys have over the Leafs but the times have reversed

    Unfortunately for the Habs, S and A Kostitsyn, Fischer, Perezhogin, Pacioretty, Maxwell, etc have become major disappoints

    McDonagh should of never been traded

  19. lafleur10 says:

    conveintently you are forgetting avtsin,kristo,cichy enquist ,bennet simila,torp,nattinen etc! 2 or 3 of these guys are rated by the hockey newsin there top50 not many leafs in there i must say! don't worry leafs nation you uys stil have your work cut out for you if you are going to be near us .you've got along way to go!macdonagh was traded because of p.k.'s development he went past macdonagh  so i feel we've the right choice by keeping the better 1

  20. leafmeister says:

    There were 3 Leafs in the top 50 actually. Kadri, Bozak and Stalberg all made that list. Bozak and Stalberg are NHLers now but they have a bright future ahead of them. Kadri was the top rated prospect on either team. If I recall correcly, the Leafs and Habs had the same amount in the top 50.

    How about keeping both of them?  Should Pittsburgh trade Malkin just because Crosby is better? No. Mcdonaugh looks like he will be a solid #3 or 4 d-man. If you had kept both, then rather than having the insanely overpaid Gomez, they could build a blue line from the ground up.

    Its not so much that Mcdonaugh should have been untouchable, its just that he was traded for Gomez.

  21. lafleur10 says:

    wrong he was added to the deal gomez was traded for chris higgins! i think we came out pretty good in that deal(besides gomez's contract) tom pyatt looks like a solid player and higgins was traded again by the rangers. bozak wasn't drafted he was signed as a free-agent so he real isn't considered a true prospect kadri wil be decent but i think teams including us have better1 the oilers for example have jordan eberle is will be wayyy better than kadri  stalberg didn't look all that impressive he lit it up in the preseason and was sent to the minors and when he was recalled didn't make that much of am impact we'll get a better indictation of how he does this year if he does the same thing as last season then he will almost be considered a bust.

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