Ruff edges returns

According to tsn it looks like head Coach Lindy Ruff will return to the Buffalo Sabres next season in hopes of making team a playoff contender. Joining Ruff in returning to the team will be G.M. Darcy Regier.

3 Responses to Ruff edges returns

  1. matteo says:

    One of the best things I have ever seen was Lindy Ruff get pelted with that full cup of soda in Philly.

    To bad it wasn’t a cup of cement.

  2. Sabres1 says:

    Bring back Ted Nolan!

  3. Sabres1 says:

    Somewhere somehow I hope B. Thomas Golisano sees this…

    Get rid of Ruff! I am so sick of this baffoon it’s not even funny anymore. Bury the org hatchet and bring back Ted Nolan. I’m sick of watching a great coach sit in exile when we could be making the playoffs under him.

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