Rumors and Speculation from the Toronto Sun

The is reporting a bunch of speculation regarding coaching rumors and possible player transactions.

According to the article John Tortorella is the latest coach that is on the hot seat. Although the Lightning are only 1 game below 500 the team is horrible on the road. Other coaches that are said to be on the hot seat include Ron Wilson and of course paul Maurice of the Maple Leafs. One of the problems with firing a coach is that the team has to find a replacement who will do a better job and there are not many top coaches that are available at the present time.

It is also reported that the Columbus Blue Jackets are actively seeking a trade. It is believed that the Blue Jackets are looking for a puck moving defenseman and a top six forward. (HTR notes that 29 other teams in the league are looking for the same thing) .

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20 Responses to Rumors and Speculation from the Toronto Sun

  1. JuicemaN says:

    Whoever wrote/posted this article…you owe me 2 minutes of my life. The second minute was to read the article over again to verify that it was that bad and that much of a waste of time…complete garbage…1 out of 10.

  2. Archion113 says:


    always read comments before reading an article man.. specially for leaf articles..

  3. leafy says:

    The Blue Jackets looking for a puck moving defenseman?  Well, the job description does not mention 'reliable'.

    Go ahead, JFJ, there's your cue.  A potential sucker to dump McCabe or Kubina. 

  4. jimbob says:

    Mccabe would be a good fit in Columbus, they have the cap room for him too. But I would think the GM would not be willing to part with too many prospects or draft picks. Even with a playoff record thus far this season, Columbus is still a building team. We are all laying witness to Nashville's and Atlanta's "gambles" last season that cost them excellent future players.
    That being said, Kubina has been playing quite well recently…better than mccabe anyway. Mccabe going to Columbus would certainly happen if Toronto was willing to dump the d-man. Dont forget Hitch***** will straighten anyone out, Mccabe won't be the same defensive liability under him.

    The article also discusses the possibility of trading Joe Corvo. Corvo is heating up now, and is in 1st place with blue-line scorers for Ottawa. But, he is earning a bit too much for a 3rd pairing defenseman on a team that dresses 7 on a regular basis. He won't command too much in return, is cheaper, and has only 2 more years left on contract(after this year) compared with Mccabes 3. He also spends a LOT less time on the IR than mccabe, which is important for a team not making a lot of cash. Brian Lee is also tearing it up in Binghampton….someone is on their way out.
    Corvo would make more sense in a jackets uniform

  5. senators101 says:

    I don't think Lee is coming up this year, and therefore, unless Ottawa gets a puck moving defensement in return, Corvo's not going anywhere.  The reason we have him on our team is so we dont have to put forwards on the defense position on the powerplay, otherwise memories of Pominville going past Alfy 2 years ago will come again.  He's playing well now and is looking a lot better than last year in the defensive zone.  If he gets traded, either Richardson, Phillips, or Volch have to play the PP which won't happen.

  6. leafy says:

    Yes, Kubina had a strong game in Montreal.  He is still a good player.

    I'm not saying Kubina is Cory Cross or Anders Eriskson, but he is certainly not worth his salary and, thus, I really see no purpose hanging onto him, or McCabe, given that we're not gunning for the Stanley Cup.

    I say wait a little longer, say, around the New Year, and then start dumping these huge salaries if the team is no better than 5 games over .500.  Of course, that's assuming there are any takers.

    Interesting that you mention Hitch as possibly straightening out McCabe.  I concur.  Has anybody noticed that McCabe's play has slipped since Quinn departed?  It wasn't the new rules, it was the departure of Quinn.

    He went from making the Olympic team to becoming a sad sack.  How did this happen?

    For whatever reason, I think McCabe can't play loosely or with the right mindset under Maurice.

    Gripping that hockey stick a little more tightly and all psyched out.  No wonder he scored in his own net recently.  I strongly suspect Quinn did a better job at handling him.  Anybody have thoughts on this?

  7. A-Train24 says:

    Corvo isn't much better in the defensive zone then Alfie is… he would've gotten beaten just as bad as Alfie was by Pominville. 

    That said… the only reason he is leading the Sens "D" in points is because he is a selfish player.  If he sees a bad change by the oposition, he has the option of passing the puck up for a breakaway or carying it up himself, he will always carry it up, loosing a few valuable seconds.

    He makes too much to be on the third pairing, if we can trade him, I would gladly do it and either have Lee called up for the PP or put a forward on the point.

  8. 92-93 says:

    From the always reliable Eklund:
    "Also the leafs trade rumour world looks to be tuning in a bit. I never trust rumours out of Toronto, so it is safe to say that this is originating from elsewhere. The latest rumour has Kaberle and a prospect going to Colorado for Svatos, Liles and a pick. There is also a deal that has been rumoured involving Kubina, Raycroft and a roster forward going to phoenix for players that I have yet to be able to get info on."

    um, right.

    so everyone should know my opinion on Kaberle, he is a top-5 or top-10 D-man in the league, affordable (a steal really) and still young. there is NO WAY the leafs should trade Kaberle.

    If that Colorado trade does happen, it better be Svatos, Liles and a first rounder in 2008 for something like Kaberle and Williams (or Earl, etc.). but even then i wouldnt make that deal. Unless Colorado is giving up someone like Statsny or Wolski – and there is NO WAY they will do that – i say no deal between colorado and toronto.

    the second deal involving Phoenix seems interesting though.

    Raycroft, Kubina, Stajan and Kulemin for Auld, Morris, Hanzal and a 2009 4th roundner? (about $8 million in cap space going to Phoenix and $5.5 milion coming to Toronto).

    I know some people devalue Kubina and Stajan just because their leafs, by Pavel is top-10 in points by a defenceman so far this year and isn't playing too bad. Raycroft is a slight upgrade over Auld, Stajan is a promising centreman who is hitting his stride now and Kulemin is a pretty decent prospect – lighting it up in the Russian league and some believe he will be playing in the NHL next year.

    Morris only has 3 pts in 12 games and hasn't worked out too well in Phoenix. he can get a fresh start in Toronto on the 2nd tier alongside Coliacovo. Hanzal is a top-notch prospect that has 7 pts in his first 12 NHL games. The 4th rounder simply makes up for the one lost in the Toskala deal. The Leafs also dump about $2.5 million in cap space.

    But if i were the leafs, i wouldnt stop there. Look at trading Sundin and Tucker at some point during the season considering that their value is still quite good.

    but again, i dont like the idea of JFJ making these deals.

  9. 92-93 says:

    i know a lot of people are going to jump at the trade suggestion i made based on Hanzal … but its just one possibility. in any case, a lesser prospect from Phoenix could come Toronto's way instead (and, by that logic, a lesser prospect than Kulemin can head to Phoenix … maybe Lisin or Carcillo or Jeremy Williams).

  10. 92-93 says:

    McCabe wont waive his NTC for Columbus.

    and if the leafs do deal Kubina to Columbus, some salary that Columbus wants to get rid of (i.e. Fedorov's $6 million contract) would have to be coming back the other way.

    hey, i would do that trade (Fedorov-Kubina) in an instant considering this is the last year of the Fedorov contract, but only if there is also a prospect coming the other way from Columbus (i.e.: goalie Steve Mason).

  11. leafy says:

    Personally I wouldn't trade Stajan, but that's just me.  Agreed that Kaberle is still a keeper.

    Morris is still a pretty good defender, but I don't think this trade would improve the Leafs by much.

    Unless it's a trade like the one for Gilmour in 1992, there's not one single trade that will turn the leafs around.

    My preference would be to rebuild the team the proper way…from scratch.  I don't mean today, but definitely after the New Year if things aren't improved.

    Foremost, they have to start dumping bodies like the mafia.  Sundin should fetch some pretty good prospects or draft picks.  Same with Kubina…I agree he's still a pretty good player, just overpaid.

    As for Tucker, he played poorly before getting hurt.  His trade value is still pending – depends how he plays once he returns.

    One guy that could draw a fair amount of interest is Gill.  Even though he doesn't skate like Paul Coffey, he's quite rangy on the penalty kill and Toronto's toughest defender.  Overall, he's a pretty reliable D.

    Poni is another guy that could attract interest.  He's a pretty good player, but this year, for whatever reason, he's Toronto's Ryder…very inconsistent.  Just can't seem to handle passes very well and is not getting shots.

    The next few weeks will be critical in determining whether the Leafs are buyers or seller.  If they're sellers, I hope JFJ does the right thing.

  12. 92-93 says:

    i dont really subscribe to the blow-it-up thesis just yet. but that could change fast.

    in any case, JFJ is not the guy to blow up his own team … a new GM would be the one to do that.

    I agree about Gill – i think Atlanta would be a good fit for him. And i dont think Kubina would be a hard deal for anyone considering that decent numbers and minutes he is putting up so far this year.

    I agree also about Poni – no one really should be 'off limits' with a few exceptions (Tlusty, Steen, Wellwood, Kaberle, etc.).

    But even Kaberle is an interesting option. Look at Chicago, they want a puck moving blueliner. the only way i would ever move Kaberle is if Chicago is willing to part with one of their top young forwards AND one of their top young defencemen.

    Kaberle, Stajan for Barker, Skille or Brouwer, Jason Williams.

    I would make that deal … but I would then also be blowing everything else up as well… re:

    trading Tucker, Sundin, Gill, Kubina, Raycroft, etc.

  13. 92-93 says:

    i would also be asking for a 1st rounder in 2008 from Chicago as well.

  14. jimbob says:

    wow, what a terrible deal for the blackhawks.
    Potential all-star dman, potential all star power forward, overacheiving forward, AND you want a 1st round pick (that will likely be top 10)? For what? An underachieving dman (this year anyway), and a 3rd line center?

  15. senators101 says:

    I didn't want him here over the summer and I would have much rather shipped off Corvo to Edmonton and re-signed Preissing.  Although I'd still do that swap, Corvo is playing a lot better than last year.  We need puck mobility on that pairing because Richardson can't do anything.  Also, we're 12-1, something is going right for us.  No point tampering with a good thing.  Get an explosive start to the season so we don't need to play Forsberg (if he signs) too much and rest him up for the post-season.  This team is solid!

  16. turdfergusson says:

    Always hearing about Raffi Torres getting traded. I think he's great and and hope Lowe decides to see this through. He's only 25 and already one of the most feared in open ice. His offense is coming around a little too. At 1.6 mill he's a steal. 

       How about a 3 pt / -8  Jarret stoll?

  17. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    Personally I wouldn't move Kulemin, this kid is showing to much promise.
    He's tearing up the Russian Super League, well maybe not tearing it up but he is very productive. He is producing more in that league than Ovechkin ever did. Kulemin is one of those untouchable prospects in my eyes as is Pogge and Stralman and possibly Tlusty.

    Stajan I can go either way with. You hardly notice him out there on most nights, they say that's good for a defense man, but he is playing second line center right now; not good to be invisible in that position. I still say he's not skilled enough to be a top 6 forward and to soft to be a 3rd liner, although he did throw some hits against Montreal which was nice to see.

    Kubina, it wouldn't kill me if they moved him. Personally I am at the point where I would rather see McCabe leaving the team first.

    Raycroft, it's just a matter of time. He should have been gone before the season started. I don't like the way he's being treated now, last year he played 72 games and was the starter and now he has to play back seat Sally to Toskala. I know he played crappy last year but he doesn't deserve to be humiliated in the process. I think they should have moved Raycroft the same day they acquired Toskala to be fair to Raycroft.

  18. flamingsenator says:

    hahaha thats exactly what i do

    its like tossing away the business section of the newspaper everyday :p (for me anyways)

  19. nosnow_here says:

    Hanzal is blowing Gretzky and Morris is a +6. No way either are going anywhere.

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