Rumors from the New York Post

Larry Brooks of the New York Post is reporting that the New York Rangers are in hot pursuit of Tampa Bay Defenseman Dan Boyle.

According to the article, the Tampa bay Lighting would like to be able to keep Boyle however in order to sign Boyle to a new contract they would have to first move Brad Richards who has a no trade clause and three years left on a monster contract. If they can not move Richards then it is highly likely that they will be forced to deal Boyle in order to get a return on his asset rather than loose him for nothing in the off-season to free agency.

Two other tid bits from this article;

The rangers have been exploring the possibility of trading Marek Malik to the St Louis Blues.

Rumors indicate that the Sharks and Thrashers are working hard on a trade that may see Marleau and Carle go to the Thrashers for Holik and Hossa.

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  1. BruMagnus says:

    I seriously don't get what people rag on Malik. Maybe he seems slow, but do people know he has the 3rd best (or was it 2nd best) +/- in the past 5 years after only Nicklas Lidstrom (and maybe another)?

  2. hockey_lover says:

    +/- is a pretty overrated stat. It says as much about the rest of the people on the ice as it does about the player.

    If a guy is a +20 but has zero goals and zero assists with 250pim, does that make him a good player? That is just a random example.

    I am too lazy to look up Maliks stats but I would bet a testicle that he doesnt have more than 15 points and is not even CLOSE to being among the league leaders in */- this season (probably a +10 or so). Why? Cause the Rangers goal differential is pretty even.

    Im not saying Malik isnt a good player. Im just saying you cant base anything on the */- stat alone.

  3. beckfan05 says:

    If im Sather, I cant give up anything more than a 2nd rounder and a B-grade minor leaguer for this guy.

    He's 31 and injury prone with a bum wrist.

    And what do the Rangers need Ruchinsky for? If the deal is for Malik then no problem but do they really need him? Where would they play him?

  4. SabresFan220 says:

    Marleau and Carle for Holik and Hossa? That's a terrible trade for the Sharks even with Hossa coming their way, I wouldn't take Holik for free. If they're smart they get Hossa without giving up both Marleau and Carle, just 1 of them. I think the deal would obviously have their 1st round pick but (especially if they can't resign Hossa) Marleau or Carle and their #1 should be enough.

  5. ovechkin8 says:

    to tampa:
    1st round 2008
    to NY:

    to St Louis:
    to NY:

  6. paulieplatypus says:

    Unless the Rangers are going to get Boyle for almost nothing???  The Rangers would be much better off getting Paul Ranger in trade from the Lightning. 

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