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Bruce Garrioch of the Toronto Sun is reporting that the LA Kings are willing to part with Alexander Frolov and that the Thrashers are heavily shopping Colby Armstrong and Marty Reasoner, along with defenceman Mathieu Schneider.

Garrioch also notes that many teams such as the Oilers, Coyotes, Sharks, Ducks and Bruins will be looking at Chris Neil at the trade deadline in order to add some toughness to their team.

HTR notes that while the Kings may be looking to deal Frolov the present availability of Schneider on the trade market may make more sense for team who are looking to stock up for a post season run. Schneider not only has a ton of playoff experience, he will also come much cheaper.

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7 Responses to Rumors from the Toronto Sun – Scroll Down

  1. Rico420 says:

    Does the Frolov rumor really make sense he has one more year left on his contract and will score over 35 goals this year – if it's true he's being shopped and if I'm an Oilers fan I would really be hoping for him to land in Edmonton – Frolov and Hemsky could be a pretty good combination and his cap hit isn't out of this world – but the Oilers would have to move some salary to get him in there I'm not sure because I don't follow the Oil but I'm sure that Janetty could shed some light on it for me.

    The thing that interests me so far is that nobody has talked about the Lightning veterans that will likely be moved at the deadline and where they could go – Gary Roberts is one that I mentioned the other night when I was talking to Nords – and I thinK Calgary would be a good destination for him to land in if the Flames are looking for some veteran leadership – though it seems they need the backup tender more – could Gary go full circle? It'd be very interesting to see if it could picks for a place for Roberts to go are – Calgary, the Rangers and the Hawks.

    Recchi – Rex can still contribute with some timely offense – 33 points this season is pretty impressive – and is a proven playoff performer who can still contribute in the playoffs – would the Dogs take a chance on him? What about the Dallas Stars?

    Just some food for thought anyway guys.

  2. greatlife15 says:

    Hmm I just want something to happen. This is getting dull.

  3. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Yeah, according to, the Oiler's are currently sitting at $48,992,381 for their team salary. Frolov makes $3,500,000 per season, which would take the Oilers up to $52,492,381. The current NHL Salary cap of course is $56.7 million, so the Oilers would still be well under the cap. And you've gotta figure they'd be sending at least one roster player back to the Kings, which means their payroll and cap hit drops more……..I think Frolov would look good in an Oiler's uniform. Like you said, put him on a line with Hemsky, and they may just explode offensively. Hope this happens……..I'm also hoping the Oilers make a pitch for Kovalchuk or Lecavalier, but that may just be a pipe-dream.

  4. Rico420 says:

    I'd say based on the past trade history between LA and Edmonton it could happen – so long as Lombardi doesn't ask Tambs for one of Cogliano, Gagner or Horcoff in exchange?

    The Kings seem to be big on reclamation projects – could Rob Schremp, a first and a Roster player make it happen?

  5. Kramer says:

    I hope there's a trade soon.

  6. TheProfessor says:

    Roberts is not leaving TB – Part of his deal with TB includes a management position for the next 3 years.

    This comes straight from Gary.

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