Rumors, Rumors, Rumors

This years NHL draft and free agent look like they’ll be exciting periods for all HTR readers. For anyone interested, I am tryint to set up a chat for it, I’ll keep you all posted.Onto the rumors.

Todd Bertuzzi and the 4.9 million dollars for one year left on his contract could very well be shipped, expect Anaheim, Ottawa, Montreal, and the Rangers to be very interested. The Sens may have hadded some toughness with guys like McGratton, and Chris Niel is great, but their “stars” still lack grit, and Todd Bertuzzi could be a great fit there. Montreal has always been soft, and could use the big winger, Brian Burke loves Bertuzzi, and would love to have him in Anaheim, the Rangers were apparently close to adding Tkachuck at the deadline, and Bertuzzi is very similar to Tkachuk, the Rangers are a team fulled with Europeans and could use a North American presence. (Mostly Speculation since the Trade Deadline)

The Montreal Canadiens are reportedly very interested in signing centreman Jason Arnott. The Habs need the size, and a great place would be down the middle, considering the question of Koivu’s return. (Hockey Night In Canada, Pierre Lebrun)

In Leaf news, John Ferguson has said that Tie Domi is still a Maple Leaf, and he’s made no plans to buy him out. I know it sounds like ussual Ferguson talk, but lets look at Quinn, he did say “he is still our coach” and then the season ended, and he could not confirm or deny anything. Many Legace’s agent said he’d love to come to Toronto, which would give the Leafs a great regular season goalie, but it leaves a question mark in the playoffs. Jay McKee’s family reportedly wants him to sign in Toronto as well. (Toronto Sun,

Martin St Louis could be dealt, and apparently, if he’s traded, he’d like to be traded to Montreal, or somewhere in the New York area. (

Shanahan scored 40 goals this year, with them needing a goalie, and Lidstrom wanting a raise, can they afford to keep him? His wife is from the Boston area, and he owns the Toronto Rock, there are plenty of different things we can throw out there as part of speculation, but I’m going to let you do that yourself.

This is the chat room I’ve created, if it’s ok with the admins that it’s posted, I hope you all come to hang out. I might not be home the hole day, as I have a baby cousin with a birthday party that day (feel sorry for the kids dad…) so I might need someone to volounteer as an admin, just post below, I’ll take a person or two, based on first come first serve, within reason.


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  1. PaulK123 says:

    St. Louis will either be dealed to Montreal for Aebisher or to San Jose for Nabokov. I smell Shanahan coming to Toronto, I agree with all of the

    Toronto rumors. XD

  2. Peguiny says:

    YEA……password dont work

  3. intelligentscorpio says:

    Duhatchuk last night on the Satellite Hot Stove mentioned that Jay McKee was going to sign with Penguins as a free agent.

  4. wheresthesoda says:

    dude, no way the rangers are even gonna think about bertuzzi

    he almost killed dominic moore’s brother…bad blood between them, no way in hell bertuzzi is coming to the rangers.

    maybe arnott though, to give sykora a real 2nd like centerman

  5. wingerxxx says:

    I’d rather see the Rangers go after Jason Arnott than Bertuzzi. Any day. The potential drama in the Rangers dressing room is not worth the hassle. Bertuzzi could use a change of scenery for sure, but New York is NOT the place for him. The Rangers could use a good center, especially if Rucchin doesn’t return. And although I still don’t think that Arnott is a legit number one center (he really benefits from playing behind Modano in Dallas), he does well with talented linemates, and the obvious connection with Sykora. Tkachuk would not have been a good fit in New York, in my opinion. Depending on what happens with Ozolinsh, the Rangers also need to look at defensemen in the offseason, before worrying about guys like Todd Bertuzzi.

    From the looks of it, McKee is going to wind up being overpaid this offseason. If Toronto really wants him, they can have him. If McCabe ends up signing his deal, they will have a ton of money tied up in three defensemen. I don’t like it. Lidstrom and Shanahan are not going to Toronto. Especially Lidstrom. I don’t care what he’s asking, if the Wings let him walk, they’re nuts.

  6. hitman46 says:

    Montreal does not want or need St.Louis

  7. Jrugges says:

    You mentioned the redwings bailing of Shanny, well in the paper I’ve read Holland would like to keep him. Also in the article it said he was willing to pay more than last years salary of 2.2 million

    *I think*

    You also touched upon the redwings and a new goalie and I was wondering what you’ve heard about possible goalies, As a wings fan I’d love to see Roberto Loungo come t0 D-town, but lets get realistic. Who are goalies that are going to be on the market. I know of Roloson and with the run he took with the oilers this year it’s hard to see the oil letting him go.

  8. hitman46 says:

    they mentioned on HNIC that Luongo will be traded, he wants to play in montreal. I also heard the kings would like him

  9. Turnbull says:

    Im a leafs fan,…but i would love to see Luongo end up with the habs,….he’d look so good wearing the bleu, blanc et rouge. Montreal has always been a franchise that embraces star goaltenders,…he’d be a perfect fit.

  10. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I’m sorry, that’s a mistake, the password is draftday

  11. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Also, check out my blog,

  12. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I didn’t say Lidstrom was going to Toronto.

    Shanahan, I was just listing a few things I’ve heard brought up in speculation, and there’s alot more.

  13. hitman46 says:

    I would rather have Luongo than Huet. Maybe Abby, riberio, zedniek and some draft picks for him. Or instead of abby Huet

  14. wingerxxx says:

    You might not have said it Leafster, but…it wouldn’t shock me if there was an article posted sometime this offseason stating the possibility. This offseason for Toronto is going to be rough.

  15. Peguiny says:

    i say a atlantic Divison besides NJ will get him just a hunch

  16. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    John Ferguson is a lame duck, he’d rather sign a go-nowhere prospect then make sign a player to a multi year deal…if it’s a one year deal he can still say it was just to plug a roster hole. What an egomaniac.

  17. dcz28 says:

    I don’t know why everyone is saying Lidstrom is going to cost more next season for the Wings…granted Lidstrom has always been very well payed by the Wings but it doesn’t mean he is going to ask for the max. Lots of Wings players have taken less to stay with the Wings and help free up some funds to add depth to the team in other areas. My guess is Lidstrom will sign for about the same amount he had this season thus leaving some money for Shanahan to get a slight raise to about 3 million per season with the Wings having a bit of money to after a #1 goalie like Biron maybe and filling in the rest with young cheap players…but it wont go exactly like this because i’m sure Holland will pull some trades and maybe free up a bit more money.

    Lang might be traded to free up money although his line with Yzerman and Williams was the Wings best line against the Oilers when Yzerman was playing…Lilja should not be paired with Lidstrom for next season and used as #1 defense pairing if he is kept he sucks and i am amazed that Lidstrom had the season he did while having to cover for this guy all season long he is a 6th dman at best.

    I would love for the Wings to get Chara and put him with Lidstrom but Lidstrom would have to take a paycut for that to happen so i don’t see it happening although the Wings have shown interest in wanting Chara for Osgood after they had traded for Hasek but Chara had just been sent to Ottawa and the Islanders ended up getting Osgood off waivers. Chara is exactly the type of dman the Wings have needed since Konstantinov got injured but i’m sure every team could use a dman like that…well maybe not Philly.

  18. bleed_penguins says:

    Did he really? I stepped out during the intermissing but thats amazing news!

  19. Guinsfan87 says:

    woah sh!t I thought i dreamt him saying that 🙂

  20. Milohabs says:

    The biggest thing to rememner with free agents, is that THEY decide primarily, where they want to play. I can see Shanahan in Toronto. He’s just what they need to help along some of the young guns. He’d do very well on a line with Sundin. He also has that typical “Leafs” toughness & grinder workstyle that would fit in.

    As far as all the Habs rumours, this is my take. The rumour is that Gainey offered Theodore for Lecavalier. Tampa came back offering St,Louis for Theo, and Gainey said no way. So unless Tampa gives Gainey an offer he can’t refuse, I don’t think he’s all that interested in St.Louis. As for Bertuzzi. I can see this happening. Bertuzzi will be dealt to a team that can offer Vancouver a #1 goalie (and perhaps a little more. If the Canucks think either Huet or Abbey is that man, then Bertuzzi can certainly end up in Montreal. After all the press he’s gone through, handling the Montreal media should be a cake walk. My other thought on bertuzzi is that he has been on the blocks for a year now, and he’s still in Vancouver. To me this means that there have not been too many teams seriously interested enough to offer anything worthwhile. Vancouver may stick with him ifthey don’t get fair value.

    Arnott will sign where he wants to play. I think Montreal is a possibility because of all the Dallas Star connection (Carbo, Gainey and now possibly Muller). This could happen. It all depends on what Gainey is prepared to dish out for him. IF they can add both Bertuzzi & Arnott into the lineup, They will instantly add toughness, scoring depth, and SIZE up front which the habs have done without for a LONG time.

  21. bleed_penguins says:

    God I’m foaming at the mouth at the thought of a core defencemen on the squad. These kinds of players are the exact thing the Pens need, Sharo, I’m liking you already brother.

  22. bleed_penguins says:

    Get who, Rolly or Luongo?

  23. Shatterday says:

    Well lidstrom was getting $7 million last season and he refused an offer this offseason asking for the same amount brad richards got in tampa. I dont think he cares about letting a few bucks for shanny.

    If habs get bertuzzi, arnott…and koivu comes back 100% i dont see who can stop them.. Imagin if luongo decided to sign there too..OUCH! GO HABS GO

  24. bleed_penguins says:

    Yea why don’t they sign Maurice Richard, Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky too. I doubt any of those 3 players will end up in Montreal let alone all 3 of them. You are familiar with the salary cap right?

  25. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    I think Legace, Shanahan and McKee to Toronto are money in the bank, maybe there will be a deal for Hudler in the works to. Last time I checked the Red Wings were thin on defensive prospects and the Leafs have a pile of good young D guys that are ready for the big show.

    Finally we get to talk about the Leafs again soon….tee hee.

  26. 92-93 says:

    like we ever stopped talking about them! 🙂

  27. 92-93 says:

    the Domi sitution is as murky as the McCabe situation.

    although i think McCabe will be resigned, the longer this drags out, the less likely there is a chance he’ll get signed … which, with the no-trade clause, i dont mind that at all. it frees up money for the leafs to get solid, lesser-known defencemen, a goalie, and maybe even a top line winger.

    in any case, if McCabe doesnt resign many will be calling for JFJ’s head. 2 reasons why this anger would be misplaced:

    1) JFJ did everything in his power to keep McCabe and the deal sounds like it was done and that Bryan has stepped back. So no one – including Sundin or anyone else should be mad at JFJ.

    2) if you are going to be mad at JFJ, blame him for NOT trading McCabe at the deadline.

    I don’t see Shanahan coming to Toronto – although i wouldnt mind him coming considering I could see him and Wellwood play well together. As for McKee, he might get overpaid thanks to his playoff season. perhaps Markov, Dempsey, or Baumgartner could come to toronto instead? Finally, i really see and i really hope Legace is a leaf. to have him, Aubin, and Telly is a much better situation then what the leafs had last year.

  28. my_sphincter says:

    Many Legace’s agent said he’d love to come to Toronto, which would give the Leafs a great regular season goalie, but it leaves a question mark in the playoffs

    Don’t the Leafs have to make the playoffs before that is a problem?

  29. my_sphincter says:

    Habs have lots of cap room and they could sign all three, but I seriously doubt they will.

  30. muckies says:

    St. Louis to Columbus or Chicago for their first round draft choice. Book it.

  31. 369rumors says:

    their is no way that luongo is going to the habs. Who will they give? Huet or abischers not enough. Montreal has nobody! but st. louis is going their for abeshier.

  32. 369rumors says:

    This is a great article. Some of it isnt explained, but it is still one of the most interesting articles ive read in a long time. Great job.

  33. muckies says:

    I see this as the opposite. I think JFJ has finally got his first media win in Toronto. I think he has told well placed media sources he would give McCabe anything he wants to return to Tornto, knowing that his wife and family want a more quite place to play. And then if McCabe asks for 6.5. million, JFJ also knows Leaf fans think #24 isn’t deserving of tat type of money. So he’s got McCabe in a no-win situation, and MCabe will definetly leave Toronto now.

    If McCabe leaves, JFJ can say he did everything to try and resign him, and he just wanted out. Thereby saving face, and taking no media hit for one of the Leafs fan favorites.

    Personally, I think McCabe isn’t a Maurice type of D-man. He likes his Wesley’s and Wards and big bodied defence first guys. I think he looks at McCabe and thinks here is a D-Man that has lots of skill, but will cost me a game in the final minutes when the pressure is on. I think Maurice wants a solid shot blocking D-man for late in games.

    He has Kaberle to move the puck and can work around him.

  34. muckies says:

    If Muckler won’t let Emery wear a mask that has Tyson on it, because it brings disrespect to the franchise and the fans, I don’t believe he would trade for Bertuzzi and his 5 million per year DISCRACE that he is.

    Ottawa doesn’t need toughness, they need somebody on Spezza’s wing that can win pucks deep in the zone, because Dany Heatley is about as useless as a brainless frog at getting pucks off the boards. In the playoffs, the Sabers, just kick the puck to the corners when they are on the ice, and the Spezza-Heatley combination NEVER came away with pucks.

    The secret is out, and they need a strong winger on that line that can win them a puck on the boards. Alfie can do it, but Coach didn’t want to play the best line in Hockey together during the playoffs. Preffering to spread the Sens scoring out to the point were NOBODY was scoring.



  35. my_sphincter says:


    Montreal has alot of young talent. Who would have thought Thorton would be traded to SJ for what Boston got back? Montreal, however does not need Luongo. They need to resign Huet and trade Aebischer.

  36. 369rumors says:

    Montreal has great prospects, but why would florida want MORE prospects? Im saying the Habs have no veteran talent that is worth Luongo. He is the best goalie in the league, and he’s worth more than kovalev or rebiro, or both together.

  37. Peguiny says:

    no an atlantic goalie going to the red wings My BAD

  38. Peguiny says:

    could never see ozzy go back to the isles after the failure the 1st tyme

  39. bleed_penguins says:

    Mckee is going to Pittsuburgh and Shanny is going to Boston

  40. my_sphincter says:

    Best goalie in the league???

    There are many goaltenders better than Luongo (including Huet IMO)! Montreal has alot of talent right now. They do need a few key elements, but they will (hopefully) fill in those holes this summer.

    The thing is, Florida likely won’t be looking for high paid vets if they trade Luongo. If they could pick up a great young talent, or a couple of great prospects and some draft picks, I am sure they will be happy.

    The bottom line is, Montreal doesn’t need Luongo, but if they wanted him, I’m sure they could get him.

  41. habsoverserver says:

    The Devils may also be interested in Arnott, having tried to obtain him at the trade deadline, according to the Toronto Star.

    I would expect several teams to bid for a guy who has led his team to a Cup and just had his best season.

  42. dcz28 says:

    I agree…i just said that because the Wings tried to get Chara for Osgood at that time before Chara was dealt to Ottawa in the Yashin deal…just to show that the Wings have had an interest in Chara for a long time but it doesn’t mean they will sign Chara or even make an offer if he becomes a UFA.

    Chara and Lidstrom paired together on the blue line for the Wings would be something i would love to see though.

  43. tancred says:

    What’s the word with Jiri Fischer? Will he be able to come back and play next season? Is he even under contract with the Wings for next year?

  44. Jrugges says:

    The leafs very well could get the redwings left overs. Legace is a decent goalie, but lets be reminded he only had about 25 shots a night, one of the lowest in the whole nhl.

    Who said the redwings didnt have good young deffensive prospects. Cory Cross is a good skater, big, and can handle the puck, he could turn into a top 4 deffensemen someday. Oh yeah did everyone also forget about Niklas Kronwall, he is a amazing in the offensive zoan and isn’t affraid to lay on the body. The redwings will be fine with or without Shanny. Which brings me to the point where I think Shanny will stay a redwing, but if he does go anywhere. Boston or Toronto would be my first guesses. I’d lean more toward the leafs b/c they might be a legit contender with him on the line up with Sundin but I’ve seen crazyer things happen. aka (Joe thorton trade)

  45. dcz28 says:

    I don’t know about his contract but so far i’ve heard he won’t be playing next season…that could change but as a Wings fan i’m not counting on it (although it would be a huge boost to the Wings defense).

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