The montreal Canadiens have been heavily scouting the Flyers games over the last couple weeks what intially was thought to be for Peter Forseberg but rumor has it that the Habs have their eye on Sami Kapanen.

Also the Sabres, Leafs and Islanders are thought to be going after Kevyn Adams.

2 Responses to Rumors

  1. the_purolator_guy says:

    why would the habs need another small winger if we couldn't get either gagne, forsberg or knuble the only other players i would touch would be sanderson or maybe calder, zhitnik could be a possibility also

  2. rob121 says:

    Rumor has it??? Are you kidding me??? Why in the world would the Candiens be interested in another small winger who's best days are long behind him, is a 3rd line player, at best, and who is one concussion away from the end of the road. This is a ridiculous "Rumor."

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