Rumour mill churns full-time around Flames

Here they come.

Here come the rumours, blog bull and innuendo that so sadly surround the wayward, the struggling and the conflicted.

Seven games into the NHL season and the Calgary Flames are all of the above, prompting the rumour mill to pump out pulp fiction.

The latest laughable link to the Flames suggests perhaps Daniel Alfredsson would be the object of the team’s desires at some point down the road.

At a time when the Flames are finally ready to stop the aging process and start a retooling of sorts, acquiring ol’ Alfie and his deteriorating 38-year-old frame makes about as much sense as Matt Stajan’s contract.

Won’t happen.

One thing that is very real is the Flames interest in holdout centre Kyle Turris. A source close to the situation confirms the Flames are one of six teams that have made “significant” offers for the Phoenix Coyotes forward. Feaster refuses to comment, but it makes sense as the acquisition of the disgruntled Turris would address two of Calgary’s biggest needs: A centreman and youth.

Coyotes GM Don Maloney insists he has no plans to trade the 22-year-old Turris, who has made it clear he wants out of the desert.

Rene Bourque rumblings are so popular early on that betting site released odds Tuesday on whether he’ll be traded. (It pays +145 if he’s swapped, -190 if not)

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