Sabre trades?

Chris Gratton is not very happy in Buffalo and I think by this time next week, he’ll be traded. Currently the New York Rangers are gong to make a pitch, no one isyet going for Kozlov though. If you have not heard, Slava Kozlov quoted” I am not happy in Buffalo and would seriously considore a trade”! Personelly, I would like to trade the first player that plays poorley! People, do not stick up for Miro Satan! The guy hangs on to the puck to long, and I just can’t stnd him in a Sabre uniform!

Satan is just the player for bait! JamesPatrick quotd last week” I heard from the front office that very soon, some trades may come”! That explainswhy the Sabs are playing great! One tip for the hawks, send Passmore to Norfolk, and sign a goalie!

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