Sabres Fans React To Possible New Logo

While this is old news to anyone who has paid attention to the ruckus, the Buffalo Sabres supposedly will have a new logo for the coming season. Since the change from the classic running buffalo with crossed swords logo to the white buffalo head, Sabres fans have cried out for a return to the blue and gold classic colors. For the last game of the 2004 season against Washington the Sabres surprised the crowd taking the ice in the above mentioned retro styled blue and gold uniforms.

About a month ago a link was posted in an online blog to perhaps the new proposed logo leaked early. Buffalo media outlets have supposedly confirmed that this logo is authentic and will be the new Sabres logo. Sabres fans in mass have generally expressed disdain for the new logo, likening it to a hair piece among other things. In certain circles it’s been called the “Buffaslug,” as it is a yellow buffalo streaking like lightning on the jersey. This yellow buffalo has no legs, which has been criticised by those hoping to see the crossed sword design return to the regular jersey. This would undoubtedly spawn a joke about the legless buffalo having its legs cut off by the swords, haha funny right? Sabres fans are already planning to perhaps by retro jerseys exclusively rather than merchandise with this new logo in attempt to promote a change. Fans have even put together a website protesting this logo, complete with a petition to owner Tom Golisano to reconsider a different design. This petition has been online for less than a week now and has already gotten over 8000 signatures. I personally don’t like this logo much either, and have signed that petition for something different to be considered. After the Anaheim Ducks released their general disaster of a logo and new colors, I hoped to God the Sabres would not follow suit, yet perhaps they have.

see an adopted jersey design with this new logo here:

the petition site: