Saku to Wild just makes sense (only if #13 signs in MTL)

Not just because he could play with his brother, or because The Wild lost Rolston and Demitra. But because I think that if Montreal signs the big Swede, that Saku’s role on the team will be greatly diminished. This is a player who needs a change of scene, he needs to feel needed and wanted, and he fits the bill for the style of hockey The Wild play.

If Montreal does want to sign Mats, they have to shed some salary. The Habs have a little over 6 million right now, and I’m sure it will cost at least 8.5 to sign Sundin if not more.

So here is my deal

2nd rnd pick
Kim Johnsson 4.850 000
Benoit Pouliot 1.700 000
= 6.550 000

To Montreal for

Saku Koivu 4.750 000
Chris Higgins 1.700 000
Frank Bouillion 1.875 000
= 8.325 000
6.550 000
= 1.775 000 savings

Here is your Habs starting lineup



Letting Dandenault go will also save 1.725 000
Savings on the trade 1.775 000
= 3.250 000

So 3.25 plus the 6 million we have is plenty to get the big SWEDE

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  1. careyprice31 says:

    K for starters Koivu will never be dealt, in my opinion he is montreal.  I f we get Sunding think of th potential we have. 3 scoring lines that can put the puck in the net. Also, im hearing schneiders name come up often. Are the habs really trying to pick up? Boy if they get him i will pretty excited. His only fault, 5.625 mill dollars. Id like to see gainey attempt to fit Sundin and schneider under the cap.

  2. Habroller says:

    This Higgins deadline trade proposal is an invention of Toronto's tabloids. Gainey has recently stated he never dangled Higgins at the deadline (explaining why we didn't land Hossa). Unless you're saying that was Fletcher's initiative, Gainey has never had the intention of trading Higgins for Sundin (and 3 picks if I'm not wrong, which makes this rumor even more laughable).

  3. TimTheBone says:

    Well i have only really one thing to say and its to stick up for gorges abit. He has been in the NHL or a few seasons now just always under the radar. He'll MOST definitely be getting more minutes this year, ALTHOUGH it won't be with hamrlik as the 4th D-man. Now don't get me wrong i think he has that potential but it would be third pairing suicid to put Bouillon with O'Byrne. That's just a terrible suggestion. Bouiloon and gorges feed off eachother quite well and i would'nt be surprised to see valentenko take alot of O'Byrnes minutes from him. But Back to Gorges, He for sure has top 4 potential and showed it quite well last season. He's a pure defensive style and If you watched the playoffs you must have noticed he was the most solid D-man on the ice each night. Komisarek didn't play the way he can. Markov was damn near invisible. Hamrlik played solid and bouillon was alright. But Gorges was the best D-man out there during the playoffs. I'm just saying he has the potential and should be given more minutes to develop that potential more

  4. Plekanec says:

      Your name shouldn't be "The Stryker" but the "The Stryked or Strykee".

  5. habsrock99 says:

    If money was Koivu's only care, he'd of left Montreal years ago instead of gutting it out this whole time at a discount price. The sole reason I'd even consider speculating Koivu's retirement is because he showed last year that he's losing a step(take it he bounced back beautifully in the Play-Offs). I love Koivu and I hope he re-signs for another 2 years because he is the heart and soul of the Habs.

  6. Habfan17 says:

    Sorrry, but this makes no sense! Gainey made a committment to Koivu that he would do his best to make the team competative to repay Saku's loyalty. Of course that isn't the only reason Gainey has transformed the Habs, it is his job! Saku is a huge part of the heart and soul of the club.

    You are presuming that Sundin will want more money, if that really is his motivation, he would have run to Vancouver. If he signs in Mtl, it will be because he feels it gives him the best shot at the cup among the teams that have put forth an offer.

    If Mtl needs to clear salary, which even if it isn't to sign Sundin, it would be to have a reserve in case of a key injury, they can let Dandenault go, and could afford to trade Boullion. With Laraque now on the team, and depending on how Latendresse, Lapierre, and Pacioretty do, they may also move Kotsopoulus or Begin. Gainey has daid that he will give every opportunity to Chipchura as the 4th line centre, so another more expensive veteram may go. Koivu would probably be happy to play on the 3rd line if it means having a shot at the cup. Higgins isn't going anywhere unless a top 6 forward comes back to Mtl.

    Mtl has already shed salary with Ryder gone and I don't think you will see them resign Brisbois or Smolinski either. They did give some raises, but Gainey has been very astute at keeping salaries in line. Everyone says that they need money to resign Komisarek and a couple of others next season.
    Well. first off, if Sundin signs, it will probably be for one year, then depending on bow some of the defence prospects develop, Hamrlik could be moved to clear salary. At that point, Gorges and O'Byrne will have another year of experience.

  7. Benstheman says:

    On another side, is anybody saw the Plekanec Ipod article on the Habs website???

    My god, he really is soft.

    A radio talker here in Quebec renamed him 'Girliscious' after his performance in last palyoffs and i must say, it 100% make sense after you see what is in his Ipod.

  8. Bure96 says:

    What don't you like?

    You think Koivu is worth a 1st rounder, and a former 4th overall pick? Not a chance.

  9. Bure96 says:

    I didn't mean like he has little potential. He could become a top 6 forward, but will probably be a 3rd line guy.

    But if you really think Koivu has that much value then your wrong.

    I'll use an example.

    Brett Favre wants to be traded, and after having one of his greatest seasons he should be worth a 1st round pick? No. A guy like Aaron Rodgers even has more value. Why? Because he's younger, is cheaper and has upside.

    That's why a guy like Chris Higgins is probably worth close to a 1st round pick, and thats why someone like RJ Umberger is worth a 1st rounder. There young, both former 1st rounder, and could have great seasons. Will be cheap for a couple years, and might develop into a good player. With a guy like Koivu you might get another decent year out of him, but what about after that? It would have been like trading for Glen Murray last year, who was recently bought out.

  10. PuckNuts says:

    What a load of crap.

  11. lafleur10 says:

    if cherepanov plays with the rangers we could do it!…………but in all likely hood it will be stamkos

  12. lafleur10 says:

    i say this to the dillusional leafs fans now i'm going to say it to you!! PUT THE CRACK PIPE DOWN!!! we will not i repeat trade saku!! and to think of this…….you must be on some kind of cheap drugs!

  13. rojoke says:

    Just about every credible source at the time that I read said that both Atlanta and Toronto asked for Higgins to come their way.

  14. beatles24 says:

    Are you a Leaf's fan to wrote this ridiculous article ???????????

    You really think Montreal will give Koivu, Higgins and Bouillon for Johnsson and Pouliot….I can't believe that !!!

    When Bob Gainey try to deal for Marian Hossa, he did not want to give Higgins in the pack. Why he will now give him as a bonus for Johnsson.

    Even if you just make the deal of Koivu for Johnsson, I will never make this transaction for this overrated defense with an expensive contrat for his play.

    I will agree if it's Brent Burns for Koivu and Bouillon, but not Higgins in the trade even if you put Benoit Pouliot a prospect that I like in the deal.

  15. juicer says:

    Next time you post an offer make sure its not idiotic. Why would the Canadiens want Johnsson at 4.85, when they can use Mcdonough or Fischer for 800 000$? The Canadiens are never going to trade Higgins he is staying put, the Habs are the Wild had a deal implace for Higgins for Gaborik and Gainey said no. Higgins will never be moved. And they wouldnt move Bouillion, if they would move someone with Boullion salary it would be Dandenault.

  16. shortcat1 says:

    Amen and thank you…

    What's with this idiocy about trading Chris Higgins?

    It gets tiring hearing it suggested over & over again on "110%"… some of these 'experts' and 'analysts' who are talking about the fact that this kid should be moved on… Knock it off!

    Chris Higgins stays (as long as Bob Gainey sees it being valuable to the team).

  17. mislednewf says:

    Get off the crack buddy!!!!
    thats a close second to the Russ Courtnall for John Kordic trade….
    get real!!!

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