Sanderson aquired for Hulse, Rupp, Chimera is reporting that they have aquired Geoff Sanderson and Tim Jackman from Columbus for Mike Rupp, Cale Hulse, and Jason Chimera.

For the Coyotes the story in this is the pick up of Sanderson and the clearing of 2 roster spots. (Jackman has already been assigned to their AHL affiliate San Antonio Rampage). Sanderson will be more welcome speed and scoring on the wing. Hopefully this will also add a little more consistency to the Coyote’s play this year.

As for the roster spots – the Coyote’s have been feeling the heat. Struggling to cut their roster down to 23, the Coyotes were put in a position where they would be forced to send Kolanos and Taffe to AHL, the problem being that they would both need to clear waivers – it is unlikely that either would if this was the case. In a strange twist the Desert Dogs got a break (sort of), when 4 players incrurred minor injuries. This allowed the Dogs to shop around a little more before having to pull the trigger. With Nagy likely coming back today (and maybe others), time was up and a deal was struck.

If my count is right, the Coyotes still have 25 men on the roster but are still being saved by the IR list. It is likely that we will still see some more action here in the next few days.

Columbus: The made 3 solid pickups. My favorite of them is Cale Hulse. Hulse was a back bone for his only season with the Dogs last season. He was definitely one of our 2 hardest working players and could be counted on to show up strong every night. Both Rupp and Chimera are great depth players. Chimera never played reg season game in the desert so I can’t say to much other than what I witnessed from his oiler days. Rupp has played very few games in the desert due to an injury last season, but you do have to love his size in front of the net.