Sanderson aquired for Hulse, Rupp, Chimera is reporting that they have aquired Geoff Sanderson and Tim Jackman from Columbus for Mike Rupp, Cale Hulse, and Jason Chimera.

For the Coyotes the story in this is the pick up of Sanderson and the clearing of 2 roster spots. (Jackman has already been assigned to their AHL affiliate San Antonio Rampage). Sanderson will be more welcome speed and scoring on the wing. Hopefully this will also add a little more consistency to the Coyote’s play this year.

As for the roster spots – the Coyote’s have been feeling the heat. Struggling to cut their roster down to 23, the Coyotes were put in a position where they would be forced to send Kolanos and Taffe to AHL, the problem being that they would both need to clear waivers – it is unlikely that either would if this was the case. In a strange twist the Desert Dogs got a break (sort of), when 4 players incrurred minor injuries. This allowed the Dogs to shop around a little more before having to pull the trigger. With Nagy likely coming back today (and maybe others), time was up and a deal was struck.

If my count is right, the Coyotes still have 25 men on the roster but are still being saved by the IR list. It is likely that we will still see some more action here in the next few days.

Columbus: The made 3 solid pickups. My favorite of them is Cale Hulse. Hulse was a back bone for his only season with the Dogs last season. He was definitely one of our 2 hardest working players and could be counted on to show up strong every night. Both Rupp and Chimera are great depth players. Chimera never played reg season game in the desert so I can’t say to much other than what I witnessed from his oiler days. Rupp has played very few games in the desert due to an injury last season, but you do have to love his size in front of the net.

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  1. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    columbus got ripped

  2. titans says:

    What the hell were the Jackets thinking??? Sanderson has scored at least 30 goals in a season six times and has reached the 40-goal mark twice!! Him and Jackman for Chimera and Hulse???? Why? The Jackets were starting to look halfway decent! Why make this move?? DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!

  3. sketchy says:

    Chimera has great potential.

    I saw him play in Edmonton and the kid has wheels, he actually beat Mike Gartner’s speed record for a lap of the rink (all stars skills comp).

    Chimera also scored about 14 goals playing limited time on the third and fourth line.

    Hulse is great, steady, number 4 or 5 defenceman and Chimera is a great 3rd line winger who can fill in on the second line if you need it.

    What about Rupp? anyone?

    Sanderson was money, is he still? or is he too old?

    I hope Sanderson does lots, it’d be cool.

  4. habs79 says:

    You might think that Columbus got taken to the cleaners on this deal. Let me tell you why you are wrong. Granted they maybe could have got more for Sanderson at the deadline, maybe not. However they won this particular trade. Sanderson is nearing the end of his career and neither Columbus or Pheonix is a Cup contender. While Rupp, Chimera can be decent third or forth liners for years to come, and Hulse a decent 6th defenseman. While Sanderson will be a second liner in Phoenix for two maybe three years.

  5. Muller11 says:

    Columbus wins this trade. Columbus is building for the future and already has quality players on their first two lines. Phoenix is just collecting old players in an attempt to try to win. It won’t work and Columbus will come out on top with this trade.

  6. Bishop7979 says:

    you would have thought pho would have learned the lesson about older left wingers whose at the end of their game when they signed savage, but no they went and picked sanderson off teh BJs scrap heap.

  7. wingerxxx says:

    If Jackman turns out to be a good one, I’d say Columbus loses, but I actually think they came out ok in this one. Sanderson is pretty clueless without Cassells centering him. Rupp still has some upside, Chimera is nothing special in my opinion…just a fast checker. Hulse though, is a good penalty killer. His decisions have gotten a lot better over the years in his own zone. In the 03-04 season, he was one of Phoenix’s two most valuable defenders along with Mara. The Jackets can make special teams their specialty this year, since they have very good PKers in Marchant, Foote and Hulse. And with Berard, Nash, Zherdev, etc. running things on the power play. I think they have enough scoring pop to make up for the loss of Sanderson.

  8. titans says:

    But why have to make up for the loss of Sanderson? He still could have contributed 20-25 goals. There just wasn’t any need to get rid of him.

  9. cementhead says:

    Now my opinion:

    I don’t think there were any losers in this deal. Columbus got 1 solid dman and great pkiller, and two guys with youth that will add to the depth of the team for years to come.

    Phoenix got a man, who although may be a little risky and older, can still contribute in a big fashion. But even more than that – the Coyotes are closer to being able to hold on to both Taffe and Kolanos. The other three weren’t likely to make the team, so there was no loss there (Rupp only one who had played reg season so far). And this will help Phoenix hold onto other young talent (Kolanos, Taffe) without losing them to waivers. SIMPLY PUT: I would rather loss 3 guys that would not make the team in trade for Sanderson, Kolanos, and Taffe – how about you? I don’t know how anyone in their right mind can say Coyotes lost here… only question is who won bigger!!

  10. GretzNYR99 says:

    This trade was simply made to be able to hold onto Kolanos and Taffe.

    There were strong rumors that Kolanos was being offered to Minnesota, but when the Coyotes struck negotiations with Columbus, Columbus in an attempt to get younger got some good young depth players for a fading star in Sanderson. Sanderson was obviously at his best with Cassels all throughout his career, but I think he could put up 20-25 goals on a Phoenix 1st or 2nd line.

    Phoenix just got a bit more deep offensively.

  11. thatleafsguy says:

    Good trade for both teams, Chimera and Rupp are actually 2 pretty good players. Chimera is a very good skater still has alot of upside. Rupp was clutch in helping the New Jersey Devils win a cup when he was called up for the final 2 games of the Stanley cup final last time the Devils won the cup.

    Sanderson I think was acquired to keep both Kolanos and Taffe but also to help a certain other centre on the Coyotes team. Whatever happened to that bright future of one Mike Comrie? He was hyped up huge in Edmonton and now…….?

    I think this deal was made to get Comrie off his ass and give him some one to get the puck to. Who knows if it will work. If there is 1 player since Alexander Daigle that has been as disapointing, its probably Mike Comrie. Oilers, to Flyers, quickly to Coyotes, this guys career hit the Abyss quick, and it may take more than an Alien vs. Predator battle to ressurect his career that has so far read like a Pretty Woman script.

  12. sketchy says:

    Good point re:Comrie.

    Comrie will live up to his potential, but I think that his potential is as a second line centre, with spot duty on the PP, or as a PK player because of his speed.

    The new open game will allow Comrie and Sanderson to use their terrific speed to make some highlight reel plays.

    One knock on really fast players (Kariya, Sullivan, StLouis) is that they need to play with other fast players to stretch the defence and really hurt other teams. Although Selanne and Bure both went it alone, those two had UNREAL speed.

  13. jimi_ray says:

    Michael Rupp…a definite potential gem here. The guy has size, speed, and hockey sense on the ice. As a Devils fan I was outraged to hear he was traded for Jan Hrdina. This guy is going to be good.

    Columbus has made a wise choice for their future here, and the icing on the cake is Jason Chimera and Cale Hulse…two guys that are going to add to the chemistry of the team. If Nash and Brule come back from the injured list soon, and Brule stays with the big club (which I think he should) and the team starts playing well together, I think they can make a decent playoff run. Good job Columbus.

    P.S. Where is Martin Prusek….did anybody working for Columbus not see him play last season??

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