Savard to Calgary? Blues looking at trade options

Savard to CGY for Regher

Blues looking outside for defensive help?

Savard to CGY for Regher is a serious consideration for both teams, but Savard has not yet been asked to waive NTC by BOS. Stay tuned.

Blues looking outside for defensive help?

The Blues must add some offensive firepower at the blue line for next season. That is obvious to anybody who saw this team play last season.

But the team doesn’t necessarily want to rush Alex Pietrangelo, a puck-rushing prospect who has seen precious little NHL time during his first two pro seasons.

Mostly he has watched from the press box for the Blues or toiled back at the junior hockey ranks. His development to this point has been sporadic.

Ian Cole will likely need more AHL work, too. The Blues need to make certain he fully develops the offensive side of his game at the pro level.

So how about swapping captain Eric Brewer back to Edmonton for injury-plagued Sheldon Souray? TSN analyst Bob McKenzie floated this rumor and it does make sense.

Brewer has one year left on his big contract and Souray has two years remaining on his onerous deal.

When healthy, Souray is one of the NHL’s elite power-play weapons. He possesses a wicked point shot. But the staying healthy part has been tricky.

As for Brewer, you know the story – he hasn’t come close to meeting fan expectations since arriving in the Chris Pronger trade. Injuries have been a huge problem for him, too.

But Brewer was a strong player in Edmonton and he would be a comfortable fit with the Oilers. It seems likely that both veterans would welcome such a swap.

Wrote McKenzie: “Souray is a $5.4 million cap hit who will make $4.5 million in each of next two seasons. Brewer is $4.25 million cap hit with a salary of $4.5 million for the coming season. The Oilers obviously must move Souray – he can’t play there now – but will have to take some money back. Could a Souray-Brewer trade be the answer?

“Darren Dreger spoke with Souray, who pointed out that his no-trade clause lifts July 1st, so the Oilers can consider any interested teams. Souray still needs additional strengthening in his surgically-repaired hand, but vows to be ready for the 2010-2011 season and will provide his medical records to any interested clubs. Souray also noted, if there’s interest, he’s happy to return to Edmonton.”

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  1. albertateams says:

    Calgary just signed Alex Tangauy 1 yr 1.7 million. Hope he can get his game going with a return to Calgary. Its not a bad signing he adds some depth and experience for cheap.

    Savard for Regehr makes sense i just hope if it does happen Savard is healthy, if he is it will really help Iginla having a legitimate #1 center. I just get an uneasy feeling that Savard might not be the same player before the matt cooke hit. Its a risky trade no doubt. 
  2. Kev_Leafs says:

    Kypreos confirmed that Calgary called in regards to Savard to see if he'd wave his NTC, and the answer was no.

  3. FlamingHomer says:

    I really liked Regehr's game after he paired up with Ian White. I would want a much lower risk than Savard in exchange. Jokinen and Tanguay for Savard I would be OK with though.

  4. mitchamac says:

    To St. Louis – Kaberle
    To Toronto  – Backes

  5. HABSSTAR says:

    Gauthier should be on the phone to the Blues seeing if they want Hamrlik.  He's got one year left on his contract and although overpaid, it gives the blues a chance to have him for a year and maybe get him to want to resign at a much lower rate after this year.

    His offensive game isn't what it used to be but he still logged som pretty heavy minutes for Montreal last year when Markov went down and he could really help the Blues young d-men develop. 

    I don't think it would take too much to get him unless PG wants to keep him for the year for helping our young d, or maybe at least until Injurykov.. errrr… Markov comes back.

  6. Boston_Bruins says:

    Sutter himself said he never asked the Bruins about Savard. I really don't think any of these guys know what they're talking about. It might just be pure speculation.

  7. number15 says:

       Darryl Sutter is on the verge of being fired. If the Flames dont produce this season he will be fired in the first half…. he is making desperate moves like resigning Olli Jokinen and an over the hill Alex Tanguy to fix their scoring needs.

       Savard is a risky move considering his concussion, reason y Boston is giving him cheap and other teams r not jumping at the chance. Sutter is the perfect man to take a wild chance. Its now or never for him.

       Now if Savard comes over an thrives without injury Sutter might save his job cause that is their main need a 1st line centre…… but if he bombs due to injury, Sutter will be long gone, however the lames will be screwed for a while.

  8. Redwings3019 says:

    So if Calgary gets Savard it will be Tanguay – Savard – Iginla on the first, you think Jokinen will get second line center and Stajan third?…Stajan and Jokinen could be swapped around I suppose but neither is going to like being a third line center…would you place one on the wing for that second line? Have Bourque, Stajan and Jokinen on one line? Then Backlund, Hagman on the thrid with someone and Langkow centering the fourth?

    Honestly Sutter signed Jokinen too early, this signing has to be a desperation signing in the case the Savard deal breaks down…

    Clearly Jokinen cannot be put on a line with Iginla. Stajan I think showed more chemistry with Iginla than Jokinen did so if Savard isnt traded for than I see it as Tanguay – Stajan – Iginla at the start of the season. It could change but at preseason thats why I suspect will be the first line.

    Also I havent heard one thing about White. If they do trade Regehr they kind of have to get White back but that I think requires them to move Staios (which they should anyways) but I dont know who is going to go for Staios without returning that cap, unless he is packaged in with a prospect(s) or pick(s)…

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