Schneider A Duck

The Anaheim Ducks have signed defenceman Mathieu Schneider to a two-year deal paying him $5.5 million and $5.75 million.

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  1. kamullia says:

    This sure gives the impression that Scott Niedermeyer will be retiring. Otherwise, talk about a defensive powerhouse in Pronger, Schneider, and Scotty.

  2. kabby-4-kaptian says:

    the ducks have bolstered their defence crop once again and now people are left to ponder, does this mean neidermayer is comfortable retireing now or will he be back to help the likes of pronger,schneider and his brother rob try for a second stright cup. by the way does anyone know how much cap space the ducks have left after this signing. Just wondering if this is it for the ducks.

  3. hockeykid9213 says:

    well That proves he left for money. Give anaheim the cup if scotty stays. WTf this makes me so mad i am a diehard wings fan i thougt schneider would come back thinking with him we would beat anaheim i guess not

  4. Oil-Life says:

    bye bye scotty

  5. wingerxxx says:

    This really looks like insurance in case Niedermayer decides to hang them up.  If not, then their power play just got a massive boost.  Schneider is definitely getting lucky at this stage in his career, first playing in Detroit's defensive system with Lidstrom and Chelios, Markov, and now….he gets to play with Pronger, Beauchemin and potentially Scott Niedermayer. 

  6. flamingsenator says:

    wow…… why hasnt scotty just called his retirement already then……..

    if he DOES stay….the ducks are gonna be pressed right against the cap unless they shed a CRAP load of salary…….with getslaf and perry looking for raises next season this move dont make too much sense

    can i be the fist one to say….shame on scotty to just leave the club in its greatness……at LEAST playout ur contract….not a classy move by ANY means

  7. Neely4Life says:

    he said he wanted to win a cup in anhiem, with his bro to Burke.  Burke said fine, im ok with that. 

    If Burke we given the ulimatum of either signign Scott for 3 years and n ot win a cup, or for 4 years, win a cup in 2, and then he calls it quits, what do u think he would have chosen. 

    He is nothin but a winner, class act, and one of the greatest hockey players to ever play! he can do what he wants!

  8. flamingsenator says:

    this isnt a classy move tho….period……maybe if this guy was 40….or at least 37 this would be acceptable……..but the guy is like 32….in his prime….

    hes been nuthing but calss ever since he got in to the nhl….but THIS…isnt a classy move…and its rather selfish if u ask me

    id also like to piint out that popularity of hockey in cali isnt too good… having one of its best players leave…..its gonna hurt it even more so

  9. Neely4Life says:

    i think he can do what he wants.  I dont think opting out of ur contract to reitre, and do things he wants to do in life in "not classy".  hes an extreamly smart man, and wants to go back to school, which he never got the shot to.  There is a lot more to life, than he has left to achieve in his career, because he has done it all.  This is jusy my opinion,

  10. monley89 says:

    give me a break, the guy is going out on top. Not many guys can say that, and he leaves the game with good health and looking forward to a new life with his family. But it sucks for the ducks and us the NHL fans in losing arguably the best defense men of the past decade

  11. Penssuck says:

    Yeah how selfish of him.  To work his ass off and put his life on hold to play a game.  How selfish of him to help the ducks win the cup.  The Ducks owe him a lot, he's earned the right to take time in the decision and earned the right to make the decision. 

    Don't be mad  because the senators have shit for D.

  12. MR40 says:

    Why is everybody assuming Niedermayer will retire? It's Selanne who will retire.

  13. flamingsenator says:

    wtf is wrong with u people….

    fyi..i was cheering for scotty and teemu during the entire playoffs so dont think im being bitter
    to play a game?….he got 7 million to play a game…im pretty sure id cut my left nut off for 7 mil….

    why cant people be a LITTLE bit critical for once…..brian mcabe makes one mistake…hes the worst defencman in the game…….scotty can kill a baby and still be called classy

    all im saying is that the guy is in his prime….he can do so much more for the game….wats anuther 2 years on his contract huh…like really….wat will he be? 34? 35?……wow……"hes so old"…….f*ck that…..

  14. lagsetsfire says:

    tsn has breaking news saying he'll annouce it soon

  15. lagsetsfire says:

    nevermind, he hasn't officially retired — tsn suggests this is in case he get s the itch again between now and the start of the season

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