The ongoing collective bargaining agreement negotiations between the National Hockey League and the NHL Players’ Association are starting to stir up familiar feelings for Mathieu Schneider.

Schneider – who was active through both the 1994-95 and 2004-05 NHL lockouts as a player – says the players are frustrated by the prospect of the current work stoppage resulting in game cancellations. This time around, he is representing the players as Special Assistant to NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr.

“The fact that we’re sitting here in this position once again, of course, it’s frustrating for the players,” Schneider told TSN on Monday.

The Players’ Association has yet to table a counter-proposal to the league’s latest CBA offer, which the NHL filed on Sept. 12. The league voted unanimously to lock out the players the next day while both sides continued discussions.

“In each proposal that we’ve brought forward, we have moved,” Schneider said. “We’re the only ones that have been giving in this entire negotiation. Everything that they have put forward takes more from the players; on the contracting issues, on the straight share of the revenue and that’s the frustrating part for the players. Our next offer will be giving more back to the owners, they’re next offer will be taking more from the players.”


  1. I actually thought that the last offer made by the Owners was a step in the right direction. Could they have given a little more? Yeah, probably. But hearing how the NHLPA are the only ones giving just comes off as total bullshit to me.

  2. Shoelesshobo says:

    Well shucks I would of thought that in negotiations that you would offer less the next time around and hope they read it wrong?

    Does the owners and NHLPA think we are a bunch of morons? (Stupid question I know.)

  3. reinjosh says:

    So Allaire is out. And Burke actually came out and spoke against Allaire. That’s really rare. Talk all you want about Burke’s bravado etc, he’s loyal and almost never downtalks anyone. Except now.

    He talked about how Allaire’s style hadn’t grown with the NHL and that it was lacking.

  4. Shoelesshobo says:

    Alright so Kulemin has signed with Metallurg Magnitogorsk and should be playing with Malkin. seems like an awesome chance for Kulemin to play in his hometown with his old buddy good chance for him to regain his scoring prowess. With a lockout I have located a place that is streaming and plan to catch a few games as I need to watch some hockey.

    Interesting thing about Metallurg Magnitogorsk they currently have one of the most decorated Russian players on their team in Sergei Fedorov the guy is 42 but still playing. Funny I started reading a bit about the guy and only remembered that he played for Columbus at one point. I guess that makes him the most decorated player to ever dress up as a Blue Jacket.

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