Selanne wants out?

According to the Finnish STT news agency, Teemu Selanne who would exercise his 3rd year option would not be interested in returning to San Jose.

Unless the Sharks put together a series of wins, Selanne would be demanding a change of address soon.

At 6 million $ a year, Selanne is an expensive but welcome scoring threat on any contending team. As a Hab fan, I would love to see him play with one of his best friends, Saku Koivu and see what kind of chemistry would develop between the two of them.

Realistically, I see him ending up with Colorado or Detroit as a playoff rental. Imagine him with Forsberg and Hejduk.

Sigh, I can already hear the Toronto fans screaming his name but who could blame them?

Mogilny-Sundin-Selanne? Ouch.