Selanne wants out?

According to the Finnish STT news agency, Teemu Selanne who would exercise his 3rd year option would not be interested in returning to San Jose.

Unless the Sharks put together a series of wins, Selanne would be demanding a change of address soon.

At 6 million $ a year, Selanne is an expensive but welcome scoring threat on any contending team. As a Hab fan, I would love to see him play with one of his best friends, Saku Koivu and see what kind of chemistry would develop between the two of them.

Realistically, I see him ending up with Colorado or Detroit as a playoff rental. Imagine him with Forsberg and Hejduk.

Sigh, I can already hear the Toronto fans screaming his name but who could blame them?

Mogilny-Sundin-Selanne? Ouch.

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  1. mikster says:

    Now, i know Nolan to the Habs would be great, and they do need a power forward….

    ……but i do not see any player on the Canadiens that would fit with Nolan’s game. I guess Koivu, since he fits any style, but i am just not too fond of Nolan going to the Canadiens.

    Instead of Nolan, get Selanne! He even costs less than Nolan, and he fits in very well on the Canadiens.

    Forget about trading Komisarek, that would be the biggest mistake for the Canadiens. He will be a defenseman to build a defense around. I am not too high on Hainsey, and i was always high on Andrei Markov and he’s turned out exactly what i expected from him.

    I say trade Ribeiro, Hainsey, and a 2nd in 03 for Selanne.

  2. habs_88_4life says:

    I agree with Hainsey being the defenseman, Komisarek and Markov will be future allstars. I don’t think it makes sense that Selanne waited till now, when he was a UFA this summer.

  3. mikster says:

    Yeah but in the summer he thought:

    Sharks + Better = Cup


    Sharks + Going nowhere = I’m outta here.

  4. burky says:

    If he’s going anywhere it’s back to the playoff contending Ducks to play with his good friend Paul Kariya.

    I’d love to see him with the Nucks though it won’t happen.

  5. keon says:

    Selanne is NOT what the Leafs need. They need some hard nosed, intensity players who can help them in the playoffs, like Owen Nolan.

  6. WeStSiDe says:

    Im leary of Owen, only because of his contract structure( not the big deal here), but most of all, he has nagging back problems, and has gotten warn down from his style over the years.. I dont know how he wil hold up, I think that is the only question here.. I hope they dont get Marchment, he is cheap… Get Boughner or Wesley something like that…

  7. titans says:

    O.K. Toronto fans lets get it goin! Come on! Let’s hear it!

  8. keon says:

    In a perfect world, I would trade for Iginla and Regehr.

  9. TrojanMan says:

    I think he’d end up there as well. Heck, Kariya wants him back so bad he’d prolly take a paycut to do so.

  10. WeStSiDe says:

    gee, your one to talk there arnt ya… seeing how your a flyer fan i wouldnt say too much…

  11. DalStars3109 says:

    If Selanne wants out then I would welcome either him or Palffy to the Stars now that Guerin is out for the next month and for extra protection in the playoffs,but who would we have to give up for either one of those that would be a hard one. Since most of the Stars players have no-trade clauses in thier respective contracts we would have to either give up a good draft pick or two and possibly one of our younger players or cash,but if ol Doug Armstrong pulls something off then I welcome either one of them onboard.

  12. TML51 says:

    Selanne? Nah, I think the leafs need more grit defense wise. We have our smooth players like Sundin and Mogilny. Selanne would be a killer addition to those two, but that’s not what the Leafs need.

  13. revolution says:

    Selanne may not ask for a trade right now, though. He has an player option for next year with San Jose, so if he doesn’t use the option he’d be on the free agent market again, with the same teams as last year likely contending for him (Boston, Montreal, San Jose).

    He might be coming to Montreal, Gillett has made it clear he’s fine with adding another big name salary. He is the sniper the team needs. Imagine Zednik, Koivu and Selanne on the same line..I’d think it would work out well.

  14. revolution says:

    Yeah, the Habs should try and get Selanne..Heck, call Jason Ward from the AHL and give him a chance to play as a power forward.

  15. titans says:

    See junior the difference is, the Flyers actually make some of these rumored deals, meanwhile the Leafs are just all talk.

  16. WeStSiDe says:

    I dont think Yuskevich was rumored to philly, Schiender was dumbass, in any event, Yuschevich doesnt help Philly, cuz they need a D man to quarterback the powerplay, although I have confidence Mrs. Clarke will do something to screw phillys hopes in the playoffs.. Bottom line is they always wheel and deal and it doesnt help them when it counts becuz they all dry up…Trading deadline is still aways away and I like Toronto’s chances more than Phillys in the playoffs, what does that tell you..

  17. wieds says:

    I think the habs would be way better off with Nolan. They don’t need another soft goal scorer like Selanne. What they need is toughness and some grit. The team is full of speedy, small players and when they do make the playoffs that kind of team can’t take you far unless they have some true grit

  18. WeStSiDe says:

    For the record im done arguing with you because as usual you show your intellegince by bringing up that Leafs shit again, if that is all you can do in your boring life you need more help then I first expected… Enjoy watching Philly now why you can, they can make all the deals they want, bottom line is that team doesnt work well in the playoffs.

  19. NHL_expert says:

    you have a better chance of seing jesus than the Leafs have of getting Selanne. or nolan or pallfy or iggy for that matter.

  20. mikster says:

    They are better off doing that by drafting and trading for young power forwards that haven’t satisfied other teams.

  21. BlueNBurgundy says:

    y’know, i am really starting to get frustrated here. You say that Selanne could be asking for a trade, and he might go to the Habs, then someone says, but he’ll probably end up in Colorado. I always see this, everytime a big player is mentioned(Nolan, Iginla, Straka, Kovalev), somebody says, either Detroit or Colorado will get one of these guys. But the thing that gets to me, is that noone speculates who Colorado or Detroit would move, if that deal even makes sense, or any of that, you just talk about how it wouldn’t work in Toronto! Well I personally don’t care about Toronto, i mean they are a good team, but enough already. Either tell me the Avs are gonna make a deal and why, or don’t say that they are in the first place and yap on and on about the Leafs.

  22. BlueNBurgundy says:

    haha, you forgot about Petr Sykora though! Where is Selanne gonna play?

  23. Bruins4771 says:

    awwwwwww poor little teemu…shouldve taken the friggen deal the b’s offered him instead of taking a firggen pay cut to be there……He made his bed now lie in it………

  24. titans says:

    What does that tell me? That tells me that your drinking the Kool Aid that Quinn is passing out! And your jelous of a GM that isn’t too Chicken Shit to improve his team through trades. Tell me where has Quinn’s “no trade” stance gotten your team jackass?

  25. c2p996 says:

    You mean Elvis!

    STAND PAT will wait until the summer for the UFA’s so he won’t have to upset the CUP bound Leafs. ROFLOL

    I am a diehard Leaf fan and season ticket holder that only hopes for an all or nothing type of GM.

    I’d rather have 1 Cup and 9 years of famine than 10 years of a competitive no Cup team.

    Hey, I wonder if Gillick would be interested in the job.

  26. wieds says:

    Hey I never said that the Canadiens should go out and get Nolan, I said they were better off getting him than Selanne. But if Savard likes him then maybe that’s the way to go. They do need some veteran grit though that can show some of the younger players how games are won. The Canadiens have already tried to go out and get forwards that haven’t satified other teams and look how its turned out. Czerkawski and Audette have been absolutely terrible.

  27. Blakefan says:

    In L.A. with Palffy ! Allison & Deadmarsh are hurt so it would be a great fit

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