Sens' Gonchar on block?

Is dealing Sergei Gonchar fantasy or reality before the Feb. 28 deadline?

League sources say Senators GM Bryan Murray is trying to move Gonchar, who was Ottawa’s biggest free-agent signing last off-season.

While the names of defenceman Chris Phillips and winger Jarkko Ruutu have been bandied about on the trade market for months, Gonchar’s availability has only just surfaced and comes as a bit of a surprise.

Gonchar, 36, arrived amid great fanfare when he signed as an unrestricted free agent on July 1, but has produced only six goals and 15 assists in 50 games and is a brutal minus-17.

It’s little wonder Murray is trying to trade him.

There are plenty of teams looking for defencemen as the deadline approaches — the Sharks, Blue Jackets and Bruins among them.

With two years and $11 million (all terms US) left on the three-year, $16.5-million deal he signed after spending five seasons with the Penguins, Gonchar isn’t an attractive option for many teams.

“You could deal him, but you’re going to have to take somebody back,” said one NHL insider. “It’s going to have to be a dollar-for-dollar, which means they’ll have to take someone’s big contract back.

“This is going to be a really tough deal for (the Senators) to make.”

So, what do they do? The Senators can’t afford to have Gonchar keep performing like he has.

He has a no-movement clause, so the Senators would need his permission to deal him.

Outside of Ottawa, there’s a belief a lot of Gonchar’s troubles are a result of the way coach Cory Clouston has used him. Gonchar has switched between the left and right side — never really looking comfortable in his time with Ottawa.

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  1. wayne2 says:

    To be honest,Gonchar in ottawa is a disaster,the sens need to rebuild and fast.The future is bright in nets(Lehner,Brodeur) and on defense(Karsson,Runblad,Cowen,Weircioch) but we need offense.Here's a few ideas:
    Get rid of Kovalev for just about anything(5 mil saved),trade Gonchar even if you have to take something close in salary(try to save a bit it will help),trade Rutuu(save 1.75) and Campoli(1.5 saved),numbers could be wrong but are close.Then with the money saved here,s what you do:

    Sign goalies Craig Andersonas starter and Josh Harding as backup(permits Lehner and Brodeur to get better without rushing them)
    Sign David Backes still young and a power forward to play with Spezza.
    Re-sign Phillips around 2.5 mil for 3 years and either Scott Hannan or Kevin Bieksa,this way we also dont rush our young defensemen,we get a competitive team and gives time for young prospects to devellop(Runblad,Weircioch,Cowen,O'Brien,Buttler,Wick etc)

  2. leafmeister says:

    Backes resigned in STL.

  3. canucks4thecup says:

    Bieksa will command much more money then Hannan will on the open free agent market….


     Gonchar,Kovalev, Phillips, 1st for Eller, Gorges, Gomez and a 2nd

  5. canucks4thecup says:

    There is no way Montreal would do this deal

    Gonchar and Kovalev- 10 million of Garbage
    Gomez- 7 million of Garbage
    Gorges is a much better option over phillips
    Bottom line stupid deal
  6. hockey_lover says:

    Wow .. a post where you didnt bring up Kesler?  Im impressed.

  7. canucks4thecup says:

    I think I have only spoken about him in one post…..I sense quite a bit of jealousy haha yer a joke!

  8. leafmeister says:

    Naw he is a Pens fan….he has absolutely no reason to be jealous of any teams centers.

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