Sens, Habs, NO LEAFS & the NHLFA

Don Brennan (Ottawa Sun) reports the new salary cap may force the Ottawa Senators into trading a star player to free up cap space, and that player could be blueliner Wade Redden. Brennan suggests the Sens must lock up forward Marian Hossa long-term as well as re-sign Zdeno Chara before he becomes a UFA next summer, and argues against moving team captain Daniel Alfredsson and Martin Havlat. Brennan acknowledges it would hurt to lose Redden but suggests a younger blueliner like Anton Volchenkov could step up.

The Leafs have NOT been mentioned as a possible destination…

Yvon Pedneault ( yesterday reported three Canadian teams – the Montreal Canadiens among them – and an American club are interested in Washington Capitals defenceman Brendan Witt, who earlier this week requested a trade. Pedneault observes Witt is the type of “robust” blueliner the Habs could use. Whether or not the Habs can afford him (they’ve still got to re-sign Koivu and Theodore) is another question. He’s relatively cheap at $1.67M but is an UFA next season and will likely be looking for a big raise.

The Leafs have NOT been mentioned as a possible destination…

See, not EVERYBODY is rumored to go to the Leafs…lol.


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26 Responses to Sens, Habs, NO LEAFS & the NHLFA

  1. toronto77 says:

    it doesn’t matter who the sens get or get rid of they will not improve, they cant sign any players to improve their team the only thing they can sign is a prayer. there is a very good chance this may happen Brenden Witt is so desperate to get out of washington i dont think he cares what team he goes to……montreals defence will improve with this guy a very good defencemen. they really need to re-sign koivu but especially theodore….if they dont get him then dont even think about making the playoffs unless you get another star goalie, i heard some rumors about luongo……..a star goalie will make or brake this team. good luck habs


  2. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    The Habs need another solid defenseman. C’mon Gainey, pull the trigger and sign Witt!

  3. Scruffy05 says:

    The Canucsk are rumoured to be deep in the Witt hunt offering such prospects as Kirril Kolsov to try and land the big guy. Not to mention they need at least one more decent d-man with experience soon.

  4. goleafsgo1991 says:

    Ok they only have 3 good defensemen: Niinimaa, Sopel, and Zhitnik….Hamrlik won’t resign. Maybe they’ll get one of them? They even drafted Redden. Also, does anyone know is Kenny Jonsson is going back to Sweden for sure, and if so what team?

  5. frezz says:

    nucks are better off to get koltsov in the lineup this year and deal chubarov and a 5th or 6th round pick to the caps for witt

  6. mcpickl says:

    cant sign him. gotta trade for him bub. who are you giving up?

  7. OilersRush says:

    The Islanders signed Lukowich as there number 4 defencemen, and have Martinek and 2 rookies to fight over the 5th and 6th spot.

    Kenny Jonsson is supposed to be staying in Sweden for sure.

  8. theleaflunch says:

    wait a sec…

    I’m pretty sure I saw that he accepted his qualifying offer.

  9. habsoverserver says:

    The Habs have three players who could be traded: Hossa (unsigned RFA), Rivet (who at $2.6 million is the second most overpaid defenseman in the league) and Sundstrom (signed to $1 million).

    I think Witt wants between $1.5 and $2 million.

    Given that Witt wants to be traded and Washington seems to want cheap young players, I could see them taking Hossa (2001 first round pick) for Witt.

  10. habswinthecup-again says:

    And who is the “most” overpaid defenseman in the league? Right now I would have Gonchar, Foote, Hamrlick, Pronger, Neidermeyer, Aucoin, and just about any D that makes more than 4million/yr.

  11. habswinthecup-again says:

    I believe Chubarov is already gone.

  12. sidorkiewicz says:

    I hope that Muckler can work something out to keep the Sens together as they are… But honestly, I would rather see Hossa leave the city than Redden.

  13. TheCoach says:

    None of the Senators “core” players are going anywhere this year.

    Unless of course, a team like Nashville were to offer Hamhuis, Hartnell, Hall, Suter, and a 1st rounder for Redden.

    Otherwise, Ottawa will go for it this year, and acquire someone at the deadline to help in their run.

    If anyone is traded this offseason, it’ll probably be Bryan Smolinski.

  14. habsoverserver says:

    I’m leaving that for the McCabe and Kasparitus fan clubs to debate amongst themselves.

    I’d take any of the players you mentioned at their current salary ahead of Rivet at $2.66 million.

  15. habswinthecup-again says:

    Maybe, but you have to admit that they are all overpaid, for whatever the reason the defensemen are getting paid more this offseason than the forwards(even tho the new rules should help the offense), I find Gonchar’s price the most overpaid personally.

  16. wingerxxx says:

    Someone needs to find out about this Jonsson thing! I’d take Jonsson over all 3 of those guys. It would be a huge boost to their defense to have him back in the fold.

  17. RangerSteve says:

    Not to be your typical leaf hater or anything, but you really didn’t have to make a point about the Leafs in an article regarding the Sens. It’s like hearing the Red Sox are shopping Manny Ramirez…why would the Yankees even come up in talks?

    I understand that the majority of media that covers the Leafs as well as SOME of their fans some how pen every player either being traded or sign by their team. Because of this, I see that is why you kept posting that Redden won’t be heading to Toronto. However, like I stated above, this has to do with teh SENS and has NOTHING to do with the Leafs…why bring them up? It just opens the gate for more posts from hardcore Leaf Bashers.

  18. DTucker_16 says:

    McCabe the most overpaid defenceman in the NHL? Do I even have to explain why he’s not?

  19. DTucker_16 says:

    He was making a joke

  20. eric_empire says:

    Hi… Jönsson signed a two year deal with his home town Rögle and is hoping to get them up in the big leuge…

    With Jönssons history of ijury he have said that he will not go back to the NHL and stay in Europe as the ice are bigger and the play in not that fysical as in the NHL…

  21. stooli says:

    Any opportunity to poke fun at the Buds is a must. Too bad it’s taken to heart by the home team…DOH!

  22. stooli says:

    Bring on the Leaf Bashin!

  23. Neely4Life says:

    ur nuts. Hossa is much more tallented, and doesnt do cocain liekits going out of style. Its well known in ottawa that redden is a total coke head!

  24. 19Yzerman says:

    They need 75, 000 fans as members if they’re to represent we fans in future NHL-NHLPA negotiations???

    This is the most ridiculous NHL talks I have heard of since Bettman Cancelled the last season. Bettman and the NHL could careless what we want. If our wants mattered to either side. Then neither side would have deprived us of a season like they did. Which resulted in everyone concerning them selves with how little a player should be paid. After reading up and down this post and many other posts all I am getting from you people is how you don’t think “This player is not worth X amount” or how “That is to much money for a Dman”. There is no such thing as an over paid player in the NHL anymore. When a team signs a player now it is because that team has put their stamp on that players worth. Just because each team has a CAP to stay under and you want to have as much skill on your favorite teams bench as can be assembled under its CAP is no cause for FANS to question what a team feels that a player is worth. How can you justify paying your own hard earned money to see an NHL game when your opinion of the people whose skill it is that will be displayed for you is that they are “OVER PAID”? If that is how you feel then stay home , keep your money and be glad it was the team owners money thay are getting instead of yours.

    We should be getting

    Reduced ticket prices

    Reduced parking prices

    Reduced concessions prices

    Free game programs

    Without having to expand the NHLFA to get them.

  25. TML_Fan_Since_1974 says:


    P.S. GO LEAFS.

  26. TML_Fan_Since_1974 says:

    To 19Yzerman:

    I agree that the NHL and NHLPA don’t care about the fans’ opinion right now. Doesn’t it make sense, however, that if there are enough people willing to join a group such as the NHLFA, the NHL and NHLPA would HAVE to, at least, acknowledge their input? I never said (and I’m sure the NHLFA doesn’t either) that it would be considered as equals to the NHL and NHLPA but the more fans get organized, the more their opinions will have to be taken seriously.

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