Sens On The Verge Of Acquiring Peter Bondra??

According to, a rumor coming from Ottawa, the Washington Capitals would have reached a deal with Ottawa that would ship Peter Bondra to the Sens…In return the Sens would apparently ship hot rookie Antoine Vermette and Brian Pothier to Washington.

my take on this: Even though people in Ottawa like Vermette alot, this deal looks very probable to me. The Sens would become in my opinion the best offensive team in the East and could very well challenge Colorado offensively speaking. It would also just reinforce my prediction of the Sens winning the Stanley Cup this year.

There are WAY TOO MUCH rumors circling around the Caps right now that it is almost a sure bet that something will happen VERY SOON. Bobby Clarke started the trade frenzy this week and many deals should happen very soon.

Stay tuned…



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  1. habs_punk says:

    hossa is nuts, oy, i remember him literally skating circles around the montreal net earlier this year. only hope his brother will eventually turn into that good of a player

  2. davidhabba says:

    I completely agree. There is too much moronic name-calling on this site. Judge, go find a schoolyard and pick on some eight-year-olds.

  3. Lint07 says:

    seeing that you use the same washed out jokes over and over again it makes me realize that you couldn’t even come up with something funny to save your life.

    find yourself a hobby, dude.

  4. rojoke says:

    If a draft pick is involved, I’d expect it to be a conditional pick, no better than a second rounder. If Bondra signed elsewhere as a UFA, the Caps would get a compensatory second rounder. If he retires or goes back to Europe, they get nothing, so any team giving up more than a second rounder would have to pretty confident of getting Bondra to re-sign with them.

  5. TheJudge says:

    yeah maybe your right, but they are extremely funny the first time though!

  6. LondonK says:

    Latest report is that Muckler has offered Washington Schastlivy + a 1st/2nd round pick for Bondra and the deal is on the table.

    I think that the Sens are giving up a lot there for a rent-a-player, especially when they are so offensively gifted as is.

  7. meetak says:

    If the Sens pick up Bondra now, there wouldn’t be anything stopping them from flipping him to another team would there?

    Everyone (me included) has said they need a gritty left winger, but in order to get that, they have to give up someone good, and Muckler has said he doesn’t want to mess with the current roster.

    So why not get Bondra for Schastlivy and picks, and then trade him to a playoff bound team in the west that is offensively challenged and needs a rent-a-scorer, in return for the left winger we want.

    I think Dallas would be the perfect dance partner in this deal: Bondra straight up for Brenden Morrow.Dallas’s main problem has been lack of scoring: they are trird from last in the league in this respect! which is amazing considering they have Modano, Guerin, Arnott etc..Inserting bondra into their roster might just give them the spark they need.

    Of course, who’s to say they don’t go out and get Bondra on their own? but maybe they don’t have the player(s) that Washington wants in return.Plus, i also heard mentioned the fact that Washington owes Ottawa some “future considerations” from previous deals, so maybe that weighs in Ottawa’s favour in terms of landing Bondra.

    My point is, Bondra’s an asset, and may be worth more in a trade than on the ice ( although i do think he’d really flourish in Ottawa, and get back closer to his 50 goal/season form).

  8. matteo says:

    Big deal……I can admit it….apparently the Craps didn’t want a guy that was one hit away from retirement. He has been playing well lately and that punch he landed on Thornton’s face was just plain ugly.

  9. matteo says:

    not really….maybe the first time, but after the 15th or 16th time they get old.

  10. matteo says:

    All you do is talk about homosexuality….I think you are hiding something.

  11. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Its because green was friends with Corson and Corson was a shit disturber

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