Sens Sign Rachunek….

Ottawa announced today they signed Rachunek to a 2 year deal. Fine and dandy but will he stay or will he go. Sens d-men are solid right now and mixing up the fray could prove negative. Rachunek is off to Binghamton for 2 weeks for training. More to come but brief story at .

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  1. big_booty says:

    You could see this coming a mile away. He finally smelled the Maxwell House, now he’s just got to get his ass in shape.

    The Sens do need him, so don’t expect that he’ll just be packing his bags again. Chara is the only legitimate stud they have on the blueline. I wouldn’t call Ottawa’s D “solid” by any stretch of the imagination. Redden, Phillips, and Leschyshyn aren’t impressive at all and they need this boost.

  2. meetak says:

    How can you not call Ottawa’s Defensive corps solid?They are tied for the second lowest goals against, and out of the six they play regularly, real miscues are rare.Redden got off to a shaky start in the first 4 games or so, but is now back on track.With Rachunek signed, they are effectively hanging out a “D-man for sale” sign, and i expect there to be plenty of potential buyers out there.You are right about Chara being the #1 now though.

    That Yashin trade keeps looking better and better.

  3. big_booty says:

    The Senators are a .500 hockey club.

    Redden, Phillips, and Leschyshyn are a collectively minus-6. Only Redden has registered anything in the scoring column.

    Yes, the Sens are tied for second in goals against with 25 (thanks mostly to Patrick Lalime), but they have only scored 28.

    Adding Rachunek to the mix will only help them improve, it gives them a better puck-carrying option out of the zone, which should lead to more offensive output by the forwards.

    Signing him just to trade him away doesn’t make any sense.

    The Yashin trade would look alot better if they had held on to Bill Muckalt.

  4. krustymedic1 says:

    Muckler made it clear last night that Volchenkov is sticking around and then went on to state that he had to make some moves soon. Like most teams, there are very few “untouchables” kicking around. I expect to see Arvedson, Rachunek and maybe Fisher with new postal codes over the next couple of weeks. Spezza will be looking to buy a house soon in Ottawa due to his play. With Neil and Havlat coming back any day now, (Neil might get the nod tonight) Muckler has no choice but to make some moves. Don’t expect him to make payroll moves but look for a 3 for 2 deal with some of these guys (draft choices of course). The only weak area on this team right now is Left wing and sometimes marginal goal keeping. My uneducated opinion of course.

  5. mikster says:

    Since when are they a .500 team?

    Bad start to the season, but the last few seasons or so they’ve been a solid Eastern team.

    Yeah, they are tied for second in goals against and that makes their defense well above just solid. Obviously Rachunek is an improvement, but their defense is already good. So, the comment you made before was pretty much wrong.

  6. big_booty says:

    At present, the Senators are a .500 team. That is the subject of discussion, and we are dealing with the here and now. Their past doings in the Eastern conference have no bearing on this.

    If their defense is so “good,” then they would have a better record to show for it.

    If anything, your comment is the wrong one.

  7. mikster says:

    Their defense is doing its job, except from the wild night where teams let in lots of goals. Defense stats show….

    You have to say that they are a .500 team this season. It sounded like you considered them a .500 team “just because”.

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