Sens/Leafs Rivalry. Is it the best in hockey?

In this day and age of 30 teams great rivalries are few and far between. Gone are the days of the brutel battles of the flyers and islanders, or the Habs and Bruins, or the Habs and Nords, or the Leafs and Red Wings. There are just too many teams in too many places to get a real hatred on for an opposing team.

Now granted in the new millenium there have been some mentionable rivalries such as the avs and wings, and the leafs and flyers, but this Toronto Maple Leafs / Ottawa Senators is far and away the best rivalry in the NHL today. You see the talk here, and on every major hockey media outlet around the globe. It’s great!

I think this rivalry is great for not just the fans but for hockey as well. This rivalry between the leafs and sens is as big to hockey as the Red Sox / Yankees rivalry is to baseball, but with just a touch more emotion and pain.

It’s too bad there isn’t more of these rivalries. Look at the controversy and talk that is going on for tonights regular season game. You’d swear it was the playoffs. Every hockey fan will be tuning into this game tonight. Tomorrow the highlights of this game will be branded on every major news outlet,and sports network across Canada. I’m not sure how much the US outlets will cover this so i’ll let the american viewers respond to that.

In a day and age where the trap rules supreme, and high sticking and obstruction penalties are taking over what is a great game, i’m glad to see the leafs and sens giving the hockey world something else to talk about.

This game is great, and it’s rivalries like this that make it fantastic. If we can get the Avs / Wings rivalry and a few more all this talk of the gane being too boring might fade away.

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  1. gojiclan says:

    heres a good way to get the rivalries back into the game

    eliminate 90 percent of the interconference games. Get rid of all the excess games that dont really mean much to the teams, (since when is calgary playing the atlanta thrashers cinsidred something worth watching unless ur a calgary or atlanta fan?). Keep like 4 or 5 flagship games what wold be something to watch, like detroit vs new jersey, or philly vs colorado, or something like that. In replacement, add the extra games left over to divisional games and conference games. Think about it, how awesome would the ottowa vs. toronto rivalry be if they met 12 times instead of five or six? How interesting would the atlantic division race between philly and jew jersey get? NYR vs. NYI, i bet there would be bitter rivalries after one year of this.

    thats how you get back to the old time rivalries. Theres toomany teams now and too many meaningless games. make the teams play against teams they know well, and make the game more exciting than ever.

  2. trailerparkboys says:

    That one hurts to much to think about.

  3. BarryMelrosesMullet says:

    francophones and anglophones

    blacks and whites

    americans and obescity

  4. nocuphere says:

    I think the leafs heard you shtting on them after the first last night Peffer. Gotta love those buds.

    Go Oil!!

  5. matteo says:

    next time just use fat….you can spell fat right?

  6. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    TSN is reporting that Glen “just cant buy a winner” Sather has made calls to Jari Kurri and Grant Furh, inquiring about their availability. Kurri and Furh are said to be looking for a one year 10 million $ contract. Sather to the Post “its a bargain for those guys”. Kurri and Furh will join the team after the All-Star break. Sather isn’t done there either, apparently there is a 12 million 1 year contract on the table for Paul Coffey. Sather hinted in an interview with the times that he is actively pursuing Wayne Gretzky to take over behind the bench. Stay tuned for more details!

  7. TheThrill says:

    too bad his bulbous melon had more momentum than his fist…gravity took care of the rest

  8. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    I think the NHL should add the Wolfpack as a franchise, that way when the Pens leave town or contract, this watthe NYR’s wont be in last place in the divison every year (plus those extra 6 games against a lay-up might nudge them to 9th in the East!.

  9. nocuphere says:

    Excellent idea.

  10. trailerparkboys says:

    Good add by the way. Maybe if I get my grade ten! Julion would respect me and post my ads!

    Nice comeback too, just too bad that the sens had the flu!!.

    Ricky out

  11. nocuphere says:

    Oh the yanks/sox isn’t a rivalry. Where the hell ahve you been for the last 100 years.

  12. nocuphere says:

    You’re worse than a sens fan. Go get that grade 10. Freedom 35 baby!

  13. nocuphere says:

    Damn straight!!

  14. nocuphere says:

    I don’t get to see the isle/ rangers enough. I here they have a real hate on for eachother. All I get is the highlights of the aftermath.

  15. nocuphere says:

    Stuck up here in the great white north Chris. I don’t get to see those rivalries at all. Just highlights of the aftermath. Damn canadian TV.

  16. nocuphere says:

    Damn Canadian TV. Don’t get to see those guys near enough as I would like to.

  17. nocuphere says:

    Go Pats baby!!

  18. nocuphere says:


    What about Lenny and Carl.

  19. Petr89 says:

    While I’m with you on most of your comments, I don’t think Foote nailed Stevie Y on purpose. It was nasty, but if you take into account intent when handing out suspensions, he shouldn’t be punished that badly. Foote seems to be a stand-up guy: tough and mean but has got a good sense of hockey honor. And did you notice he tried to catch Yzerman as he was going down?

    He should’ve been more careful with his stick, but it wasn’t on purpose.

  20. aaron says:

    Wait, I’m confused. How could we sound like Rangers fans if we won?

    Anyway, the game was great, I just was pissed at A). the reffing and B). Foote, for ruining the ending of the game. I mean, he handed us the overtime on a silver platter. There was no way we weren’t going to score. For as good as that game was, that was not the best way for it to end. No valor in being handed a win on a platter by some goony play that should be below a player of Foote’s caliber.

    And those calls on Holmstrom were ridiculous.

  21. trailerparkboys says:

    Just having fun nocup. They played well and showed alot of heart.

  22. laserman says:

    If you don’t stop this, you’ll go blind…

  23. matteo says:

    I’m over here…………..

  24. mojo19 says:

    Penguins/Caps. I love the old playoffs of these two teams.

  25. mojo19 says:

    I would suspend him for 10 games for careless use of the stick and it won’t happen again.

  26. dkball7 says:

    Devils-Flyers because…

    1. I am a Devils fan

    2. They are the best games

    3. Both teams have actually been good for the last 10 years (can’t say that about ANY other hockey rivalry).

    4. Play in the same division

    5. Evenly matched… of the last 9 seasons the Devs have won 5 division titles, the flyers 4.

    6. We usually win 🙂

    Finally I can agree with a flyers fan on something!

  27. dkball7 says:

    Devils-Flyers because…

    1. I am a Devils fan

    2. They are the best games

    3. Both teams have actually been good for the last 10 years (can’t say that about ANY other hockey rivalry).

    4. Play in the same division

    5. Evenly matched… of the last 9 seasons the Devs have won 5 division titles, the flyers 4.

    6. We usually win 🙂

    Finally I can agree with a flyers fan on something!

  28. dkball7 says:

    Dam turrets!!! 😕

  29. lagsetsfire says:

    That other article on the penguins reminded me of some classic flyer-pen battles.

  30. kidhenry1 says:

    That’s like asking the difference between somebody throwing your father to the ground as opposed to your grandfather. Zim coulda’ been in a wheelchair after that.

    But also, you do get the occasional bench clearing brawl in hockey (like when the avs and wings faced off)

  31. kidhenry1 says:

    I take it that this isn’t legitimate enough for them to post it as an article, so you just repeat it as a reply…

  32. LondonK says:

    It truly is too bad that New York sucks. They like the leafs are a great rivalry team.

    Every other team hates the leafs, and you get great rivalries with them.

    Detroit-Toronto (man Detroit needs to be in the East just for the rivalry, although it would really lopside the East as you would have to stick them in the NorthEast which is bad enough already)





    NJ-Toronto (only playoff style the regular season sucks)

    Toronto is just a team that players want to beat because they are jealous of the attention. And when I say jealous I am not meaning in the envy sense as players don’t all want to be in TO. They just wish that they got the same attention with hockey. Toronto is also the second most successful franchise all-time so it is a team you always want to beat.

    Right now I would say the Ottawa-Toronto rivalry is the best. The leafs have dominated the series when it matters most (the Sens have played well but the leafs 3-0 is much better).

    Detroit-Colorado is a good rivalry but nothing has happened recently to really spark that rivalry. They need to face each other in the playoffs again.

    If the Rangers could get good again they have the same ability though to have good rivalries because people want to hate New York.

  33. ORIGINAL-6 says:

    I’m meant talking about the refs (sorry)

    Agreed the game was great & Cujo was awfully lucky, But you can say the same on the wooley call too or in all fairness Shanny should have been called 3 times in the 3rd, but the refs were letting them play & it was very exciting playoff-like.

    As for Foote I’m not sure what he’ll get for that but, it should be interesting considering what schneider got a month ago (2 gms, 37,000$) & he didn’t even injure Murray. YOU GOT TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR STICK AT ALL TIMES!!!

  34. ORIGINAL-6 says:

    Detroit-Colorado is a good rivalry but…………

    I’m guessing you didn’t see Yzerman’s dental chart today after last nights game!

  35. LondonK says:

    No I haven’t. Who did it. And how was it done.

  36. Primis says:

    3. Both teams have actually been good for the last 10 years (can’t say that about ANY other hockey rivalry).

    Riiigghhtt, because you know, The Avs and Wings have only won 5 of the last what, 8 Cups? Remind me how many the Flyers and Devils have won together?…

    — Primis.

  37. Primis says:

    Leafs/Wings used to be HUGE here in MI, even bigger than Hawks/Wings. But that’s hosed since the Leafs shifted to the East, and the Hawks haven’t been very good for a while now.

    Bruins/Habs used to be real good too but both teams aren’t where they used to be.

    Let’s be perfectly realistic here, the best rivalry in hockey isn’t in the NHL. It is, in fact, two rivalries.

    Boston College/BC has been, and always will be a war. And the Beanpot Tourney only makes it worse. One is always after the other, and I don’t think it’s been quite that bad recently but I remember a lot of BC/BU games that had frequent all-out brawls…

    And Michigan/Michigan State is just pure mutual hatred and loathing (and not just in hockey but that’s another story for another time). And like the BU/BC rivalry, the GLI (Great Lakes Invitational) has only tended to further stoke the fires. Munn and Yost arenas are two of the best and most-intense venues to experience a hockey game in anywhere in the world.

    Take the NHL “rivalries” if you want. NCAA Hockey has two hardcore rivalries that span decades with absolutely no let up, and those are the best in hockey. And if any Canadians doubt me…. ohhhh if you only knew…

    — Primis.

  38. theofluery says:

    i would just like to mention as bad as the rangers are they haven’t lost to the islanders in 8 or 9 games now…i think its 6-0-2 or 7-0-2

  39. theofluery says:

    the devils play boring hockey.

    a good trap = boring hockey

  40. theofluery says:


    I’m going to have to ask everyone to stop suggesting that the devils rivalry with any team is the best. The devils play the most boring hockey imaginable. A good trap + no noteable forwards worth mentioning = boring hockey.

    And since i have the devils fans attention now…martin broduer is overrated…anys goalies numbers would look as good as his if they faced less than 20 shots a game. Except glenn healy..he is a major dousche bag.

  41. trailerparkboys says:

    nobody left the bench in that one. just that the goalies joined in 6 on 6

  42. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I think its becomming the best rivalry in hockey. The teams are both strong (although the Leafs arn’t as strong as they think they are) and their such differant teams. Ottawa is a team full of skilled, talented players, and Toronto is mainly a hard working, hard hitting, sometimes dirty team. It’s a great rivalry, that just gets more heated every year. It’s getting even nastier this year now that Ottawa is the better team and Leaf fans can’t stand hearing about it.

  43. mojo19 says:

    Ottawa seemed better last year…

  44. MantaRay says:

    Your delusional and need to go back to the clinic, your obviously not thinking straight.

    The Devils haven’t played a trap since 1995. Don’t penalize us because we are one of the fastest teams in the league.

    Don’t penalize Brodeur because he eliminates teams from dumping and chasing and takes away scoring opportunities. He will retire as one of the greatest goalies that ever played the game. Accept it and appreciate history in the making.

    Now….take your morphine.

  45. theofluery says:

    Now where was i…

    the devils do play a trap

    and i’m certain john davidson himself (present day) would play just as solid behind that trap.

    The true test will come if the rule is changed where players will be able to make contact with the goalies behind the goal line…which is a possibility. Let’s see how solid his numbers are then.

    And let’s get something straight. I’m not saying the devils aren’t good…they are. But i really think it’s overlooked how solid the D is in front of him and how little he has to do to maintain the numbers he has.

  46. dkball7 says:

    The last 10 years primis. 10 years ago the Avs were the Nords and the wings were on the rise. They didn’t become rivals until 96, not 94 (which would be 10 years ago).

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