Sens/Leafs Rivalry. Is it the best in hockey?

In this day and age of 30 teams great rivalries are few and far between. Gone are the days of the brutel battles of the flyers and islanders, or the Habs and Bruins, or the Habs and Nords, or the Leafs and Red Wings. There are just too many teams in too many places to get a real hatred on for an opposing team.

Now granted in the new millenium there have been some mentionable rivalries such as the avs and wings, and the leafs and flyers, but this Toronto Maple Leafs / Ottawa Senators is far and away the best rivalry in the NHL today. You see the talk here, and on every major hockey media outlet around the globe. It’s great!

I think this rivalry is great for not just the fans but for hockey as well. This rivalry between the leafs and sens is as big to hockey as the Red Sox / Yankees rivalry is to baseball, but with just a touch more emotion and pain.

It’s too bad there isn’t more of these rivalries. Look at the controversy and talk that is going on for tonights regular season game. You’d swear it was the playoffs. Every hockey fan will be tuning into this game tonight. Tomorrow the highlights of this game will be branded on every major news outlet,and sports network across Canada. I’m not sure how much the US outlets will cover this so i’ll let the american viewers respond to that.

In a day and age where the trap rules supreme, and high sticking and obstruction penalties are taking over what is a great game, i’m glad to see the leafs and sens giving the hockey world something else to talk about.

This game is great, and it’s rivalries like this that make it fantastic. If we can get the Avs / Wings rivalry and a few more all this talk of the gane being too boring might fade away.