Shane Doan to the Flyers? + Primeau Update

There’s a rumor floating about, that involves the Phoenix Coyates sending Shane Doan and a D-man to the Flyers for R.J. Umberger and Matt Ellison, 1st round pick and two 2nd round picks. But Keith Primeau might hold up this trade. The trade is said to be done, and is now depending on Keith Primeau to finally declaring myself done for the year, so the Flyers can use the cap money they gain from this. But it appears that Primeau is not ready to make that call, and feels that he’s taking enough good steps lately to make his way back this season. Even though the Flyers have told him that their doctors will not clear him to play. It could get ugly.

Here’s the source of this rumor:

To Phoenix:



First round in 06

2nd round 06

2nd rounder in 06

To the Flyers:

Shane Doan

Derek Morris (if he can pass a physical)


Dennis Gautier

Draft pick back

PHILADELPHIA — Flyers captain Keith Primeau will sit out the rest of the regular season nearly four months after suffering another concussion, a person in the NHL with knowledge of the decision told The Associated Press on Monday.

Keith Primeau


Philadelphia Flyers




9 1.0 6.0 7.0 0 6

The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because Primeau was going to make an official announcement Tuesday at the Flyers practice facility in New Jersey.

Primeau was injured Oct. 25 after taking a hit from Montreal’s Alexander Perezhogin, the latest and most severe in a list of head injuries the center has sustained in a 15-year career. Primeau had not been cleared to play by Flyers doctors and a concussion specialist in Montreal had advised him to forego playing this season and continue his rehab, leaving him with little choice but to shut it down and try and return next season.

With his history of head injuries, even next season is in jeopardy for the 35-year-old Primeau. The person said, however, that Primeau was prepared to try and return next year.

He had one goal and played in only nine games for the Flyers (33-16-5) this season, and was asked by Flyers general manger Bob Clarke to make a decision by the end of the Olympic break.

Primeau missed 21 games because of a concussion suffered against the Rangers in the 2003-04 season. He also suffered at least two head injuries in the 2004 playoffs, in the Eastern Conference semifinals against Toronto and in the Eastern Conference finals against Tampa Bay.

After missing the first half of 1999-2000 season with Carolina because of a contract dispute, Primeau was traded to the Flyers and brought immediate toughness and leadership to the locker room.

Primeau matched his career high with 73 points in 2000-01, and led the Flyers in playoff goals (nine) and points (16) in 2004 when he helped lead them to the Eastern Conference finals.

Primeau was named captain in 2001, but that title has since been given to defenseman Derian Hatcher.

Drafted in the first round by Detroit in the 1990 draft, Primeau spent six seasons with the Red Wings and three more with Hartford/Carolina and played in two All-Star games. He has 266 goals and 619 points in 909 career games.

42 Responses to Shane Doan to the Flyers? + Primeau Update

  1. dcz28 says:

    From a Philly message board? not really a good source…if i was Phoenix i would not do it and i’d be very surprised if Phoenix traded Doan

    Sounds more like wishfull thinking from a Philly fan to me

  2. Marky2Fresh says:

    Anyone know how many years is left on Doans contract?

  3. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:


  4. doanerfan says:

    If Phoenix makes this trade…I will NEVER watch a Coyotes game again. This is retarded. Will never happen. GM Barnett even stated earlier that the core group of guys will stay together:


    Barnett did not name names, but that ‘core group’ most likely includes forwards Shane Doan and Ladislav Nagy, and defensemen Keith Ballard and Zbynek Michalek.

    This “fantasy” world Flyer fans live in will not materialize.

  5. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:

    its obviously a freaking joke! member b4 the season there were the Handzus for smyth rumors? LOL what the Phily fans / Media comes up with

  6. Aetherial says:

    This deal is not *done*. Who knows if there is even a grain of truth to it.

    Hey, the Leafs are going to trade McCabe to Vancouver for Bertuzzi, and they are throwing in Belak or Domi to try to balance out the salary.

    … no it is not done.

  7. Flyer_Dman says:

    Weird. I am looking at this trade as a joke as well, but from a different perspective. I don’t think the Flyers win here.

    Umberger is going to be a hell of a player. He reminds me of a younger version of Primeau already. However, I think Doan is one of the more overrated players in the league. In 59 games he has 17 goals. Did nothing in the Olympics, scoring a goal and an assist in a 7-2 route over Italy and had another goal in a 5-1 beating over Germany. He did absolutely nothing in any game that meant anything. In 32 playoff games he has 12 points and is a -3. He does nothing for me and might be one of the more overrated players in the league. He isn’t worth it for $3 million a year, I am sure we can get someone better.

    Not to mention giving up a first round pick. That is huge. Look at the recent history of Flyers’ first round picks. Simon Gagne, Justin Williams, Jeff Woywitka, Joni Pitkanen, Jeff Carter, and Mike Richards. Only two of them don’t play for the Flyers anymore and all that do are having a major impact on the team this year.

    Everybody knows that the Flyers love trading away their second round picks, being that they haven’t used one since 1998. So they were going to go somewhere eventually. But still, two second round picks?!

    Matt Ellison is not an NHL caliber player, at least not yet. We traded Patrick Sharp away for him because we had too many centers and we wanted to build up our AHL team the Phantoms. The Phantoms draw some impressive crowds around here and were starting to lose support cause they had an awful start to their season. It might have had something to do with the fact that Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, RJ Umberger, Patrick Sharp, Jon Sim, Freddy Myer, Randy Jones, and Antero Niittymaki all got pulled up from the AHL to the NHL. But Ellison is having a good season down with the Phantoms. I don’t see Ellison to be worth much in this trade, and is basically a throw in.

    Now I gotta admit I don’t know much about Derek Morris except for he gets paid $2.6 million a year and is currently injured. In 32 games he has 2 goals and 16 points with a -7. He has not done anything worht talking about since playing on the Colorado super teams of a few years back, AND he is injury prone. He is supposed to be an offensive dman right? 16 points? $2.6 mill? Not worth it.

    So 2 big time under acheivers worth $5.6 million…


    A kid with a huge upside worth $900k a year, a player that will eventually have the skill of a player like Gagne, Carter, Richards, or Pitkanen, and 2 second round picks.

    I really really really hope Clarke doesn’t pull the trigger here. We already are overpaying for the last trade he made with Nedved. $2.2 million a year is way too much for that guy.

    I do however think Umberger is going to be traded. We have too many young centers. I am thinking we are going to put together a pretty impressive package including Umberger for Olli Jokinen. That is just a guess.

  8. flyersfan21 says:

    I don’t know if it is true or not, but knowing the way Clarke makes trades it could be true.

    I would hate to see Umberger go for he plays the style of hockey we like to see but I would definitely welcome Doan and Morris to the line up,

  9. Neely4Life says:

    You know what this is, another example of people just making shit up, because nothing is happening right now, and the trade deadline might be a total bust this year with cap issues and tight playoff races.

    The trade deadlin might not be a total bust, and might be insance, but the way things look, no teams seem to be really wanting to part with kids in their lineup, exspecially for rantals.

    The Doan trade to Philly looks stupid, the fact that there are about 4 draft pics being exchanged, along with cap issues, and young prospects, nothing will be this complicated come trade deadline, because GM’s dont have the time to make deals like this in the short term.

  10. cgolding says:

    actually a lot of that seemed to be generated by Edmonton fans…

  11. wingerxxx says:

    I’m not buying this for the simple reason that Philadelphia is a good enough team to not need to make any drastic changes anytime soon. Also, the 1st round pick should throw red flags up to everyone. No GM in their right mind should be trading 1st round picks unless a guaranteed superstar is involved in the trade. And no disrespect to Doan, but he is not that guy. Also, the salary cap logistics need to be thought of here. Philadelphia has enough younger, quality guys in the lineup to be giving ice time to right now…and Forsberg should be coming back healthy after a successful Olympic run. Things are not that dire in Philly to be making a trade like this.

  12. Aetherial says:

    Phoenix doesn’t get robbed in that deal.

    Philly does.

  13. Kraftster says:

    Shows that you are really a Doan fan and not a Coyotes fan, because Phoenix would win this deal big time!

  14. hockeybandit says:

    If Clarke can make this trade he should do it in a heart beat. Doan has leadership qualities that the flyers need now that Primeau is done for the season, but I would take Gautier over Morris in the deal. Another defenseman wouldn’t hurt come playoff time, the flyers have had injury problems in the back end as well as the front, and Kapanen I wouldn’t put back their in an emergency even though he can play back there, he’s injured enough.

  15. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:

    Yeah i know doan did nothing in ant canada games that mattered but may i ask what player did do anything? in all the games that actually mattered aside from the czech game we were shutout……

  16. doanerfan says:

    You are right…that is why my name is Doaner fan…lol…

  17. RangerSteve says:

    The Coyotes are going to trade one of their young studs in return for RJ Umberger and picks?…right. I’d be careful with making posts or sharing news from message boards. The majority of those that are thought up are actually just a few wish list/suggestions a few fans might make. HFBoards are filled with a ton of those.

  18. Shake21-12 says:

    Shane done is not as young as people think he is. He turns 30 in Oct.

  19. FoppaFlyers21 says:

    Wow you people need help.

    Phoenix wouldn’t be stupid to do this, Philly would be. Sending a first rounder and 2 2nd rounders? That’s rediculous. If it does happen I hope we have good scouts for the remaining rounds. I HOPE that Philly doesn’t go through with this. Hopefully it’s just a rumor.

  20. FoppaFlyers21 says:

    Not to mention Umberger. He’s solid

  21. nova_scotia123 says:

    I think this trade would not be too bad. I worry about the number of draft picks. But with all the young players they have right now, I think they can give up a few picks.

    And you say giving up talent like Gagne, Pittakin, etc, I think the Flyers know this upcoming draft is week and are willing to give up a few picks to get a proven player.

    Also I think Doan was one of Canadas stronger players at the Olympics. He was not put in an offensive role. He more than excelled as a penalty killer. Don’t recall him getting a shift on the powerplay.

    I hope the trade happens because he brings leadership and strong play on the wing and is capable of scoring 30-40 goals with the right players.

  22. NemiNA says:


  23. Kraftster says:

    100% agreed, this would be an awful trade for Philly. They are in a great position to have a shot this year possibly, but a greater chance every year after this. No need to ruin that by getting carried away with making a run this year by making a bad trade.

  24. Scottman75 says:

    The Coyotes would not give up the Jets last first round draft pick. He is the cornerstone of the franchise at the moment and Gretzky likes him. (And you all know what that means)

  25. buster says:

    I heard if Doan is traded he will probably go to Toronto for a 1st rd pick is 06 a 2nd rd pick in 06 , Justin Pogge, Andy Wozniewski, Nik Antropov, and Ben Ondrus. Gauthier would also be part of the deal.

  26. FLAMESOWNU says:

    Doan was easily one of the better players for team Canada…theres more to hockey then goals man.

  27. cecilturtle says:

    I believe this is much more of a Flyers fans wishfull dream than a true hockey trade rumor… But, one has to admit Shane Doan does have Flyer written all over his face. Doan is exactly the type of player that Clarke & the Flyers try to fill their roster with. In the past the Rangers tried to trade for Doan, but the price was always too steep for the Rangers Management. But I could very wll see Clarke being bold enough to give up maybe more than he should to try and get Doan if he ever becomes “slightly” available.

    Cecil Turtle

  28. mtrakker85 says:

    Didn’t Nedved already take a chunk out of Primeau’s salary for the year?

  29. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    That’s too many draft picks.

  30. Flyers70 says:

    Apparently not, as some of the Philly papers are continuing to speculate on trades for Doan, Recchi, Jokinen, etc. I think they saved $$$ with Desjardins being out for so long. Also, I don’t think Nedved’s contract was that exorbitant.

    This is where I think a trade for Doan will break down and that’s future cap space. I think he hurts their cap for next year as they try to resign Simon Gagne (which they WILL do).

  31. flyersfan21 says:

    This rumor was not only posted on the Philly’s message board it was also reported on

  32. flyersfan21 says:

    This rumor was not only posted on the Philly’s message board it was also reported on

    I personally would like to see them go after olli Jokinen and I hope no way they bring back Mark Recchi we didnt win with him before and we wont win with him again.

  33. Flyer_Dman says:

    Easily? You think? I swear Doan is the most overrated player in Canadian history. I realize there is more to hockey than points, and I just don’t see what makes him so special. I watched every game. He does hustle, but he seems like a poor man’s Todd Bertuzzi.

  34. RangerSteve says:

    Shane Done..never heard of him 🙂

    I’m not taking shots at you with my initial post but I’ve seen way too much garbage written up from message boards that seems like it came out of a PS2. Also, don’t you think that the Yotes could get a lot more back for this guy than just RJ Umberger and a load of crap? The Flyers are toeing the salary cap limit right now so they have to be careful.

  35. kicksave856 says:

    “This “fantasy” world Flyer fans live in will not materialize.”

    What are you even talking about? There are no more Flyers rumors on this site than any other team. As a matter of fact, I’d say they are middle of the pecking order in that regard.

    Flyers fans are actually pretty realistic for the most part.

    One strange sounding Flyer rumor on a trade rumor site does not lead to Flyer fans living in a “fantasy world”. Especially on this site where the crazy rumors fly about every team!


  36. kicksave856 says:

    Besides, if it’s taken from a Philly message board, what team are they supposed to be discussing strange sounding trade rumors about?

  37. kicksave856 says:

    You know, I didn’t think there was any truth at all to this, but Anthony SanFilippo (I’m sure I butchered that last name) of the Delaware County Times mentioned Shane Doan in Flyer rumors on 610 WIP tonight. Of course, he mentioned other names too, but Doan’s name did come up. Weird.

  38. Villanova says:

    I agree with the previous post that Doan is definetly a Flyer-type player. I kind of remember a rumor a about 3 years ago that Clarke considered trading Gagne for Doan straight up. Gagne’s numbers had decreased and Doan’s had been going up. He wanted a more physical team. GOOD thing he didn’t. Still, clarke likes physical players who can score. I still think there’s too many draft picks going into the deal. Wouldn’t mind seeing it for Umberger, Ellison and a 2nd and 3rd. I thought Clarke would hold onto the 2nd round picks in an attempt to trade high up in the draft. Kind of like deal which he made for the Pitkanen pick. That was a weak draft, but had 4 great picks at the top. he got pick 4 and would have been happy with whoever he got.

  39. afanofthelakings says:

    Leafs should throw in Lindros ( and not to vancouver ; in the garbage !!!)

  40. NemiNA says:

    nothing is too expensive for rangers management! they are gonna have paris hilton doing a pole dance at center ice on fan appreciation night.

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