Sharks dig back in past for new GM

San Jose Sharks President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Jamison has named Doug Wilson executive vice president and general manager, concluding the team’s search for a new leader for the hockey department.

Wilson, 45, was the original Sharks captain and has served the past five seasons as San Jose’s director of pro development, helping to recruit and sign players such as Gary Suter, Kyle McLaren, Vincent Damphousse, Mike Vernon and Teemu Selanne.

Wilson has also been active in nurturing San Jose’s young talent by running special offseason camps and working hands-on with prospects such as Brad Stuart, Scott Hannan and Jim Fahey.

14 Responses to Sharks dig back in past for new GM

  1. -Swizz- says:

    whats with the colours of the sharks bubble..

  2. Hockey_Fan says:

    So much for having a contending team.

  3. jon95616 says:

    The Sharks are done…Selanne and Damphousse moving on…no reason to keep Graves,Ricci, and other veterans around…trade them for some prospects…they need to rebuild the depth in the organization…Keep Marleau, Sturm, Nabakov, Stuart…build around them.

  4. MantaRay says:

    I agree with Jon.

    The Sharks are done. Firing Lombardi was a huge mistake. Wilson will be a bandaid, until they need to hire a new GM and go in a different direction…AGAIN.

  5. Brymer19 says:

    Doug Wilson was the perfect choice for the new GM of the Sharks. I was never really sure of Lombardi, he did well drafting such players as Sturm, Hannan, Fahey, etc. but many of his moves were questionable. If you look at the Sharks current position I think the Selanne trade was horrible, sure they got a proven goal scorer at the time but I still say they shoulda kept Friesen. Its true Selanne and Damphousse are pretty much gone and it may be only a matter of time before Ricci, Thornton, and Graves are as well. They have a good defense to build around but considering that that is their main strength, does anyone else think that Ron Wilson should be let go? He didnt impress last year

    and I’m not sure he is the right man for the job. Does anyone know how Alexander Korolyuk made out in Russia, because he would certainly help them in 03-04. Unless Brad Stuart gets a huge boost in development maybe they should considering going after Hamrlik as it sounds like he might be traded. Maybe Rathje for Hamrlik and Hunter. Rathje is under contract for another 2 years I believe and is only making alittle over 2 so it makes sense for both teams I think. I think it was time for Nolan to leave but does anyone else with they got more in return? I was hoping they’d trade Damphousse and bring in a young foward such as Vrbata, where Carolina clearly robbed him from the Avs. Anyways I’m just rambling on…I’m a diehard Sharks fan and have been since they entered the league so someone reply and let us know what u think they should do in the off-season…

  6. MantaRay says:

    You can’t blame Lombardi for the errors in the past season. Blame the new ownership that hindered Lombardi and all the good work he did in the previous seasons.

  7. GpDogs41 says:

    Its not the GM the team has no talent, oh except Nabakov.

  8. mikster says:

    One thing Lombardi was horrible at though was hiring scouts and the Sharks never drafted key players, Nabokov and…….not much else. That is why they are ranked last in many prospect sites.

  9. canucklehead says:

    Rathje for Hamrlik & Hunter? You’ve been smokin some of that BC Bud haven’t you?

  10. MantaRay says:

    Your kidding right?

  11. mikster says:

    No, they are ranked low, very low, in prospect charts. Their best prospect is now Boyes.

    Lombardi has been GM since 1996:

    96 draft:

    Zyuzin, Terry Friesen (not Jeff), Marco Sturm, Matt Bradley, Michel Larocque, Jake Deadmarsh, Cyrenne, David Thibault.


    Marleau, Hannan, Coliagacamo, Nittel, Dusbabek, Severson, Mark Smith.

    98: Stuart, Cheechoo, Laplante, Davison, Zalesak, Coalter, Mik Samuelsson, Mulick, Fahey.

    99: Jillson, Concannon, Levesque, Dimitrakos, Betournay, Doug Murray, Hyvonen,

    00: Maata, Disalvatore, Pinc, Nolan Schafer, Michal Macho, Wiserman, Saarinen

    01: Marcel Goch, Evhoff, Patzold, Plihal, Clowe, Cavanagh

    02: Mike Morris, Dan Spang, Jonas Fiedler, Newbury, T. Walsh, Conboy, Hutchins.

    To me, that is a very poor draft.

  12. defenestrate says:

    Either Captain Quint or Roy Scheider should be the new sharks G.M. Richard Dreyfus would be the “dark horse” candidate….

  13. Blade2 says:

    Props out for Jim Fahey from Milton MA,went to my old school Northeastern University.Too bad he didn’t get paired with a nasty d-man like Barrett Jackman did in St Louis.

    REbuild the Sharks…….Nolan’s gone,Sundstrom’s gone,trade Ricci,Selanne’s a goner,and work towards competing for the Cup after the CBA lockout.

  14. googz says:

    Marleau, Hannan, Zyuzin, Sturm, Stuart

    This is not bad all things considered.

    I also think that Dimitrakos could be a great NHL scorer. He might need some fine tuning on the defense side of the game, but he’s an up-n-comer.

    As for the 00-02 drafting. You can’t blame the Sharks for the picks as the Sharks didn’t have great draft positioning since they made it to the postseasons those years, AND it’s still too early to tell. Goc and Evhof have been doing very well in the World Championships.

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