Sharks: The Better Version

The Sharks came within 4 wins of the cup finals, the closest they have post lockout. Unfortunently it was not enough. There were 3 MAIN weaknesses i saw. To soft/small defence, poor goaltending, no bodies in front of the net. I think if they address these 3 things then they are the primary contenders for the cup.

Draft day 2010:

To San Jose: Dustin Byfuglien, Niklas Hjalmarsson
To Chicago: Jamie McGinn, 3rd round pick 2010, 3rd round pick 2011

Yes this looks like Halak V2, but chicago is in MAJOR cap trouble and need to get rid of salary. McGinn and Hjalmarsson salaries are basically a wash but McGinn has id say a 20 goal/50 point potential, which is not bad for someone making that kind of money. Big Buff gives San Jose a solid winger and a very strong net presence. San Jose has the cap room to obsorb his salary as well.

To San Jose: Andrew Cogliano
To Edmonton: Jason Demers

Cogliano can be had for very little right now because Edmonton has a bunch of up and coming young forwards which places cogs outside the top 6. In San Jose hed be put on a 3rd line. basically McGinns replacement. Demers is a very young but good puck moving defenceman who coudl QB a 2nd PP unit.

To San Jose: Cory Schnieder, Francois Beauchemin, Van 2nd round pick 2010, Tor 3rd round pick 2010
To Vancouver: Devin Setoguchi, Thomas Griess, Thomas Kaberle, Tor 5th round pick 2011
To Toronto: Marc Eduard Vlassic, Cody Hodgson, Van 3rd round pick 2010

This trade makes sence on many levels. First San Jose gets Cory Schnieder, their goalie for the future, a much tougher D-man then vlassic and a couple of picks to restock their farm system. Vancouver aquires Devin Setoguchi, a great sniper that would mesh well with the Sedin twins,a backup goalie that knows how to open a door, a very good puck moving defenceman and a throw in pick. Toronto gets Vlassic, a d-man that did his best under Wilson, very top line centre and a 3rd round pick.

Hodgson would never done much in vancouver. hed be stuck behind Sedin and Kesler. Therefore hes much more useful as trade bait.

July 1st:
Sign Defenceman Dan Hamhuis to a 4mil/ 5 year contract.

Very big and strong physical defenceman.

Sign Goalie Chris Mason 3.5/2 years

A very decent goalie. Doesnt play as many games as Nabokov/Lulongo did so we can also ease Schnieder into NHL play.

Resign Manny Malhotra 1.5/3 years
Great centre

Resign Scott Nichol 750k/2 years

After these trades San Jose will have roughly 2.5m in cap space remaining. our lines then look like:

Cogliano- Malhotra- Mitchell
McLaren-Nichol- Ortemeyer

Hamhuis- Beauchemin

(Give Mason around 50 and Schnieder around 32)
If anyone can honestly say this team is worse then the one this year needs a brain examination. The forwards might not be as deep on the 4th line as id like them to be, but San jose has cap room to pull off a deal if needed. I love the defence. Id much rather have huskins as a 7th dman then a 5th. Its also much stronger.

Net presence- check
Stronger d- check
better goalie- check check

A legit contender for the 2010-2011 Stanley Cup!!!

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  1. Redwings3019 says:

    Just curious to what the new contracts you have for Pavelski, Cogliano, Staubitz, Hjalmarrson and Ortemeyer are because I see atleast 3 of those players getting a raise.

    I just cant see that 2.5 mil cap space remaining…

  2. VanCanucks316 says:

    No way the canucks are going to give up two prospects and a draft pick when they need a top two defenceman that isnt going to leave after his contact is up. Kaberle has already said he doesnt want to play in the west. Canucks are either going to grab a ufa defenceman (Hamhuis or Volchenkov) or use schnieder in a deal for a defenceman.

    Also canucks were second in scoring last season so dont think they need Setoguchi.

  3. futurebruin says:

    Shouldn't you be getting rid of the guys that didn't show up in the playoffs? (Yes, Joe, that means you).  Why would you keep Joe No Show Thornton?  I like the Byfuiglen idea, but I don't understand why you're getting rid of Setoguchi.  If anything, you should move forward and have your top line of the future be Clowe – Pavelski – Setoguchi.  They were dynamite in the playoffs and were only shut down by Chicago's strong defense.

  4. Kev_Leafs says:

    Also, the Leafs aren't going to make these trades. 

    No way is Kaberle going for only one prospect – with some injury problems at that (hardly a top line centre – maybe in a few years, but that's the same with Kadri and Bozak), while at the same time trading down their third round pick.  The only way the Leafs would take a prospect as the centrepiece of a deal for Kaberle is if they would receive a 1st or maybe two 2nds in return or at least one other respectable prospect.  Hodgson and Vlasic for Kaberle would work for the Leafs (though it would depend on what the others were getting for this to work for them) Or Hodgson and a 1st.  In short, much more than what you're offering.

    Straight up, the Leafs would perhaps accept a trade of Beauchemin for Vlasic – but I don't know why San Jose would.  But losing Kaberle and doing this trade would leave the Leafs with little veteran presence in the lineup, let alone on defence, with one defencemen that has gone past the first round of the playoffs. 

    As funny as it might sound to you, the Leafs are actually hoping to get to the playoffs, and these deals don't make that happen in 2011-12.

  5. nocup4sharks says:

    Joe "No Show" Thornton singly handly led the sharks past the red wings.

  6. nocup4sharks says:

    Pavelski: 4m/3 years
    Cogliano: 1.5/2 years
    Staubitz: 650k/1 year
    Hjalmarrson: 750K/2 years
    Ortemeyer: 950k/1 year

    When calculating the 2.5m i included Pavelski's, Staubitz and ortemeyer new contracts just forgot to post them

  7. LeafsneedSteen says:

    In fairness Kaberle is only willing to play in four markets including Toronto and none of them consider him a priority.

  8. nocup4sharks says:

    Kaberle will fetch either a Mid round 1st (8-20) OR a good prospect, not both. Sure kaberle is a good smooth defenceman but with only 1 season left on his contract dont be expecting a boyle type return for him (prospect, nhl player, 1st rounder) as boyle had 6 seasons left.

    I would love to see a Vlassic for Beauchemin trade. Vlassic has not improved very much ever since Wilson left. I strongly feel his development would continue with Wilson as his coach. I would love to see Beauchemin in a sharks jersey as well

  9. Kev_Leafs says:

    I'm going by what Burke has said.

    The Leafs need to make the playoffs this year.  Trading Kaberle for a prospect or a 1st round pick will not make that happen.  Burke has said that he if doesn't get a good top-six forward, he'd consider a marginal top-six forward and a 1st round pick.

    Also, keep in mind that Kaberle doesn't want to be traded.  He likes it in Toronto and has used his no-trade-clause twice.

    The Leafs have said that if they don't get offered a significant return for Kaberle, then they will look at extending Kaberle and keep him on the team going forward, because Kaberle can help us get into the playoffs.

    Kaberle is an elite point producing defencemen.  On a poor team he'll get 50 points.  On a good team, like say Washington, he could be up in the 70 point region.

  10. nocup4sharks says:

    What Burke is doing, is trying to increase Kaberles value. Burke is a very smart gm and figures by saying he's looking for a top 6 forward, someone might bite but in reality hes worth a prospect or mid level 1st rounder.

    Pointing this out: On a team like Washington, Kaberle would not get half the pp time he does in toronto as they have Green to QB their PP, therefore his point total might go down not up

  11. nocup4sharks says:

    also his no trade clause is not in effect for the rest of june, july and until the 15th of augest i think. therefore there is roughly a 2 month window in which toronto can trade him with kaberle not having to ok the deal

  12. Kev_Leafs says:

    I'm fully aware of the details of Kaberle's contract; I have been since Ferguson signed it with him.  It was the only good thing that Ferguson ever did for the Leafs.  I only mentioned that he has used his no-trade clause in the past to show that he does want to play in Toronto.  He would prefer the opportunity to sign an extension rather than be traded. 

    Kaberle won't be going to Washington (baring them seriously shaking things up)  – I merely referenced a high point producing team.

    Again – my main point – in exchange for Kaberle the Leafs want an impact player who could help them THIS season to get into the playoffs.  If they don't get offered an impact forward and they decide that keeping Kaberle – an elite offensive defencemen – helps them (more than a prospect or a pick would) to get into the playoffs THIS season, then they won't trade him and will look to sign an extension with him – as has been stated.

    So, a Kaberle for a prospect or a prospect/pick deal will not happen.  It will be Kaberle for a top-six forward, or 2nd/3rd line forward and a prospect or pick, or a three way trade where the Leafs use the prospect/pick in return for Kaberle to land a top-six forward from another team.  If those scenarios don't happen, then they will look to resign him.

  13. Redwings3019 says:

    Actually it was the four guys in black and white

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