Should Habs go after a new D?

At the end of HNIC on Saturday night, Ron McLean suggested Gainey may be going after one of:

Bryan Berard

Sean Hill

Sergei Gonchar

Now I believe he may have gotten this info from some Pat Hickey ramblings in the Gazette, but what are your thoughts on these guys?

Berard: he’s not defence-oriented enough for the Habs’ needs right now.

Hill: I like Hill. +/- not great this year, but he’s playing for Carolina. Be nice to see him back.

Gonchar: Who wouldn’t want this guy on their team…but would he be worth the price? I expect the caps would want youth AND picks in return, something along the lines of Hossa, Hainsey and a 1st round pick.

The Habs do have depth in the minors, so I think they could afford the Gonchar trade, but I think his contract is up after next year, so big money would need to be paid out to keep him beyond that. Which means if there is no season, you’re picking him up for 20 games + post season and then could lose him to UFA.

Hill would be the cheapest deal and a good fit on the blueline. I don’t recall if he played, but I recall he was with the team in ’93. Maybe a little karma involved…