Should Lindros Retire???

Is Eight Enough? For New York Rangers forward Eric Lindros, eight documented concussions should be more than enough for him to seriously consider taking himself off the ice for good.
It’s a shame Lindros’ career might have to end this way, but his long-term health, not trying to help the Rangers squeeze into the playoffs for the first time in seven years, ought to be his first priority.

Sadly, Lindros’ younger brother was forced to retire from hockey at age 20 in 1996 after a series of concussions. Brett Lindros, a promising forward with the New York Islanders, gave up the game rather than risk permanent brain damage.

Given Eric Lindros’ history of concussions and the medical evidence that suggests people who suffer multiple blows to the head have more difficulty recovering from each successive injury, it doesn’t make sense for him to keep playing.

Lindros suffered his latest concussion in the second period of Wednesday’s game against Washington. He was looking down to control a bouncing puck and didn’t see Capitals defenseman Jason Doig closing in on him. Doig used his left shoulder to check Lindros, sending him sprawling to the ice with a hard but legal hit.

Shortly after, Lindros tried to start a fight with Doig, though no punches landed. Lindros took one more shift but didn’t feel well and was benched for the rest of the game. Rangers coach Glen Sather said Lindros saw some stars, white flashes.

The 6-foot-3, 228-pound Doig told reporters he didn’t mean to injure Lindros, who is 6-5, 240. “He’s a big target out there,” Doig said. “I was already moving when he put his head down. His head was up at first.”

Lindros previously suffered a concussion Dec. 28, 2001, when he banged his head with his own stick and glove in a collision with San Jose Sharks forward Mark Smith. Lindros missed four games.

Lindros was sidelined for the entire 2000-01 season after a brutal hit by New Jersey Devils defenseman Scott Stevens on May 27, 2000, in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals. (Coincidentally, Stevens, one of the league’s most fearsome bodycheckers, is currently on the Devils’ injured reserve list because of concussion symptoms.)

Lindros, who turns 31 next month, was labeled “The Next One” before he was drafted first overall by the Quebec Nordiques in 1991. The nickname alluded to expectations that he eventually would follow Wayne Gretzky – “The Great One” – as the league’s top star.

Lindros has had a good career – he won the Hart Trophy with the Flyers in the lockout-shortened 1994-95 season – but he hasn’t stayed healthy long enough to reach his full potential.

Maybe Lindros’ next move should be retirement. What do you think?


• New York Rangers forward Eric Lindros has suffered eight concussions in the past six years, the first six concussions coming when he played for the Philadelphia Flyers:

Date Circumstances

1.March 8, 1998 Checked by Pittsburgh’s Darius Kasparaitis

2.March 29, 1998 Hit by Calgary’s Steve Smith and Jason Wiemer

3.Jan. 12, 2000 Collided with Atlanta’s Chris Tamer

4.March 4, 2000 Hit by Boston’s Hal Gill

5.May 5, 2000 Collided with Flyers teammate Francis Lessard

6.May 27, 2000 Leveled by New Jersey’s Scott Stevens

7.Dec. 28, 2001 Bumped by San Jose’s Mark Smith

8.Jan. 28, 2004 Hit by Washington’s Jason Doig

source: Winnipeg Free Press

26 Responses to Should Lindros Retire???

  1. nskerr says:

    If he can continue to play physical hockey in the slot creating space and creating problems for the defense, then he should stay in hockey. However after his last concussion with the Rangers, he played the rest of the season as a perimeter player. If all he is going to do is look to pass the puck from the point because he is afraid to get hit, then he should retire.

  2. wingerxx says:

    It totally depends…Personally, I think its courageous of him to keep playing, although some think its stupid. I disagree, because hockey is what he loves…its not easy to walk away from something you love. If Lindros retires, good for him, he’s had a better career than most NHL players. From the sounds of it, this concussion does not sound that severe. But he should take his time coming back, so he can at least attempt to be the old force-of-nature Lindros, that he was playing like. As a Rangers fan, I definitely want him back. But as a hockey fan, I could understand why he would want to walk away too.

  3. Donovan says:

    It looks as though he should retire, but he probably won’t. I think its genetic. Look at his brother.

  4. Primis says:

    Yes. Next question…

    — Primis.

  5. GretzNYR99 says:

    Wrong. He actually had a great season that year, and he still played hard-nosed hockey even after the collision with Smith, I remember watching that game. What I thought was just a little accidental bump turned out to be a concussion. He got into 2 fights (for Lindros, that’s a lot) afterwards. He had a total of 6 that season.

    I’ll tell you what did happen though… Mike York and Theo Fleury’s production went down. Both went into big slumps shortly afterward, and Theo went nuts and got ejected from a seemingly countless number of games. I just hope that it doesn’t have the same effects that it did there on his current linemates.

  6. GretzNYR99 says:

    Reminds me too much of Pat LaFontaine… I loved watching them both, but their demises were just unbearable. I hate to see this happen.

  7. Smithers says:

    As much as we hate to admit it, life is a whole lot bigger than hockey. Lindros should consider this, be smart in his actions and step away from the game. Not everyone will leave on his own terms, but this is the rest of his life that he is now playing with. Do the smart thing Lindros. You’ve been a fun player to watch, but step away while you still can.

  8. defenestrate says:

    Nice brevity.

  9. defenestrate says:

    Retire? NO! Who would we torment Mik about then?

    Oh, that’s right – the rest of the team.

    Btw, I think you missed a few concussions – I’m pretty sure his bell was also rung by Connie Moreau, Ogilthorpe, Tootie, Blair, Joe, Natalie, and Mrs. Garrett.

  10. Aetherial says:

    Don’t know enough about this latest injury to say whether or not he should retire yet.

    What is scary though is that it points out what we all know is true and yet sort of forgot about the last 2 years. He is one decent hit away from some serious damage at some point.

    Perhaps it is time to jang ’em up and think about the quality of his life.

  11. RangerSteve says:

    *YAWN* D-strate, it’s rough enough and has been for the past 6 years as a Ranger fan, just be blessed that little Quebec franchise moved out west.

  12. big_booty says:

    You left out some key co-conspirators:

    Isaac the bartender from “Love Boat”

    The inhabitants of “Herman’s Head”

    “Rerun” from “What’s Happening”

    Cokie Roberts and George Will

    Flavor Flav

    And, of course, Bob and Doug McKenzie.

  13. The_Conductor says:

    How many concussions do you need before you call it quites. 1? 2? 5? 8? For Lindros who knows… maybe he will call it quites when he spaces out, when he doesn’t know where he is or what he is doing.

    Yes he is his own person but shouldn’t the NHL step in and say that he is a risk to himself. 1 Concussion isn’t good for a person… think what 8 could do!

    Retire sure… if he doesn’t, no big deal… its his life and his brain.

  14. defenestrate says:

    Yahoo Serious?

    Mr. Woodman?

    Sean Patrick Kelly (“The Warrior did it – he shot Cyrus, man!”)

  15. wheresthesoda says:

    lindros has had a great season. I dnt want him to retire on the low note of him not getting the rangers in the playoffs. he has been playing so strong this year, it was bound to happen. i think lindros shouldnt retire. after he gets all better,than he should make his decision.

    and if he doesnt get all better, than his decision has been made

  16. Donovan says:

    What about those things from Fraggle Rock? I coulda sworn I saw one at a Wings/Flyers game a few years ago.

  17. UsedandAbused says:

    YES!!!! Before he gets brain damage… Hockey isn’t worth living the rest of his life as a retard.

  18. AfroCon says:

    Don’t forget Elvis Stojko kicking Lindros’ ass in a bar a few years ago during the Olympics…

  19. laserman says:

    I hate to say it but after watching tonights game in Buffalo, nothing will get the Rangers in the playoffs. I can only descibe that team with one word. Clusterfuck…

  20. ranger_fan says:

    As much as it hurts to say so I think he should like Brett did. Or perhaps he will sign with the Leafs or traded there before he goes. He has always wanted to be there it seems. Best of luck Eric.

  21. big_booty says:

    What would Brian Boitano do if he were here right now?

    He’d make a plan and follow through.

    That’s what Brian Boitano’d do.

  22. defenestrate says:

    M-m-m-Max Headroom!

  23. Killa_Bs says:

    Courageous?!? Well that of course depends on what you value in life. We have to remember that it is just a sport. If your paralyzed or have some other life-altering injury the game of hockey will seem pretty trivial. I think he should walk away while he is still able to WALK.

    Besides, I never liked this mf anyway..

  24. Fuhr4ever says:

    Yeah I particularly enjoyed that season he spent crying off the ice in philly.

    My personal hatred of Lindros aside, he needs to realize exactly what you just said “life is a whole lot bigger than hockey”. If Pat Lafontaine can walk away from what could have been one of those historical careers in the making then Lindros can walk away as well. People will respect him much more for being intelligent enough to make this decision than they will for him sticking it out.

    He has a choice, think about his health and his family or come back and most certainly end up eating applesauce with Muhammad Ali the rest of his life.

  25. defenestrate says:

    And….we didn’t even touch the whole “Eight is Enough” thing!

  26. defenestrate says:

    “Before he gets brain damage”? Lock the barn door – the horse is loose.

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