Should Sather be IN or OUT?

The current GM of the New York Rangers, Glen Sather has seemed to be under fire, not only by the Garden Faithful, with their “FIRE SATHER” chants not only at games, but charity events. However is Sather to blame? And what has he done under his own terms that has made him so very bad in the MSG boxseats?

Now I know that Glen Sather is a hypocrite, no mistake about that. He ridiculed Neil Smith and the Rangers for spending all of that money when in Edmonton.

James Dolan of Cablevision tells his GM what to get, and just now, is he seeing that you can’t keep changing the looks of a roster. But a question that I have for Sather is why did he take the job? He knew from the interview what the job was.

Now I got that off, what has Sather, and Sather alone done to fire him. He has created inflated salaries, or at least, he and Dolan did. Bobby Holik is not worth what they paid, 9 million. It seemes that he has the disease of Kasparitis…very deadly in overpaid athletes. He hasn’t lived up to a player even worth 4 million. However, I think that Glen Sather is the right man for the job.

Sather has realized no more overpriced free agents, and throughout trades has done wonders. I mean how many great draft choices do the Rangers have? How many top prospects who are expected to play do they now have. I mean the Hartford Wolfpack made it quite far into the playoffs.

I can’t see but two trades I dislike that Sather made. Graves for Samuelson, still disliking that. Talentwise, good, bad for the PR. And the Mike York trade. The Bure trade I loved, at the time. Pavels image has gone down the tubes. And he got way too much, if their is a thing, in all of his end of the year trades.

The only positive I am seeing in ridding Sather is an increased fan support of the faithful, but I don’t see what is so bad at what he is doing.

Drafting I am wishing he had the Jessiman pick back, and got Dustin Brown. Dan Blackburn was a good pick, AND according to the MSG sportsdesk is now officially over surgery, and is working out, and I am speculating he might be ready for training camp.

When you coment on Sather, please don’t type, yes, or no. Give some reasons.

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