Should Some Players Wear Diapers?

Okay recently there have been two unusual suspensions in the NHL. The first is the Sundin stick incident, and the second the Roenick water bottle incident. For anyone living under a rock, the first one saw Sundin after breaking his stick on a shot attempt throw his stick twenty rows into the stands, the second incident had Roenick throw his water bottle at a ref after a missed high stick call.The thing I don’t understand is all the complaining by these players about the suspensions. First Quinn and Sundin complain the suspension was too harsh. Are you kidding me? Can you imagine every player threw their stick in the crowd after it broke? There would be lawsuits being served up like there’s no tomorrow. Then there’s McCabe saying, “Mats got one game for such a little thing….” Do these players have brains these days? What if the stick actually hit someone and hurt them? I can see if the stick only went a few rows up but it was launched way above the glass. Then I hear McCabe flap his dumb mouth some more, “I guess when you play in the spotlight of Toronto sometimes the league tries to make an example of you.” No Mr. McCabe, its when your teammate doesn’t use his brain and endangers the fans that help pay your salary that the NHL will make an example of him.

Next we have good old JR. This one doesn’t seem as bad since JR isn’t really complaining about the suspension and a plastic water bottle isn’t exactly going to hurt someone when it rolls across the rink and taps the ref in the leg. Still when is Roenick going to learn to keep his mouth shut? This isn’t the WWE when they have all kind of skits. Okay I can understand the comments he made right after the game when he was frustrated about the loss and the miss call, “NHL, wake up!” Roenick said. “Blaine Angus is standing right in front of me and he says he doesn’t see it. What is he looking at? The National Hockey League has to step in and tell these guys to open up their eyes.” The problem is when he complains after a suspension he deserves, “They (the NHL) still refuse to expose the referees,” he said. “Granted, they might not get playoff games at the end of the year or their bonus money, but still, that is not enough motivation to get these guys to wake up and call the games the way they should be called.” Come on Roenick, everyone knows the NHL refs suck and are going to miss calls but you don’t see other players throwing water bottles at the refs. Still Roenick hasn’t learned his lesson and today sounded off again, “(Bettman) forgot that the NHL merged with the WWF and we hide razor blades in our pockets and cut ourselves so we can get calls,” Roenick told the Camden Courier Post on Thursday, as quoted by the Toronto Star. Roenick you idiot, Bettman admitted that the ref missed the call and never accused you of faking your cut, so why do you make such stupid comments especially with an important home and home series coming up against the Leafs, in which your already missing the first game. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets suspended for the second game now, and this will only hurt his team.

All quotes came from TSN website and website.

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  1. devfanman4 says:

    How is what he did and said about the officiating classy? He threw a waterbottle. By the time you’re about 4 or 5, you learn that temper tantrums don’t get you what you want. When they interviewed him after the game they had to edit half of what he said to make it appropriate for TV! Now that was classy!

    He had a case against the referees, but he went about it the wrong way.

  2. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    yeah, that was a good one. I was trying to think where i heard that.

  3. Bretzky says:

    LOL. OMG A UNIVERSITY HONORS STUDENT. I could brag about myself too but I don’t need to because I’m already on top. You keep saying stuff like “your comments are so stupid I can’t even comment on them!”… but you don’t back up ANYTHING you say. And where are your rebuttles to what I said? Nowhere to be found because you’re dead wrong. “Death ears” ahahahahaha. Some University Honors student! What University would that be? Lmao. You’re pathetic, so until you actually respond to what I said instead of just blandly saying that my comments are too stupid to respond to, I’ll keep laughing. There’s nothing more I can say. You argue the same point that I picked apart piece by piece already and you ignore that completely. Did you READ my post? Read it slowly. Make sure you absorb all of it. Genius. lmao.

  4. Bretzky says:

    Read my post moron. Obviously talking about it calmly with the league and trying to get something done about it went ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE. The officiating has only continued to get severely worse. So what else does a player have to do? Roenick admitted that what he did was a little bit of testosterone taking over, but he still stands by what he did because he’s right. The refs are paid to do a job. Lately they’ve been missing major, obvious calls and the players are getting frustrated. Roenick has succeeded in causing a big controversy by doing what he did, and now more than ever the issue is in the media. So how is what he did the wrong way? Class? None of you morons have any of that. How would you know what it is? As for your “edit half of what he said to make it appropriate for TV” ….. Have you ever watched a hockey game before? Players curse all the time, sometimes it doesnt even get editted out because it’s live. Why are you whining? May I suggest Jergen’s Baby Shampoo? NO MORE TEARS.

  5. Wills says:

    I’m not joking, your comments are really that stupid, its funny that you can’t realize it. It makes me laugh that you can get so angry over something so small. Tiny brains can only do so much. Maybe you were to dumb to see it, but I did respond yo your post, try using that little brain to figure it out.

  6. Bretzky says:

    a) ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, you’ve proven my point again. thanks.

    b) who’s angry lol? i’m the one who said i was laughing the whole time and would continue to laugh? what about that denotes anger?

    c) You didn’t respond to any of the things I addressed in my post. You just avoided your mistakes and started this cycle of “your comments are too stupid for me tee hee hee” instead of trying to defend anything you said. at least when Leaf_Expert responds to me he stands behind what he said.

  7. Wills says:

    Everything you addressed sounded like something that came from a dumb angry fan who hates the refs. (why do I have the feeling that your a Ranger fan) I can only repeat myself so many times. If you don’t get what I’m saying or don’t agree, thats your problem. The difference between you and me, is that if I don’t agree with someone I don’t go and start throwing insults at that person like a ignorant jerk. Not that it bothers me but it makes you look like a clown.

  8. Bretzky says:

    LMAO. Oh god, its pointless.

    “The difference between you and me, is that if I don’t agree with someone I don’t go and start throwing insults at that person like a ignorant jerk.”

    Got hypocrisy? Ahahahahaha.

  9. wingsfan13 says:

    horrible post. the worst ive seen in a while. number the nhl is in a poor state of mind rite now all the nhl adminstrators are ignoring the problems. number to they are fed up number three are u in the nhl, didnt think so and finally number for these comments are just plain stupid.

  10. leaf4ever says:

    First of all, yes I will admit. I believe that both suspensions were deserved.

    First to start off with Sundin. I can see why he threw the stick. No because he was being stupid. Yes it was a stupid move, but it was also a goal. Not just another shot on net. But he was in the perfect postion for a goal. Another thing is, he did not turn around and bad mouth the NHL he realized that he did something wrong and was apolegitic for his actions. He took full responsibility. Everyone knows, whether you love him or hate him, that Sundin is not a player that would delibrately try to injure another player or a fan. He’s not dirty, in any way. It was a move in frustration and he dealt with the consequence. But in the end, the fan did get $600 and another one got a signed stick. So how bad was it for the fan, really?

    As for Roenick. As much as I don’t like the guy he had a point. His face was gushing out blood and the refs. do not notice. They don’t think, hey mabye he was high sticked? And his comments, he is right on the bacll. WAKE UP NHL What is this now? How many more high sticks have to happen? How many players have to have eye surgery? Lik c’mon. Look at Nolan, out for four weeks. Look at Tucker. Did you see Roenick’s face? Brian Berard! He almost lost an eye because of a high stick. I agree with Roenick completely. Wake up NHL, wake up.

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