Should The Habs And Flyers Make A Deal For Carey Price?

All those “Price is right” puns – Habs fans likely never imagined it would come to this and take on such a perspective.

This might be more than speculative, but rumours are that the Flyers were only curious about the asking price for Jaroslav Halak a few months back, and that the goaltender they truly covet is Carey Price. In fact, as Halak earned more starts for Montreal down the final stretch, at one point, GM Pierre Gauthier let it slip that calls for Price from teams actually increased the more the Habs leaned towards Halak as their go to goalie.

That’s a very telling notion, and poses some curious questions and options for the Canadiens brass.

Rather than get full into another biased camp debate, let’s leapfrog right over to the ultimate question. If Montreal were to deal Price to the Flyers, the return would have to be a significant one. The Canadiens, in such a scenario, would then face Price four times per season if he were to become a Flyer, for many years into the unforeseeable future. The Habs would then be looking for a trade that would offer similar quality for coming years.

Now from a Flyers point of view, over the summer, they may be able to get their mits on Marty Turco or Tomas Vokoun, who are both aging, and have never won much of significance. The Flyers goaltending issues are longstanding, and a very frustrating killer point in Philly failure for decades. For a good while now, the Flyers have gone through goalies like Hugh Hefner goes through bottles of Viagra.

Acquiring Price from Montreal, in Philadelphia’s eyes, could potentially solve that particular issue for several seasons. It is late for them, in terms of solving that issue, and if they are truly intent on resolving it once and for all, they would be willing to offer up a heady return.