Should The Habs And Flyers Make A Deal For Carey Price?

All those “Price is right” puns – Habs fans likely never imagined it would come to this and take on such a perspective.

This might be more than speculative, but rumours are that the Flyers were only curious about the asking price for Jaroslav Halak a few months back, and that the goaltender they truly covet is Carey Price. In fact, as Halak earned more starts for Montreal down the final stretch, at one point, GM Pierre Gauthier let it slip that calls for Price from teams actually increased the more the Habs leaned towards Halak as their go to goalie.

That’s a very telling notion, and poses some curious questions and options for the Canadiens brass.

Rather than get full into another biased camp debate, let’s leapfrog right over to the ultimate question. If Montreal were to deal Price to the Flyers, the return would have to be a significant one. The Canadiens, in such a scenario, would then face Price four times per season if he were to become a Flyer, for many years into the unforeseeable future. The Habs would then be looking for a trade that would offer similar quality for coming years.

Now from a Flyers point of view, over the summer, they may be able to get their mits on Marty Turco or Tomas Vokoun, who are both aging, and have never won much of significance. The Flyers goaltending issues are longstanding, and a very frustrating killer point in Philly failure for decades. For a good while now, the Flyers have gone through goalies like Hugh Hefner goes through bottles of Viagra.

Acquiring Price from Montreal, in Philadelphia’s eyes, could potentially solve that particular issue for several seasons. It is late for them, in terms of solving that issue, and if they are truly intent on resolving it once and for all, they would be willing to offer up a heady return.

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  1. number15 says:

            long term im expecting Halak to calm down like Huet did. Its not hard to find goalies of Halak's stature. He's hot now, but he wont be forever…. Carey Price has the potential to be a frachise goalie. I'd hold on to him.

        I bleave they are both RFA, so Montreal could hold onto both if they want. Im sure some team will make a big offer for Price on the open market, so lock him up and take a chance on Halak. If he gets a huge offer, let him walk and keep the draft picks. If he gets a reasonable offer, match it….. easy

    *** hope the Flyers hold onto their assets. The leafs can use them in a possible Tomas Kaberle trade, if u know what i mean

  2. palindrom says:

    I have absolutely no problem keeping our both goalie for the next year.

    We are in no hurry to trade.. Gauthier can listen trade proposition from other gm  and wait for the good offer to come.

    Goalies values have been low these last two years (brizgalov on waiver!) There are too many available goalies for few job. The best is to wait for the right time.

  3. HABSSTAR says:

    The Flyers are interested in Price?  Given Philly's ability to constantly seek out and get suspect quality goaltenders this does not play well for Montreal or Price…

  4. nordiques100 says:

    Halak > Rask

  5. Kramer says:

    To help the Flyers goalies, the NHL should make the nets smaller.

  6. leafmeister says:

    Its only a matter of time before they get old Trevor Kidd from the deepest, darkest reaches of free agency.

  7. Redwings3019 says:

    For Philly to get Price they are going to give up a lot. Most likey key prospects and a 1st or 2nd round pick, most likey for Price and a pick. This will basically be Philly's Kessel deal, theyll need to give up more than just normal. The biggest reason is because its same conference (imagine if it was same division)

    If Philly wants a promising young goalie than they should look to L.A. They have Quick, who this year has posted 39W, 24L, 4 ShO, 2.51 GAA and a .908 SV%. He was born in '86 I believe, 1 year older than price. Now L.A. also has Jonathan Bernier, named AHL Top Goalie and has a lot of promise.

    If Philly wants a goalie for the future then this is their best bet in my eyes. Montreal has already said they want both Price and Halak to stay. L.A. would like both but with Quick showing some really good promise Philly might be able to get Bernier for less than Price. L.A. wasnt that active during trade deadline, 1-2 trades I think…I say it depends how far L.A. goes to see what they would need for one of the two goalies, and also if Emery will come back

  8. mojo19 says:

    Would you feel the same way if keeping both goalies means not having enough money to re-sign Plekanec?

    also your first language is definitely french… right?

  9. nordiques100 says:

    good comeback start for Shawn Mar*****.

    To be an ace though, he'll need to grind it out better the longer he stays out there.

    And, he better not give up the lead. We know the bullpen cant hold it.

    How long before Gregg or Downs close? I like Frasor but he is miscast as a closer.

    Nice to see Vernon Wells actually cash in guys in scoring position.

    Its going to be a looooonnnnngggg year for the Jays. 

  10. cam7777 says:

    I could see them just signing one of the big name free agents to a two year deal, or just giving Emery and Leighton another shot at it when healthy.  They should shoot for Corey Schneider in a trade.  He won't be ridiculously expensive, and they could still sign a more experienced tandem for the meantime.  This way, they aren't putting all of the burden on Schneider, but they have a solid young guy to call up if things go bad again.  So:

    To VAN: Coburn. Maroon
    To PHI: Schneider, O'Brien

    -sign Emery, 1 year, 1.5 million
    -sign Leighton, 2 years, 2 million

    This would be smart, as many people forget that Emery was lights out before he suffered that injury.  And of course, it doesn't even have to be Emery.  Sign Turco or Nabokov on the cheap.  THat said, I doubt the Flyers will do this.  Holmgren will "go big or go home", and go after Price, Halak, Vokoun, or maybe Kipprusoff.

  11. bbruins37 says:

    This year is going to be painful.

    The starting rotation is still decent with out Halladay, but there are no aces there. The bullpen should be pretty awful too. I do think Drabek has the potential to be an ace though, but who knows when he'll be up with the Jays.

    Hill and Lind are great but other than that…Wells was good today but he should sink right back into being complacent with that contract soon enough.

    I'm really interested to see what Brett Wallace can do though. I think he'll get his chance sooner rather than later. 11th pick in the 2010 draft ad probably higher in 2011 though. That'll be good.

    I just wish if they were going to be bad, they'd be as bad as a team like the Nationals. Two first overall picks in a row last year and this year and two of the most high-profile guys to ever be drafted in Stephen Strasburg and the potential pick of the Lebron James of baseball Bryce Harper this year. I wonder if they'll even pick him at one because of his agent though. Scott Boras is renowned for holding out for ridiculous deals, and even did that with Strasburg last year. I don't know if they can tie up that much money in two prospects when they already have so much invested into Strasburg.

  12. lafleur10 says:

    if we do trade price(witch wouldbe the biggest mistake we could ever make) i'd ask for jeff carter + and wouldn't take less

  13. nordiques100 says:

    Has that cuban SS officially signed? Last i heard it was still visa issues. That's a coup. Showed we can actually outbid the Yanks for someone in demand.

    I'd like to see them turn Jenkins and/or Stewart into closers. Maybe a Henke/Ward part deux? Not sure of their mental makeup but they bring heat.

    McGowan I hope can return. He, Mar*****, Rzepcynski, Cecil, Mills, Romero, Drabek, Morrow, Eveland, there are good starters. No aces though…for now.

    Too bad our outfield is for crap and we cant run….or field at many positions. Snider better have a great year. WTF about him hitting 9th?!?!?

    We only need 3 outfielders, a SS, 3B, 1B, C, 3 starters, 4 bullpeners, a leadoff hitter, a true cleanup guy, and guys who can run. Surely now, we at least have a GM who cares though.

  14. bbruins37 says:

    Yeah the last I heard about Hechavarria was that visa issues are holding it up, but it's a done-deal otherwise. It was pretty surprising that the Jays outbid them, it looked like the Yankees were really close to signing him.

    The bullpen is a nightmare right now. I guess because the starters are good and deep you could groom one or both of Jenkins and Stewart into closers. I'd like to think that Jenkins in particular would become a starter up here someday though.

    Who do you think has ace-potential outside of Drabek though? There's alot of good pitchers, but I can't see any turning into aces except maybe Drabek, and that's a big maybe.

    Bautista batting first is a joke. I think 2-4 could be really good if Wells performs even somewhat close to what he did before getting his contract. The rest is…not great. Snider was sick a couple years ago in limited action, but he was pretty bad last year. He shouldn't be 9th though. He's only like 21 or something right?

    SS is definitely still a need. Gonzalez? I'd prefer to bite the bullet on Johnny Mac's awful bat and keep him in for his defensive ability alone. From what I know about Gonzalez he isn't that much better at bat, and is supposed to be good defensively. Big upgrade…

  15. DannyLeafs says:

    That is exactly the reason that the Canadiens should hold on to Price for the time being. With the market for goalies being the way it is right now they stand no chance of getting close to that for him.

    I think the best they could hope for at this time is Gagne in a straight up deal.

  16. nordiques100 says:

    Morrow could be the next Nuke Burnett. His stuff has the best potential to be ace worthy. But with his million dollar arm comes a 5 cent head and injuries. If he can stay healthy, the Jays could have like 3 number 2 guys : McGowan, Mar*****, Morrow.

    Drabek though for sure is ace worthy. Hopefully they dont rush him.

    2011 could see him in the rotation with the 3 M's and RR. That is a fairly deep staff. Rzepcynski is the next in line.

    That could leave Stewart, Jenkins in AAA, Cecil and Mills in the bullpen with the buffet of crap of Downs, Tallet, Frasor, Camp, Eveland as the other bullpeners. If not Jenkins as closer, definitely Stewart and his live arm. He already is a 2 pitch pitcher. Let him and Cecil close. Thats what I would do. I mean the team needs their own version of Papelbon.

    The lineup is pathetic. But in 2011 i would hope that we have a real leadoff hitter.

    1. Leadoff guy preferably an outfielder
    2. Hill 2B
    3. Lind DH
    4. Wells CF
    5. Wallace !B
    6. Snider Corner Outfield Spot
    7. A real 3B
    8. Catcher be it a vet like Buck again or young Archeiba and a vet platoon
    9. A new SS: Gonzo for now, Hechy for the future. 

    McDonald, the other catcher, Bautista and maybe Ruiz again or McCoy on the bench.

    Its not looking horrible, but with so many needs, 2012 may be the better bet to contend.

    Or we beg for realignment lol.

  17. lafleur10 says:

    gagne is done and he wouldn't fir our needs, carter is and that's what we should and can get for price if he was traded to the flyers,in trade talks philly almost has no bargaining power because of there desperate need of goaltending we hold all the cards because of the price ,halak tandem we have(which is the best tandem in the league) the flyers are also at a disadvantage with other teams that have goaltenders too because they need 1 and teams know that so it's either give up carter  or no deal! even your leafs would have the advantage because you guys could "say well if it's bustavsson or giguere going to you it's carter coming the other way !

  18. nordiques100 says:

    Habs have 13 mil in cap space with the cap going up to 57 plus.

    Have the following under contract:

    F: Gomez, Gionta, Cammellari, Moen, AKostitsyn, Pacioretty
    D: Hamrlik, Spacek, Gorges, Markov, Gill, O'Byrne
    G: none.

    The Laraque buyout will be on the books.

    They need to re-sign several free agents:
    Plekanec – 5 mil per, but longer term to lessen cap burden
    Halak – 3 mil per
    Pouliot – 1 mil
    Pyatt – 900K
    Lapierre – 700K
    Darche – 500K

    All that, plus buyout should cost around 11 mil and leave 1.5 mil in cap space and they'd still need to sign Price and SKostitsyn plus fill 5 roster spots to round out a 22 man roster.

    Sorry to say but the Habs are in cap heck. And the prices to Pleks and Halak are generous. They may get much more than that. Pleks could get 6 but that seems crazy. But then again, GMs like Slats are crazy.

    They'll need to find takers I think for both Kostitsyns, Price and Hamrlik, free up some valuable cap and round out their roster.

    Price and S Kostitsyn to Edm for Brule, Cogliano, Smid and Deslauriers

    Brule at 1.5 mil per
    Cogliano at 1.5 mil per
    Deslauriers at 1 mil per
    Smid costs 1.3 mil

    Oil get a number 1 goalie who may fit into their young team. Khabibulin may be done with a bad back. S Kost could fit well too with his former junior linemate Sam Gagner. Price is still in a tough hockey market, but may thrive as the for sure number 1, a veteran and much tougher management group and coaching staff and being back in western Canada.

    The Habs get depth. Lots of depth and 4 players under age 25. A huge price for Edmonton but thats to counter the potential star power of Price and his potential.

    I realize Hab fans would prefer a proven star for Price but their needs are thoroughly filled here will these additions. Brule is showing signs of being a top 2 line centre. Cogliano has the blazing speed that suits the habs well. Smid adds some grit and is still young and learning, Deslauriers is a decent young goalie prospect who'd fit nicely in a platoon with Halak. All 4 have lots of potential. Not Price potential but are good, young, affordable talents.

    Thats 5.3 added but they dont have to worry about RFAs price and S Kost.

    Trade Hamrlik to Col for Tom Preissing.

    Bury Priessing and his 2.9 cap hit in the minors. Thats 5.5 mil off the books.

    Trade Pacioretty to Van For Steve Bernier. Adds 2 mil but removes 900K from the cap.

    Bernier is a bigger forward plus is french Canadian with a scoring touch. Should add a net presence. He needs the scenery change.

    Trade A Kostitsyn to Phx for Petr Prucha and Brett MacLean. MacLean to the farm, Prucha adds 1.2 mil to the cap, but they subtract 3.2 off it. 2 mil in savings.

    Prucha may be just as productive as Kost, but at a cheaper price.

    Players coming in add 9.5 to the cap. Players out cost 9.6 mil. They'd still have about a mil and a half to round out their roster.




  19. mojo19 says:

    But Lafleur, there are a lot of teams with goaltending upgrades for the Flyers. Let's say you're right, and the Habs say they want Carter for Price, but the Wild come out and offer up Harding for Hartnell. Now the Flyers can say would i rather have Hartnell and Price, or Carter and Harding. This is just one example, but there are lots of fits out there and different combo's, I don't think your feeling is right about the Flyers having to trade Carter for a goaltending upgrade.

  20. lafleur10 says:

    mojo the difference is though harding is no better than what they currently have acquiring harding is a side ways move it's not really improving them and harding doesn't increase there chances of winning price does! simply put he better than what available and will sigficantly improve them and their cjhances of winning and would gave them the kind of goaltending that they haven't had in a long,long time so ask your self this if you were paul holmgren which 1 of the 2 would you really like to have his job may depend on it?yeah for price it'll cost you more than harding but that's the price you pay for a chance to win and having an elite goaltender it's just my opinion mojo but i think holmgren will weigh his options and he will ultimatley decide that if he has to give up carter in a price deal we will do it i could be wrong i guess we'll just watch and see how it unfolds.

  21. cam7777 says:

    Harding was just one example. Vokoun is also available.  Roloson will probably be available if they want to do a short term option.  And people tend to forget too, that Emery was lights out fantastic to open the season this year, and only when he got injured did he slow down, and eventually have to stop altogether for surgery.  It would be a massive over-reaction to the problem to trade Carter for Price.

    What they should do is trade for Corey Schneider, so they have a top notch youngster in the system, and then go out and get one of the other guys, either via a trade, or free agency, to help the team for another year or two.  This way, if things go bad, you actually have someone to turn the team over to.

    That being said, Elliote Friedman reported yesterday, that from what he hears, you can expect some pretty substantial changes to the cores of both the Bruins and the Flyers this off-season.  Apparently, pockets of players with different agendas have surfaced, cliques if you will, and it has soured the locker-room in a significant way.  Both teams can blame injury all they want, but the reality is that there was enough talent on both rosters to perform better.  Point and case, should Carter's injury even be a big deal when your top six includes Simon Gagne, Mike Richards, Scott Hartnell, Daniel Briere, and two top notch youngsters in Claude Giroux and James VanRiemsdyk?

    So you never know.

    I suspect the Hawks will be in on Price very hard.  Patrick Sharp could be a more realistic option.  Habs are in cap hell, as nordiques points out below, so it's going to be tricky regardless.  Better hope Price doesn't just hold out and get offer-sheeted when Gauthier can't match…..

  22. lafleur10 says:

    he'll match any offer no problem he said that himself,but worst caseif he doesn't we'll take the picks including the 1st rd picks that teams will have to give up?

    interesting on patrick sharp though i'd take him too as a consulation prize if we didn't get carter
    cam can you tell me how the compensation works if an offer sheet is given to price?

  23. cam7777 says:

    He likely won't be able to if Price just waits long enough.  Let's say for example, that Halak gets 4 million on a resign (I think he'll get the Hiller contract, closer to 4.5, but let's just say 4.0).  And then Plekanec ends up costing about 4.5 (which again, is fairly conservative, as he might cost 5.5 given that Gionta got 5 to produce less, and Gomez makes 7.4).  You're at the 53.2 million of the 57.7 cap already (including the Laraques buyout), and you have at least 8 roster players to sign:

    Andrei Kostitsyn (3.25) – Scott Gomez (7.357) – Brian Gionta (5.0)
    Mike Cammalleri (6.0) – Tomas Plekanec (4.5) – ________________
    Travis Moen (1.5)

    Andrei Markov (5.75) – Roman Hamrlik (5.5)
    Jaroslav Spacek (3.833) – Hal Gill (2.25)
    Josh Gorges (1.1) – Ryan O' Byrne (0.942)

    P.K. Subban (0.875)

    Jaroslav Halak (4.0)

    If Price wants, he can simply wait until the Habs fill some of those spots.  Once they're at the cap (which won't take long since they only have 4.5 million left (and probably realistically, closer to 3 million with the actual prices of Plekanec and Halak), someone could indeed swoop in and snatch Price away.  Matching an offer sheet at that point would mean getting raped on some other trades.  This is exactly what Chiarelli was faced with last year.  Either lose Kessel, or move Bergeron, and at least one other for next to nothing (and even after giving him away, they still had to get rid of Kobasew).  The only problem is, the Habs have no one of any interest to anyone.  They've tried for a full year now to move the Kostitsyn's, and no one wants anything to do with Hamrlik's enormous salary. 

    On top of that, you still have some guys that will be fairly pricey to resign (ie. not 1 million or less) in Dominic Moore, Sergei Kostitsyn, and Benoit Pouliot.  A lot will depend on what Price actually wants.  If he wants to be a Hab, and get spat on every time he doesn't single-handedly win a game like Halak, then sure, he'll sign a lesser offer sheet to stay.  But let me tell you, the Hawks have no need for late 1st round picks, but could really use a franchise goalie.  Matching any offer sheet is simply hot air at this point.

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