So what everyone wants to know is how do we fix hockey, because I can tell you right now. Hockey IS DONE FOR THE SEASON. Let’s all just get that straight. But to Fix it, Why not take a page out of footballs book, one of the best systems in today’s sports.

NO HOCKEY WITHOUT A CAP? fine let’s put on a CAP. but let’s allow players to make money.Here are a few ideas. I can tell you this. Hockey will NEVER start again without a Cap. But players want a way to make money, right? Well, we need to add very important issues on contracts around the league.

1. Salary Cap in place for every team around the league. 35-45 million.

2. Allow Signing Bonus’s that do not count against a teams salary cap, But have a Luxury tax on how much teams can spend on signing Bonus’s maybe NOT a real hard cap on Bonus’s but something significant, and hurtful. So that the Taxing goes to teams who are the lowest revenue-producing clubs.

3. Releasing Contracts on the GM’s call. No more 5 year contracts were the player starts to suck and no one wants to trade for him and there is no way around his contract. Contracts can be released at the drop of a hat. Putting people in Free agency whenever. This way you get the best from players because every year is a contract year. Of Corse Releasing players won’t go without a fine to the team for doing such a thing. A small Fine that goes to the player to hold them over, almost like a buy out but not a buy out that the player can control.

This is just a start of a few ideas I hope to get some feedback on. This is basically the way football does have there system into place.