Slats makes another steal

Nw York Rangers acquired Anson Carter and Ales Pisa from the Edmonton Oilers for Radek Dvorak and Cory Cross.


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  1. TaajAr says:

    Don’t know much about Pisa but damn. I’d take Carter over Dvorak anyday. Must be Lowe is anticipating some magic between York and Radek Dvorak.

  2. Pock says:

    LOL thought you may get that one up quick mik

  3. mikster says:

    Dvorak is just starting to skate with confidence, but he was supposed to be an Oiler last season. Last year at the press conference after the Poti trade, Sather did say that Dvorak’s injury changed things. I still say Dvorak will be a 20 goal scorer a season. Corey Cross has been great for the Rangers, with a +10. I will miss the guy and hopefully Kaspar will still do well without him.

    Carter is exactly what the Rangers need. A power winger. He is not a left-winger, but he was much needed. Pisa, i don’t know much about, but he is younger than Cross, and i’ll take a true Oilers fan opinion on him.

    Great Job Slats!!!!!

  4. matteo says:

    Now this is a great deal. Looks like mik’s boy Sather is regaining his old Edmonton form.

    Great move by the Rangers….I still hate them, but have to give them credit for this one.

    Cory Cross must have been the deal breaker.

  5. mikster says:

    Ok, i have to take a 30 minute time out.

    I’ll be back as soon as possible.

  6. habs_88_4life says:

    Pisa is a great prospect, is pretty well looks like Carter for Dvorak, and Cross for Pisa. Rangers win no doubt!

  7. -Swizz- says:

    i think Slather still mysteriously works for the oilers, and is somehow stealing their players =P !

    seriously tho, nice deal…maybe they can actually make the playoffs…HA!

  8. MattNJD says:

    There’s gotta be a few million involved here. My guess is a $2 million check went to Edmonton with a Glen Sather autograph on the bottom of it.

  9. pop0331 says:


  10. TC_4 says:

    If this is a salary dump, then I’m ok with that, but DVOREK?????????????????????????????????????????

    Your f’n kidding me!!!! What a terrible trade. They needed a veteran d-man, not CORY CROS!!!! And for Pisa? Like Mike Brophy just said, they could have got him for nothing at the start of the year, now they give up a decent d-man for him. What a joke. I think my team must be in more finacial trouble then they’re let it be known. I do know that Carter is just awful in his own end, and is not anything physical, but you all know, Lowe could have got more then Dvorek. Maybe he’s going to NY after this season and wanted to add to the team before he got there. This trade is just stupid. I haven’t heard a word about Dvorek this year, not once. It’s just so stupid, I can’t believe this. Carter and Pisa maybe could have got Lundmark. But, maybe Lowe is moving some salary for a Niinimaa trade that COULD bring in a high priced guy. Watch for it. Other wise, if they leave it at this, that’s terrible. Good move by the Rangers, but now they have to trade some forwards and get a GOOD desfensive d-man.

  11. TC_4 says:

    Your Rangers stole this deal, don’t get me wrong, but part of the reason Carter is gone is because he isn’t physical, or uses his size. You didn’t get a power winger.

  12. pantherboy says:

    Boy oh boy, what a steal indeed. This one is even better than the Bure to the Blues (*drool*)! I sure do wish the Panthers could have opted for Carter, he is just the player they need.

  13. titans says:


  14. mcpeach2 says:

    Carter loves to play at the garden. Cross was a free agent. Another excellent move by Sather. Ive heard good things about Pisa also. Woohoo!!!

  15. Nemix says:

    Kevin Lowe wins the dumbass award for the day..Not only does he not address problems remaining with his team but kills any chemistry comrie had with carter for 1st or sencond line.. I think a deal with the iles would have been way more beneficial. This is an absolute joke and with the team leaving thier butts in a alligator pond waiting for a nip from the nashvilles, etc.. Surely they will loose a left cheek.. Bring out the toilet paper and an old magazine, Going to be on it for a while.. There is alot of wiping to do for this trade..

    Cory Cross is back in canada.. It is a sad day

  16. Tradedude says:

    wow! i dont usually compliment on slats trades, but nice trade. I mean dumping Cory Cross was HUGE for them, Carter for Dvorak was just extra credit deserved.

  17. big_booty says:

    I’d call this trade a push.

    Slats gets his hands on Carter, a player he has coveted for a while. A big, strong, power winger who has some goal-scoring capability. The trouble with Carter is, you never know which version of him you’re going to get.

    Kevin Lowe gets Dvorak, a player who was supposed to be an Oiler last year. Also a bigger player, but supposedly a speed demon who also has some goal-scoring capability. The trouble with Dvorak is, you never know which version of him you’re going to get.

    They are similar players, maybe not in style, but in size and stats. I don’t either team wins this trade hands down.

    Oil fans have to feel sorry for Carter, though. He’s no longer going to the playoffs.

  18. nskerr says:

    Dvorak for Carter? Are you kidding me? Cross over Pisa? Obviously the Oil Cans didn’t think they would sign Carter in the off-season because this trade is ridiculous. The only negative is that the Rags need D. They have enough up front between Bure, Kovalev, Messier, Holik, Lindros, Nedved. Their D is not very good and getting rid of Cross for more scoring is not the answer. Good luck Blackburn and Dunham.

  19. Aetherial says:

    You know everyone laughed when the Rangers signed Cross.

    I was the lone person I think who pointed out the reality of what the Leafs were like in the playoffs last with without him vs. with him in the lineup.

    Lo and Behold, Cross was a +10 or something with a struggling team like NYR. I would say that is not too bad.

    I mean hey, he is not a great D-man but he is not as bad as everyone thinks and his numbers in NY prove it.

  20. Glen says:

    Too little too late……. sorry Mik

  21. mikster says:

    Works the corners.

  22. Just-Checking-In says:

    This is part of a conversation between Mick and I this past July:

    On 2002-07-13 18:35, Jonathane wrote:



    Another guy from Edmonton to look at is Anson Carter. The Blue Shirts need wingers and although I do not think of Carter as a first line winger (I didn’t think that much of him when he was at Michigan State) however teamed with a guy like Nedved that could really add a potent punch to the Rangers. I have no idea what it would take to acquire these guys. STill there are haves and have nots in the league and teams are willing to make bad trades to loose some salary.”

    On 2002-07-13 18:41, Mikster wrote:


    Maybe Carter could be a good fit, but only if he is a LW. If he is a LW, then Carter would fit great with either Holik or Lindros.


    “These are times when you need beer and something tasty to eat, and talk about hockey.”

  23. mikster says:

    You guys ain’t winning the cup!!!!!!

  24. habs_88_4life says:

    You mean Cory Cross wasn’t traded for Paul Kariya ???

  25. maynard says:

    THE BOTTOM LINE: instead of playing hockey in April, carter will now be playing golf!

  26. mikster says:

    I don’t think he’ll play with Lindros, most likely he might replace Dvorak on the Holik line with Lundmark, and that could turn out to be a superb line.

    Ahhh, i’m eating something good tonight, and i must thank Canada for 1786…..awesome year. I love Molson Canadian.

  27. amok says:

    Another strange trade. I don’t know why everyone’s assuming the Oilers will make the playoffs though.

  28. DaMick says:

    Getting Carter who ISNT a Power foward[if you have watched the Oil cans youll see what i mean] for a expensive “potential” guy like Dvorak….is a good deal

    Carter doesnt muscle anyone…but can score [hey like the rangers need scorers! lol]

    Pisa though might be pretty good longterm….

    Cross is a decent D ,who will be forever linked to Kariya…lol

    the deal got made because Carter probably wont resign with the Oil…too bad,because i thought he fit in there…

    He should do decent on the Rangers 2-3rd line

    HTR’s resident RangerHater & LeafBasher


  29. Tradedude says:

    wasn’t he traded for Steve Kariya earlier this season, and steve kariya somehow got on the devils, confusing.

    Cross back in Canada…beer at last for the poor guy.

  30. TC_4 says:

    Yeah, but the guy isn’t physical, he plays like Mike Bossy, and only scores a 3rd of the goals(at best). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Edmonton got a good deal, or that this wasn’t a mistake by Lowe, but I think Lowe is thinking that Dvorak(who he seems to love for some reason)may be better defensivly, and may fit better with Comrie? I don’t know though, your Rangers hosed us though, no doubt about it. I may be wrong about Cross for Pisa though. Cross is a plus 10? And he’s from Lloyd, 2 hrs east of Edmonton, so coming home will be to his liking. He was almost an Oiler at the start of the year.

  31. Sands says:

    Sather did it again. Great trade. Devo…. for Carter? not bad! I’ll take Carter….. He will fit well. Scorer on evey line Kovelav, Bure, Carter. Not to bad. I think the Rangers were trying to grab Ninnam too with that deal. That would have been real nice.

  32. HailSatan says:

    Carters gay.. Hes streaky as hell hes got no heart and hes basically a fucking pussy..Same thing goes for Dvorak but at least hes younger and has had a 30 goal year..Dvorak still has some upside..I hope Carter dies..Soon..

  33. Sands says:

    Ok nut job…… Dvorak scored 30, yeah very good you can count. Cartter scored 28 last year… thats how many less then 30? 2…. very good Dvorak also hasn’t had half of that in the last 2 seasons.

  34. jofa says:

    Ok, as an Oilers fan, this is pretty brutal in the short term, especially since the team is in yet another dog-fight for a playoff position. Between trading Carter and Pisa to NYR and Niinimaa to NYI, Lowe has exposed some pretty serious gaping wounds in the team, which may compromise our chances of making the post-season…

    Defense is now pretty brutal. Brewer is about as offensive as the blue line will get, with a lot of stay-at-home defensemen like Semenov, Smith, and now Cross. Cross might be alright, but if they really wanted him, why didn’t they sign him when it would have cost the Oil nothing!

    The only way I can justify these trades as a fan is to look ahead to the future on offense. It’s a whole lot of “ifs” and question marks, but if some of these guys can do well in Edmonton, it could make for four solid lines up front:

    Smyth – Comrie – Isbister

    York – Marchant – Dvorak

    Rita – Stoll – Hemsky

    Torres – Reasoner – Laraque

    IF Isbister develops into the power forward he’s been hyped, the combo with Smyth and Comrie could be strong

    IF Dvorak can return to his old form with NYR (maybe through some chemistry with York)

    IF Marchant signs with Edm after this season

    IF Hemsky continues to develop, IF prospects Stoll, Rita, and Torres are able to live up to their hype, etc…

    I don’t know, any way you cut it, this wasn’t the proudest day to be an Oiler fan. Even if guys like Isbister and Dvorak live up to some of their potential, there is still a huge hole on defense and on the already weak powerplay.

  35. HailSatan says:

    Fuck you faggot..You can suck Carter off all you want..

  36. TC_4 says:

    Maybe because there 5 points up on an injured Nashville team with only 13 games left, and they’ll beat Calgary tonight, beat the Isles on Thursday, and beat the Preds on Monday. Maybe, just maybe, that’s why.

  37. bruinexpert says:

    hey hailsatan, why don’t you just come out of the closet and get it over with…its because he’s black isn’t it…everyone knows carter rules dumbass

  38. amok says:

    Nashville has a game in hand and five points isn’t that big a difference. If the Preds beat the Oilers you guys are in trouble.

  39. amok says:

    What a steal by the Rangers (as almost everyone else agrees). The Oilers managed to take one on bum from each New York team. Good job.

  40. beckfan says:

    Hey hailsatan, ive just nominated you as the newest Biggest Dick on the web site. And im sure I have backers on this one.

  41. bsfan1914 says:

    no he wasnt traded for steve kariya

    he began the season unsigned and when sather saw the walls falling down around him with all the injuries to his fragile players he decided to sign one of the worst defencemen in the nhl

  42. Sands says:

    BRo. you need help calm down ya nut job, it’s only a sport. Just because you don’t like blakc people and you secretly jerk off to Carter, you gay sick bastered……. doesn’t mean you have to get all out of hand cause this trade broke your heart

  43. HailSatan says:

    Oh, Just take that nigger and shove him up your

  44. HailSatan says:

    Now ya definitely

  45. HailSatan says:

    Yep, the Rangers also $2 million to the Oilers.. Super..

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