So Much for Kovalev

After the incident in game 3, it had to be expected that the referees in the Boston-Montreal series would be watching.After giving up a 3-1 lead, and taking the game into double overtime, Canadiens star Alexei Kovalev picked up the puck at his own blueline and began to skate across the line. About halfway he took a wack on the hand from Travis Green, that honestly looked as if most guys could have taken without the glove.

So what does Alexei do? Does anyone remember 1994? Kovalev completely disregards the puck, puts his hand between his legs, a skates into a paniced Sheldon Souray on his way back to retreive a loose puck.

This leaves Glen Murray all alone to beat Theodore and the series is 3-1 Bruins.

After the game, Kovalev talked about how he wasn’t crying for a penalty, but the coach and Souray both questioned Kovalev’s dedication, basically saying it’s double OT and you take a slash, does that mean you stop playing? NO.

I have to wonder whether this is the end of the playoffs for Kovalev, despite the fact that I beleive his wrist will be just fine.

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