So now it's Forsberg…

Yet another Leaf rumor is going around, this time surrounding Peter Forsberg… Eklund had this to say regarding Forsberg and the Leafs:

“According to an excellent source, Don Baizley, the agent for Peter Forsberg, was recently seen in the Toronto agent. His visit was completely unreported on, and although he does represent other players the trip comes amid other speculation regarding Forsberg and the Leafs.”

Another source, “I was told by a friend of Peter’s last week that he would take far less money to play for a cup with either Naslund or Sundin.”

Now I know alot of people still don’t believe Eklund, but I am an Ek follower, if you look at all the CBA details he was right about, and for the last month or so he said around mid July, he was even right about the lottery system, but why would a Flyers fan continue reporting crazy Leaf rumors???

Eklund’s Leaf rumors are a little off the normal onces, so far he’s brought up the names of Palffy, Forsberg, Demitra, and Kariya, and he says the Leafs will be a very different team, but really, what makes him think the Leafs can chase these guys?

Any ways, to the Forsberg rumor, it would instantly turn around my opinion of Forsberg, he’d go from cheap shotting, interfearing, diver, to one of the best players in the world.

Forsberg would likely command a huge salary, most or all of the cap space left by the Owen Nolan buy out.

I really could see Forsberg in alot of other cities first though, Anaheim and Vancouver are the first names that come to mind, maybe pairing up with Markus Naslund.