Some Post Christmas Cheer

So much has been written and said about the 2006-07 Maple Leafs and one thing is holding true: this team just isn’t going to make the playoffs. So, what does it do? Well, one needs to re-tool and rebuild, no matter how painful. What are the possibilities? Well, how about Sundin, Raycroft, McCabe and Antropov to the Ducks for McDonald, Brygalov, O’Brien and Penner. Another vision has the same Leafs package going to the Lightning for Richards, Holmqvist, Boyle and Craig. Other possibilities: McCabe to the Sharks for Carle. Sundin to the Panthers for Jokinen. And lastly, Sundin to the Canucks for Morrison and a first round draft choice.

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  1. PaulK123 says:

     This is a ridiculous article, have u heard of something called the salary cap? The Leafs are just in a slump, they'll come out of it, we can talk re-building closer to the deadline…

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    isn't going to make the post season? thats a stretch, seeing as only 33 games have been played. Florida is not going to trade Jokinen, and the sharks would be idiots to trade Carle. Here's how I think about it:

    The Kings are looking for help and are shopping Visnovski, and Conroy.
    So, Visnovski and a 3rd to Toronto for Tucker and Bell.

    Also, the Oilers are looking for a puck moving D-man
    So, Kubina to Edmonton for Tjarnqvist and a low round draft pick

    Also, the Lightning are looking to deal Prospal to clear cap space
    So, Leafs 3rd round pick and Kronwall for Prospal.

    In the offseason Tjarnqvist goes to free agency. Resign Sundin (6 mil), Peca (2.5), O'neill (1.5), Poni (1.5), Antropov (1), Colaiacovo (1), Aubin (1), White (1).

    Sign Nagy at 4-5mil

    Team looks like this



    Total salary: 44.5, hopefully the cap goes up.

  3. 92-93 says:

    ok i'll put this in bold this time:

    even if you wanted to, you cannot blow up this team and 'rebuild' (the catchphrase among some leaf fans since last year). there are too many no-trade clauses.

    the best you can do is trade your most valuable assets for future gains and Tucker is #1 on the list. Don't trade your young guys unless other young players are coming back the other way. make a UFA signing or two on the wings.

  4. leafsrule31 says:

    for once, i'm going to partake in the insanity that is the sheer panic set in motion among leafland, and share my opinions. the leafs are dealing with being tagged team by a gm combination of pat quinn and john ferguson jr., mostly the latter. contrary to the beliefs of most leaf fans, you cannot drop a bomb in the middle of an nhl dressing room, and consider it plausable, as well as effective.

    reasonable solutions?.. as far fetched as they are..

    1.. jfj has got to go. just has to.. we cannot keep a gm who throws no trade clauses out left right and center, among other things. i mean can any one person out there really look at jfj and consider him a positive to the toronto maple leafs?.. you look at what bob gainey as done in montreal, and kevin lowe in edmonton.. and 95 percent of the general managers in the nhl, and compare them to torontos situation?.. unbelieveable that the toronto brass continues to let this gong show proceed.

    2.. im going to catch heat for this, but i think the goaltending situation in toronto is the first thing that needs to be dealt with. i think its time that the high ranking's in the leafs organization need to need to admit that the raycroft move was a mistake. sure it may be early to make that statement, but those were my thoughts from the day jfj made that deal. giving up a blue chip prospect like tukka rask for one of the biggest flops in calder trophy history cannot be considered a wise deal under any circumstances, especially considering the leafs long search for a goaltender that can shine when the heat is on. and although early, rask has shown many spots of greatness. its proven that raycroft and aubin cannot get the job done, regardless of the excuses, raycroft shows to many belfour like symptoms in the 18 shots 4 goals allowed category, night after night. and as a leaf fan i'm sick of it. both are struggling to stick around the 89 percent save percentage mark, and that just doesn't fly. solution? i like the thought of going to san jose. either toskala or nabakov would well be worth the 4 or 5 mil they will make next season in my opinion, and its rumoured that one of them will go for a puck moving dman.. so why not mccabe for toskala and some salary?.. although unlikely, mccabe might part with his no trade clause to play for a solid contender… and i think his addition would put the sharks over the top.. trade raycroft for a young player wherever he can be sold, and if not throw him in the minors for next year, who cares. aubin can join him there, and give pogge the chance to back up toskala. it might not work, and he might need more time.. but at this point its worth a shot. of course.. in my opinion.

    3. the salary situation needs to change. asap. this must start on the blueline. if mccabe won't pass on his no trade clause to go to san jose, he might do it to go to the islanders and they have just freed up the cap space required to acquire him.. move him for campoli and a 2nd rounder. kubina might be a tough sell, but edmonton might like him.. kubina for torres and smid?.. that one might be a bit over the edge. just throwing it out there. i'd like to see gill go for anything really, anything cheap.. although little realized, the man is a team high plus 8. those 3 moves alone frees up what, 13 mil in cap space? if sundin won't stay for less than 5 mil, start explaining to him that there's no room for him anymore.. anaheim would be a good fit, possibly getzlaf and penner for sundin and a 3rd rounder?.. i'm unsure of anaheims salary situation, and to lazy to check it. i'll get to tucker. kaberle must stay.. must.

    3.. i'd love to see toronto, for once, deal for a solid proven winger, if they are going to keep sundin around. nash or kovalchuk, but would be near impossible to pry away from their respective clubs, but it is possible. tucker, bell, and a first rounder?.. trading a first round pick scares me, but for once it'd be nice to know it's going to use. tucker just has to go, has to… the first rule of economics?.. buy low, sell high. unfortunately for mr. tucker, now is the time to sell high. and i'd rather see them use this situation to finally acquire that winger for sundin, one the leafs can be sure isn't leaving for free agency this summer. tucker is very attractive to alot of nhl teams, just like mccabe was at the last deadline, and the leafs cannot afford to let jfj crap up that situation as bad as he did the mccabe one.

    4.. trim the fat, i doubt anyones going to take belak, so do the waiver thing til he has a job with the marlies. it is unbelievable that guy has an nhl job, let alone in the new nhl.. what is he minus 15?.. serves no purpose at all. antropov should go, and actually has some value around the league, suglobov.. gone. and contrary to belief, i don't think pohl and battaglia are nhl calibre players, even on the 4th line. tlusty and earl would look way better in leaf uniforms, even if they aren't ready. 

    5.. make use of the free agent market in the summer, and still remain 2 to 3 mil below the cap.  

    6.. pittsburgh, pittsburgh, pittsburgh. this team is overflowing, and i mean overflowing, in young talent, and is equipped with the cap space to add the right tools to secure a dynasty. i mean, jfj should be on them like white on rice, every day, making that pitch. you add sundin, mccabe, or tucker to that team, and it's going to do scary things for a few years. and they are not a team that is looking to deal for youth, so why not badger them? i wouldn't be opposed to the leafs throwing a lindros to philly like deal at the pens for malkin, or smaller deals like tucker for whitney, or mccabe for welch and talbot, or sundin for stall and a 5th round pick. anything really. however, this would have been far easier to accomplish earlier in the year, before pittsburgh hit their recent situation. tough to make a blockbuster deal with a team that is so unsure of its future.

    as every leaf fan, these are just my opinions. i usually refrain from partaking in the what toronto should do talks, but i like every leaf fan out there, am just desperate to see them do something positive for once. i have been a leaf fan since the age of 4.. but i am not willing to wait another 10 to 15 years for this team to win a cup, or at least make us think they have a chance. as sick as it sounds, i'll become a devoted montreal or ottawa fan well before i watch that happen. any one of these steps would be a step in the right direction, as far as i'm concerned. but what do i know?.. i think anyone on this site knows more than jfj, what a hack.

  5. buds8 says:

    How about:

    Sundin, Gill and Raycroft for Marleau, Hannan and Nabakov.

    Re-sign Tucker and make him the next Leafs Captain.  And then sign Doan and let Peca and O'Neill walk.

    Here would be my next year's lineup:

    Doan      Marleau-  Tucker
    Suglobov Antropov Ponikarovsky
    Tlusty     Wellwood Steen
    Kilger      Stajan     Battaglia

    Kaberle   Kubina
    McCabe   Hannan
    White      Colaiacovo


    Subs: Bell and Pohl

    They need an enforcer too…..not sure who though, Nash won't cut it and Belak thinks he can play!


  6. Pony says:

    San Jose would never ever make that trade. Nabokov miles ahead of Raycroft, Hannan much better than Gill and at this stage in his career Marleau more productive then Sundin.

  7. Pony says:

    Oh and a real enforcer who can play some hockey would be nice though.

  8. thatleafsguy says:


  9. mojo19 says:

    Dumbest article I've read in atleast 8 or 9 month's. Trade proposals are ridiculous, far fetched.

    Honestly, If you say something like Sundin or Tucker or Kubina for young guys, and or prospects, and suggest signing guys who will be available in the offseason, that's fine, but these 4 for 4 blockbusters and trading for 2 wicked young guys and dealing away Raycroft to a team who has a No.1 and wouldn't need his $3 million salary on the bench and trades like this, its just stupid. Sorry, but its true.

  10. mojo19 says:

    reasonable trade IF LA were in the playoff picture. I don't see LA trading for Tucker a pending UFA, only to lose him in the offseason, the only way this could be possible at all would be if Toronto sent a conditional draft pick to LA stipulating that if Tucker resigns with the kings they get a 5th rounder or something from Toronto, and if he doesn't, and he bolts for free agency, that becomes a 2nd round draft pick

  11. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Last night Vandermeer and Peca hada knee on knee, severly injuring Peca. What REALLY disturbs me is that Paul Maurice and Several Leaf players blamed Vandermeer, and insulted him with stuff like "He'll be in the minors again before Peca gets back". Worst of all Leaf fans were posting all last night that Vandermeer should be suspended!!! I think its really low for the coach and players not to be doing that. And why the hell are they complaining about an accidental injury?!?! Do they care that they played like crap last night. The defensive zone giveaways were brutal.

  12. 42wellwood42 says:

    In the off-season re-sign Sundin 4million, Ponikarovsky 1.5million, Antropov 1million, Peca 2.5million, O'Neill 1million, and Tucker 3million.

    Sign Datsyuk for 3.5million and Robert Lang for 3million.

    Then Colorado should release Theodore and we should sign him for 2million.

    Then Toronto would look like this.

    Wellwood   Sundin   Datsyuk
    Tucker   Peca   Lang
    Steen   Stajan   O'Neill
    Ponikarovsky   Antropov   Kilger

    McCabe   Kaberle
    Colaiacovo   Kubina
    Gill   White


    The cap is raising up till 47.5million and we are at 44.4. That gives us room for the deadline.

  13. leafmeister says:

    Why does everyones lines include white in them. White is playing like shit. I dont know why he is still on the power play.

  14. leafmeister says:

    They should only sign Datsyuk if Sundin doesnt resign. It would cost too much.

  15. leafmeister says:

    That as it is is impossible. However if you throw in Tucker he will give Thornton a good left winger. Or if he is no good with Thornton he will just give them scoring depth. So it would look like this

    San Jose
    2nd Rounder


  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Tucker gets 4 mil, Dtasyuk can fetch 6 mil, Lang about 4 mil, and Sundin 4.5 at the very least. thats an extra 5mil.

  17. Hoondog2 says:

    The Leafs need to move the players that do not help this team, the players I would move before the deadline-

    Gill – $2.05 mill.- I dont dislike him, but he could be replaced for cheap with a Wozniewski, Harrison, or Kronwall.

    O'neill – $1.5 mill.- not a bad player when he's not invisible, but could be replaced cheap.

    Antropov – $1 mill. – I've defended this guy for a long time, but I also agree after yet another injury that maybe its time to go.

    Belak $675,000 – he's useless

    Aubin $525,000 – As far as i'm concerned he's played himself out of the job this year.

    Trade these 5 for draft picks, prospects, or pucks.  Get whatever you can for them but really they're salary dumps.  After Peca's injury a decision will have to be made on him in the offseason.  Lets assume he's okay.  With the expected cap increase to $45 mill., Toronto will have $11.5 mill. to spend in the offseason.

    With the defense set for the next 4-5 years, that leaves some money to bid on a couple decent forwards in the offseason.  I'd like to see some Toronto type forwards like Doan or that kind of player.  Toronto needs to bring a little more toughness to the table.

    Also resign any players from our current roster that I did not mention (Tucker, Sundin).

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