Some Random Thoughts from the Fan of our Game

Well after a unusually quite deadline day, mostly due to the fact that most were completed before the Trade Deadline. But with the HTR staff not posting too many articles, and not a lot of recent messages by members, I figure I will bring up some things that I know would/could/should spark a lot of comments from the viewers, and members of HTR.First off, the whole Todd Bertuzzi incident. Lets face it, an extremely cheap shot. I am still trying to figure out how the man got a broken neck, but still.

Alright. I know Todd Bertuzzi was mad. Despite what he has said because of agents and PR people, he did mean to do harmful things to Moore to send out a message… You don’t hit our captain.

Moore’s hit was clean. Now, if it was Scott Stevens who delivered that hit to Naslund, would, especially Canuck fans, have viewed that as a clean hit? May be. But it was a no one. Who the hell is Moore? And if it was Stevens, would Bertuzzi have gone after Stevens? You bet your bottom dollar. But guess what if he did the same thing to Stevens, he would have been suspended a lot more, because it is a player that many people spend money on to watch. Bertuzzi should be out more than he is. Did McSorley injury Brashear that badly? I don’t think so. It is amazing the bias in the fans that I’ve seen. Our Canuck Brashear got knocked out… Marty should be banned from the NHL. Oh Todd didn’t mean it…give him just a couple of games!

The NHL today has prevented the big guys from scraping. I mean how did you guys like the Sens, Flyers game? I mean it was old time hockey, or something you would see on Slapshot! Fans love that. Now how does the NHL get a bigger fan base? You give the fan what they want. Throw out the ****ing instigator rule. Or make it much more lenient. If the aggressor was not thrown out, there would be more of it. Give him 5+roughing! so it would just be a 2 minute powerplay. NOW if the aggressor goes too far, then do what you wish to him. Suspend him, fine him more than just take away his pay! Make him pay for the hospital bill, and the salary that the player is suppose to make with the games missed due to injury.

And the NHL and NHLPA needs to make it clear to police, etc that they will handle it. It is b.s. that the law gets involved. Now, if they wipped out a gun, knife and killed or put someone into critical condition then yes…


Should the NHL become the INHL, the international hockey league? Lets say that some teams via expansion and or moving teams to cities like Moscow, Stockholm, Helsinki, even back to Quebec and Winnepeg if they can financially do it.


I have seen numerous reports about how the Rangers can simply not rebuild. Is it that Broadway puts more pressure on players? Or is it the the Rangers are just going in new territory? I mean if Sather ****s up this team … well the Ranger bashers will remain at large. I think that Sather will get fired and his successor will trade them away for another generation of underachievers.

Question, Who has a greater chance of breaking one of #99s records?

1- Ovechkin

2- Crosby

3- depends on which team they play for

4- neither


Which has been the worst trade in the past 20 years and why:

A- Roy and Mike Keane for Jocelyn Thibault, Martin Rucinsky and Andrei Kovalenko.

B- Markus Nasland for Alex Stojanov.

C- Peter Forsberg, Chris Simon, Steve Duchesne, Kerry Huffman, Mike Ricci, Ron Hextall, Jocelyn Thibault, AND cash AND future considerations for Eric Lindros.

D- Cam Neeley AND Glen Wesley for Denis Pederson.

E- Glen Wesley for three 1st round picks.

F- Bertuzzi, McCabe, AND Ruutu for Linden.

G- Dominik Hasek for St├ęphane Beauregard and a fourth-round draft pick.

H- Pavol Demitra for Christer Olsson.

I- Adam Oates for a 1st, 2nd, 3rd round picks, AND Ouellet.

J- Other