Some Random Thoughts from the Fan of our Game

Well after a unusually quite deadline day, mostly due to the fact that most were completed before the Trade Deadline. But with the HTR staff not posting too many articles, and not a lot of recent messages by members, I figure I will bring up some things that I know would/could/should spark a lot of comments from the viewers, and members of HTR.First off, the whole Todd Bertuzzi incident. Lets face it, an extremely cheap shot. I am still trying to figure out how the man got a broken neck, but still.

Alright. I know Todd Bertuzzi was mad. Despite what he has said because of agents and PR people, he did mean to do harmful things to Moore to send out a message… You don’t hit our captain.

Moore’s hit was clean. Now, if it was Scott Stevens who delivered that hit to Naslund, would, especially Canuck fans, have viewed that as a clean hit? May be. But it was a no one. Who the hell is Moore? And if it was Stevens, would Bertuzzi have gone after Stevens? You bet your bottom dollar. But guess what if he did the same thing to Stevens, he would have been suspended a lot more, because it is a player that many people spend money on to watch. Bertuzzi should be out more than he is. Did McSorley injury Brashear that badly? I don’t think so. It is amazing the bias in the fans that I’ve seen. Our Canuck Brashear got knocked out… Marty should be banned from the NHL. Oh Todd didn’t mean it…give him just a couple of games!

The NHL today has prevented the big guys from scraping. I mean how did you guys like the Sens, Flyers game? I mean it was old time hockey, or something you would see on Slapshot! Fans love that. Now how does the NHL get a bigger fan base? You give the fan what they want. Throw out the ****ing instigator rule. Or make it much more lenient. If the aggressor was not thrown out, there would be more of it. Give him 5+roughing! so it would just be a 2 minute powerplay. NOW if the aggressor goes too far, then do what you wish to him. Suspend him, fine him more than just take away his pay! Make him pay for the hospital bill, and the salary that the player is suppose to make with the games missed due to injury.

And the NHL and NHLPA needs to make it clear to police, etc that they will handle it. It is b.s. that the law gets involved. Now, if they wipped out a gun, knife and killed or put someone into critical condition then yes…


Should the NHL become the INHL, the international hockey league? Lets say that some teams via expansion and or moving teams to cities like Moscow, Stockholm, Helsinki, even back to Quebec and Winnepeg if they can financially do it.


I have seen numerous reports about how the Rangers can simply not rebuild. Is it that Broadway puts more pressure on players? Or is it the the Rangers are just going in new territory? I mean if Sather ****s up this team … well the Ranger bashers will remain at large. I think that Sather will get fired and his successor will trade them away for another generation of underachievers.

Question, Who has a greater chance of breaking one of #99s records?

1- Ovechkin

2- Crosby

3- depends on which team they play for

4- neither


Which has been the worst trade in the past 20 years and why:

A- Roy and Mike Keane for Jocelyn Thibault, Martin Rucinsky and Andrei Kovalenko.

B- Markus Nasland for Alex Stojanov.

C- Peter Forsberg, Chris Simon, Steve Duchesne, Kerry Huffman, Mike Ricci, Ron Hextall, Jocelyn Thibault, AND cash AND future considerations for Eric Lindros.

D- Cam Neeley AND Glen Wesley for Denis Pederson.

E- Glen Wesley for three 1st round picks.

F- Bertuzzi, McCabe, AND Ruutu for Linden.

G- Dominik Hasek for St├ęphane Beauregard and a fourth-round draft pick.

H- Pavol Demitra for Christer Olsson.

I- Adam Oates for a 1st, 2nd, 3rd round picks, AND Ouellet.

J- Other

29 Responses to Some Random Thoughts from the Fan of our Game

  1. mattf says:

    nice article, but about a week late. how many times must the same information be regurjigated?

  2. Sheepdog_18 says:

    The whole INHL thing makes little sense. Yes it would be great to have a team in sleepy little Ornskoldsvik, Sweden (yes, one of the biggest hockey Mecca’s. Look it up). But the simple fact comes down to this. Where the hell are they going to get the money for it? Besides the teams in the Western Conference have to travel almost twice as much as many Eastern teams. Look at Colorado vs. the Rangers. The Avs closest division team is either the Wild or the Canucks where as the Rangers have to travel all the way to… New York or wait New Jersey… oh wait Buffalo. Maybe when you finish the plans to you airplane that goes the speed of light we can talk about having the Moscow Bears, but until then lets bring back teams to the great cities that should have them and could support the franchise. Quebeck, Winnippeg, Seattle, Portland and a few other American cities.

  3. UsedandAbused says:

    I agree about the instigator rule.. It is *****ing gay and should only be applied to girl basketball!

  4. Kashin says:

    on 99 NO ONE will break it. he also had great teamates. It isnt like they had no one. He had Jari Kurri. Look at the scoring now. They project Ovekchin to be great but 99 is a long shot for him and crosby.

    I want to see ovekchin land in columbus with nash and zherdev and svitov. They essentially traded sillinger for svitov.

    Bad trades Roy was bad they dissassembeled a good portion of that team for no reason.

    Wesley was good for Boston origginally. he was the top young d man.

    Adam Oates trade i never got. he was a rental and he was old.

    Truth is Bertuzzi would be nothing on the islanders. he might have gotten 20 goals and 45 assits but that would be it.

  5. wayne2 says:

    For the record on D-it was Barry Pederson(not Denis) and i say that the Lindros deal beats all of

    them for worst trade.

  6. EmptyNetter says:

    I agree with you about the Lindros deal. In hindsight, Lindros for Forsburg would have been an even trade. And good call on Barry Pederson. I knew Denis didn’t sound right.

    BTW, I thought is was funny that when the Bruins retired Cam Neely’s number this season, Barry Pederson was “off that day” although he’s a regular commentator for the local sports network (NESN).

  7. alfieisabeauty says:

    To even suggest that someone will beat the Great one’s record is insane. Well at least not the important records. He has close to 1000 more points than the second place guy. The Moose. Some of Gretzky’s records might be broken. Like the most goals in the month of january in the 2nd period when on the road. THose records can be busted.


    Career points

    Career assits

    Career Goals

    Highest season point total

    Highest season goal total

    Highest season assist total

    faster player to score 50 goals

    Those will never ever be broken. I don’t care who you are. There’s just not enough scoring in the NHL. And no one will dominate the NHL llike the Great one did.

  8. alfieisabeauty says:

    Lindros trade is probably the worst. What were the flyers thinking? I know he was the best prospect to come along in ages but man that looks bad now.

    Leafs trading Russ Courtnall for John Kordic was another bad one.

  9. garyroberts7 says:

    Who was dumb enough to do trade C? Was he fired the next day? Just trading Peter Forsberg would make him look stupid.

  10. JeffBurnz09 says:

    As far as Bertuzzi/Moore goes, it was a dirty, cheap play, and it has no place in hockey. I don’t know where Bertuzzi and the Canucks are getting this idea that hes never been that type of player, when he’s ALWAYS been that type of player. He’s lets his temper take over him, he does stupid things, and its only now that it’s being noticed because of how serious it became. Bertuzzi is a thug, but he’s a thug who’s a main piece of a Canadian team, so he gets a free pass. Canuck fans/players are bias, because anytime anything at all happens to one of their players, its an outrage. Moore hit Naslund clean, and the Canucks went on a flipper, calling his his head and calling him a rookie trying to make a name for himself by knocking a captain out. They tried to make Moore out to be the villan, and then Bertuzzi did what he did to him. But I agree with you, if that was Stevens, or any other established/tough player, things wouldn’t have happened the way they did. Bertuzzi is a bully who took advantage of the fact that Moore is a young, unknown, “nobody” and he thought he could do what he wanted and get away with it. If that had been Joe Thorton that hit Naslund, they wouldn’t have made such a fuss over it, and Bertuzzi deffinately wouldnt have attacked someone who could fight back.

    I don’t see the INHL happening. The only positive is that it exposes the sport to a new market place, and it would probably be an attractive sport to watch since they’re so many players from all over the world now….But I don’t think it would work…Travel would be terrible…Teams have problems traveling to the West Coast and playing well, travelling around the world isn’t going to help…Plus there’s financial issues, with currency, etc….Just too many complications….Besides, the best players in the world already come to the NHL, the NHL doesn’t need any other countries…..

    The Rangers rebuilding problems come from 2 reasons: A) They’re a New York team, and are expected by media and fans to have a good, strong team every year that can contend. They can’t go through the rebuilding process because it takes years to do it, and their fans wouldn’t but it. B) With the type of money and resources they have, they never thought they’d HAVE to rebuild. All it buying a championship if you want, but with the money they have, they figured they could just go out every year and buy who they needed to win. Obviously it didn’t work for whatever reasons, but you can’t blame them for trying. If you can afford to buy a cup winning team, and go from not in the playoffs to winning the cup in a year or 2 and it doesn’t make a dent in your bank account, wouldnt you do it? Obviously it hasn’t worked, and it’ll be interested to see if the rebuilding works/lasts, or if they just go back to buying players in a year or two.

    No one is going to touch Gretzky’s records, no point in even discussing it. Not only because the game has changed, and theirs not as much scoring, etc, but because Gretzky was just on a level that no one else has ever been able to touch and I don’t see anyone comming close to it again.

    As for the worst trade….It’s a close one between The Forsberg/Lindros deal, and the Roy/Thibault deal…..I’ll have to go with the Lindros trade, because in one deal, Quebec turned their team around and became strong. They went to the playoffs, they were first in the NHL in 1995 (I think, don’t quote me), Forsberg became their franchise player, and they ended up making their team with that one trade. I didn’t remember Thibault being a part of the deal, but if he was, then he ended up turning into Patrick Roy, and the rest was histroy. That one deal made Colorado the team that they are today, while Philly ended up with a guy who never lived up to his expectations and caused more problems for them than he was worth. I’d have to say thats the worst deal, just because of how much Philly gave up, and how all the success that Colorado has had can be traced back to that one deal.

  11. MAniac29 says:

    It doesn’t matter if “did Mcsorely injure brashear that badly?” because the punishment is based on intent rather than consequences…PERIOD

    Instegator rule needs to stay, there can’t just be the freedom for heavyweights to pick on lightweights or snipers.

    It was Alek Stojanov, I only know because a Pens fan it was great to see him in 5 freakin games!

    On a smaller scale, how about Florida dealing Stu Barnes and Jason Wooley to the Pens for Chris Wells (yea I know, “WHO?”)

    I don’t know how fair it is to dis the Lindros deal, I mean there is no way of knowing the injuries were going to happen. He would have had much better numbers than Forsberg, PROBABLY if he hadn’t been injured. You look at those other guys, and Thibault and Ricci are really the only guys that matter. Simon had his one good season, that has been proven to be a fluke, so I don’t think it’s the worst necessarily. Its not really fair to measure a deal based so much on potential at the time.

    Look at all the deals the Pens were offered for Lemieux. All three Stasny’s, ANY three players, All draft picks, I mean any of those would have been worth it. Thank God they stuck with it!

    Additionally, if the game was the same as it was in Gretzky’s era, I think you’d see a lot of guys challenging his records. It’s been 7 years since a team has had more than 300 GF, and I’m sorry, but Lemieux and Gretzky alone didn’t produce those kind of numbers. The game was very different. When you consider that the Oilers had seasons of over 400 goals, it’s almost as if the records aren’t even comparable. Being someone that is not a Gretzky fan, I wish the game were like that if for no other reason, simply so that he wouldn’t appear so above and beyond everyone else. Hopefully the proper changes can be made so that his records appear more human, which is really all they are.

  12. Donovan says:

    All three Stasny’s for Mario? That’d be nuts. That was back when they were at the top of thier game too.

  13. Donovan says:

    The worse trade ever was Adam Oates and Rick Zombo for Bernie Federko and Tony McKegny. Oates was feeding Yzerman, and Zombo was a rugged defenseman. Federko was 40 years old at the time and McKegny never played again.

  14. EmptyNetter says:

    Your view of hockey seems to be Bum Fights with health insurance. There seem to be two schools of thoughts about what hockey should be: VIOLENT and NOT VIOLENT. I’m for NOT VIOLENT and here’s why.

    Hockey is dangerous enough to play when they’ve got blades on their feet and sticks in their hands while they skate at speeds up to 30mph. Even legal or clean hits have prematurely ended many careers, including Cam Neely’s. Now we want to add some vigilante system that says, “We don’t want the referees to penalize us for fighting because we will punch out anybody who steps out of line”. Add that many teams’ enforcers are nothing but goons who can’t skate, shoot or play defense at an NHL caliber level, but an entire game will grind to a halt once they agree that “now’s the time when we punch each other.” NHL fans wonder why outsiders say they will not watch because there’s too much fighting. It’s a key reason why hockey can’t effectively grow its fan base.

    As for the Moore hit on Naslund, I can’t comment because I saw it once and wasn’t paying close attention. Bottom line — elbow to head contact is never good. Was it legal? Apparently, but I’d like to know that Moore intended for a clean hit and not to add a little something extra. He should have received a penalty — there are enough borderline calls by refs these days that that one wouldn’t have caused much of a stir. Also, there wouldn’t be this idea that Moore got off scott free. But there never should have been any talk of retaliation, of a bounty on Moore’s head or any such thing. If another team pisses you off for any reason, you hurt him by scoring goals and not by taking the “law” into your own hands. That’s what keeps hockey professional and keeps the focus on skill and not on gore.

  15. EmptyNetter says:

    Nordiques took a big gamble in setting up that deal. Lindros essentially told them before draft day, “Don’t pick me because I won’t play for you.” So the Nords picked him and arranged this mother of all trades.

  16. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I agree with you…Too many people seem to think fighting is a part of the game, when its really not…its just something that they allow to happen during the game….sometimes its fun to watch live, but I’m sick of fighting personally..its pointless and there’s no need for it…i watch hockey for the skill…the speed, the nice plays, the action…not idiots on skates trying to start bar room brawls on the ice…

  17. Viller says:

    Ive NEVER heard someone say he wont watch hockey because theirs fighting. NEVER.

    they got blades and sticks. wtf do you want them to do use plastic blades and bananas as sticks?

    Your quite stupid buddy, this is hockey not gay soccer, baseball or basketball……

    Fighting just makes the game more entertaining, if you dont like it change sports. Its been that way for a 100years and its not about to change.

  18. Viller says:

    btw most media that are still covering the bertuzzi incident never even watched hockey before… Funny shit really, women show in the morning that never speaks of hockey before, but now, “eh!? someone got hurt! lets show it a few million times in 30minutes.”

    Worst part is non hcokey fans making comments on this, makes me laugh ALOT.

    whatever, all I have to say is if you dont liek hockey the way it is just dont watch it and shut up. Go see some hockey in quebec, those panzies dont hit….

  19. Just-Checking-In says:

    It appears that you and I disagree on a lot of things. First off, I am nowhere close to being a Canucks fans.

    However, the “Moore’s hit was clean.” bit is something that I disagree with. I will not even get into the question of whether it was Scott Stevens delievering the hit or not. (I will say this, if it was, he would have probably ended someone elses career.) The fact is that Naslund was stretched out in a vunarable position. Moore obviously saw that and still went out a delievered a good tight shoulder to Naslunds head.

    That hit may have been permitted in the ever changing NHL rule book, but I do not believe it was a good clean hit. Moore could have pulled up in delievering that check because Naslund was vunerable. And I am only using Naslunds name because he was the person hit. Star or not, the NHL really needs to be careful of blows to the head. Even football, which is about a million times more violent with their collisions has gone out if its way to protect players and stop people for delievering hits to the head.

    As for the other stuff, you seem to just have too much time on your hands.

  20. EmptyNetter says:

    This whole thread is about how hockey can be changed for the better, so we’ve already agreed that hockey could be better than the way it is now. Are you happy that Cam Neely had to retire 10 years too early? Did you like it when Bryan Berard lost his eyesight in one eye? As for the Bertuzzi incident, repeat this phrase out loud like it’s a scene from the Brady Bunch:

    When I tell people that I’m a hockey fan, I’d like people to think of Jim Craig draped in the American flag on the Olympic podium or Ray Bourque finally hoisting the Stanley Cup, not Todd Bertuzzi, not Marty McSorley, not Kyle McLaren putting another player in the hospital because their emotions got the better of them and they did something really stupid.

    By the way, they’d never find a banana big enough for Zdeno Chara to use.

  21. MAniac29 says:

    Yea man, how about that. I have a Mario book that’s got them all, but I don’t have it with me right now, so I can’t remember them, but the stasny’s was one, the any three players was any three except like one guy maybe, and one team offered all it’s draft picks….there were probably more, all for that number one spot.

    Do you think anyone would trade the number 1 this year?? I mean, Ovechkin is such a consesus sure thing, do you think that pick could be had for anything?

  22. EmptyNetter says:

    Damn, set up my blockquote wrong and blew the whole effect I was going for.

    Quote at top of article:

    if you dont liek hockey the way it is just dont watch it and shut up.

    Phrase to repeat like scene from Brady Bunch:

    He punched him in the head from behind.

    Thank you

  23. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Why is fighting a part of hockey? I’m not saying that it shouldn’t be a rough game, because it is. But it should be along the lines of the NFL, where hitting is part of the game, but you take your hit, get up and get back to the GAME. There’s no stupid payback…Fighting might be fun to see live, but on TV its pointless and slows the game down. And no one goes to an NHL game to see fights, they go to see hockey, and they’d still go without fighting.

  24. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Naslund and Moore were skating toward eachother, Moore lined up the hit, Naslund reached out for the puck. It was probably too late for Moore to let up, and the hit was made worse by Naslund reaching for the puck. It was just a freak thing, but Moore was just making a hit.

  25. gobruins08 says:

    well i know that fighting can be bad but who at a hockey game doesn’t raise to thier feet to see a fight on the ice? Players make money for fighting…and they don’t have to fight if they don’t want to.

  26. OldNord says:

    About the worst trade, the Lindros is one is undeniably the worst.

    Future considerations was a 1st and Simon btw.

    Forsberg alone…

    Thibault implicated in Roy’s trade.

    Ricci brought Tanguay (via 1st rd SJ pick)

    Hextall brought Deadmarsh (via 1st rd NYI pick)…implicated in Rob Blake’s trade.

    This trade still benificial to Colorado more then 10 years later…

  27. Hahliday says:


    I was going to point these things out, but you beat me to it! That’s got to be the most lopsided trade ever, when all is said and done.


  28. EmptyNetter says:

    I don’t think Steve Moore wanted to fight, but that’s a whole other ball of wax. I’m a Bruins fan, too, and I value what guys like Terry O’Reiley and Cam Neely did for the team. It takes a lot of heart for those guys to fight and stick up for their teammates. But when fans see a bloody face as a badge of honor without stopping to think that it’s going to take a bunch of sutures to close the wounds and lots of painkillers after. I think I read once that the Bruins have 3 team dentists. . . And as I type this, a banner ad keeps flashing photos of bloodied hockey players. Look, PJ Stock is waving after a fight and he looks just like Leatherface!

    I know I’m soapboxing, but I think once you become a hockey fan you just accept the gore as part of the game without questioning it.

  29. Just-Checking-In says:

    Actually, Naslund was moving more up ice and Moore was coming across at him. No doubt Naslund was reaching for the puck, however he did that before Moore was right on top of him. That part was probably a freak thing, however Moore could have let up on the hit because he was reaching and not deliever a shoulder to Naslunds head.

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